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Winter Wardrobe: Details to Die For

Abbey, a brunette blogger with a hair in a bun, stands facing away from the camera

It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting down to compile my autumn fashion blog post but winter is creeping up on us already. Festive adverts air nightly on the TV, kids are beginning to compile their letters to Santa, and mince pies are starting to make an appearance in the shops (who am I kidding, they've been on the shelves along with the Christmas puds since September). Although the leaves haven't fully left the trees yet, the nip in the air is definitely turning my mind to winter fashion. But bundling up in 76374918 layers to escape the cold doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice those little details that make you feel put together. To prove my point, today's post features my favourite seasonal outfit with a few little touches which keep me feeling FABULOUS!

If We Were Having Coffee...

You can't beat having a coffee and a catch up with a friend. Filling each other in on your latest news, having a cheeky gossip, and wrapping your hands around a nice warm mug makes for a truly lovely way to spend afternoon. Sadly I'm not able to have a giant coffee date with all of my blogging pals from across the UK and beyond (although how AMAZING would that be, everyone is super welcome to come see me in Leicester!), so this post serves as the next best thing - a virtual coffee and a catch up! Today I've written all about what I've been up to lately, so boil the kettle, make yourself a cuppa, and fill me in on all of your latest news in the comments below. Let's get started!

Ethical Living: My Guilty Conscience

close up of a brunette blogger, Abbey, wearing a tweed jacket and holding a pumpkin

Living more ethically is a hot topic in the blogging world at the moment. And for good reason, right? Stacey Dooley's documentary on the impact of fast fashion has encouraged many people to rethink their buying choices, Instagram-happy pumpkin pickers across the country have been encouraged to be less wasteful when carving up their Jack-o-lantern chums, and influencers left, right and centre are spurning our formerly beloved Mrs Hinch for her use of chemical-heavy cleaning products. But lately it feels like every time I log on to social media (and that's A LOT by the way), there is someone talking about a new ethical issue that I hadn't even come across before. With that comes a lot of guilt. It seems like every decision you make in life results in someone or something suffering, which has lead me to the following conclusion.

A Taste of the Caribbean: Reggae Brunch, Birmingham

jerk chicken and rice being plated up by chefs at reggae brunch Birmingham

Birmingham may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of tropical music, Caribbean food, and an incredible party atmosphere but last weekend, I was shown that it is definitely the hottest venue in town for a Jamaican themed celebration. I was invited along to experience Reggae Brunch, a five-hour long party including a three course Caribbean feast, unlimited rum punch for the first hour, and a DJ and MC to create a popping atmosphere. As someone who is definitely not usually to be found at dance parties or nightclubs (I'm not joking when I say that I'm in bed by 9 o'clock most nights), I was first a little apprehensive about fitting in at this kind of event but I actually ended up having a blast! Here's why I think you should give Reggae Brunch a whirl as well!

The Autumn Style Menu with Boohoo

brunette holding up a yellow autumn leaf in front of her face

What is the recipe for fabulous fall fashion? A healthy portion of cable knit, side orders of faux fur and dark denim, topped off with sprinklings of dark red ochre and burnt orange. Yes, it's good fun blending in with the deciduous leaves as they fall off the trees at this time of year! My autumn wardrobe has been given a much needed injection of fall-friendly colour thanks to the lovely people at Boohoo. I was given the opportunity to trial a brand new way of shopping on their site - inspired by the good old student staple of a meal deal! Boohoo now allow you to create your own autumn style menu by selecting a starter (a pair of shoes), a main (a dress, playsuit, or jumpsuit), and a dessert (a handbag) for £30 all in. As a full time student, any chance to update my seasonal wardrobe on a budget is something that I'll grasp with both hands, so keep scrolling to find out what I nabbed from Boohoo!