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Your Mum: The Ultimate Style Influencer

hand holding a photo of Abbey and her mum, with a Mum-inspired outfit in the background

Fashion inspiration can be drawn from so many different places these days, it's hard to keep track. Whether it's the iconic bloggers who are dressed up to the nines for their Instagram feeds or the models pounding the catwalk in the latest trends, there have never been more places to look for wardrobe inspo. Sometimes, however, the best inspiration of all can be found a little closer to home. Mother's Day is fast approaching (it's 31st March for any of you who don't already have the date in your diaries!) and in honour of this, I'm dedicating this post to all the ways in my Mum's style has influenced my own fashion choices, all the way from childhood to this day. But we're not going to end there! My Mum has always been a hugely important figure in my life, inspiring not just my style but my values and attitudes to life too, so this post is going to be full of appreciation for all of the ways in which she has influenced me for the better. Let's get started!

24 Hours in Birmingham: Discovering a Midlands Highlight

close up of playing mini golf at ghetto golf Birmingham on a bowling alley themed hole

Since moving to the Midlands one year ago, I've had the pleasure of exploring many of the region's best cities. I've enjoyed a chocolatey adventure in Derby, travelled to Nottingham for Christmas crafting, and explored the history of my local haunts in Leicester. Last week, however, it was Birmingham's turn! As one of the biggest cities in the Midlands, home to 1.1 million people, Birmingham has plenty to offer in the form of museums, shopping, restaurants and the fifth biggest McDonalds in the world (seriously). Oh, and there are plenty of hotels in Birmingham to tempt you as well, if you want to turn your visit into a full city break. I was invited by Hotels.com to see how much of the city I was able to take in within 24 hours and naturally, I was more than happy to get stuck into the challenge!

Beating the January Blues: A London Adventure*

saying cheers with two glasses of Prosecco, with the words beat the January blues superimposed on top

Once the excitement of Christmas has died down, dressing up for the festive season is no longer on the cards, and you've polished off every last Quality Street choc (yes, even the gross strawberry ones), the dreaded January blues can set in. Like many other people, I've been suffering with a serious case of the "I-can't-be-bothered"s at the start of 2019 and to combat these melancholic feelings, there's really nothing better than a change of scenery. Getting out and about, exploring somewhere that you don't normally visit is a wonderful way to inject a bit of energy into a dreary January routine.

New Year, New 'Do: A Blow Dry at RUSH, Leicester

New year, new me! It's the irritating trope that everyone comes out with at the start of January before ditching the diet on the third day of the month and reverting to the status quo, am I right? Well, cynicism aside, we do all love getting the chance to switch things up and a new year provides exactly the impetus that many of us need. Whether it's setting resolutions, kick-starting an exercise regime, or embarking on a challenge such as veganuary, January gives us plenty of opportunities to begin afresh and feel like an all new you. This week I had an opportunity for a mini transformation of my very own as I was invited to review a blow dry experience at my local RUSH salon in Leicester. Prior to this visit, I had never actually been to a salon to have my hair styled so I was really excited to go along and see what RUSH had to offer. Keep reading to find out how I got on!

Men's Fashion: Styling My Instagram Boyfriend*

close up of men's watch with the words 'insta boyfriend style' superimposed over the top

If you ask my boyfriend about his fashion inspirations, his answer might just surprise you. That's because his rather unorthodox style icon is Captain Birdseye. Yes, you did read that correctly. My lovely boyfriend owns a huge bright yellow rain coat which makes him look like he should be standing on the prow of a fishing boat, reeling in nets of tuna. If I'm not already attracting enough funny looks when we are out and about taking photos for my own fashion content, his fluorescent coat is enough to make sure every eyebrow is raised! My boyfriend is usually the one behind the camera (and I think you'll agree that he does a great job) but for today's post, we're reversing our standard roles. I've turned him from photographer to model to show off a couple of gorgeous men's accessories from ADEXE and Jacamo. And you'll be delighted to hear that there isn't a fishing net in sight. Let's get started!