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Reading Round-Up: April 2018

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When I set my New Year goals for 2018, a reading challenge wasn't initially on my list, so I was a little late to the party when I decided to embark on one this month. Better late than never though, am I right? Delving into a novel always helps me to recharge my batteries, so I have now set myself the goal of reading 24 books this year. I always find that  reading round-up style posts from my fellow bloggers keep me feeling so motivated to pick up a book of my own as I discover so many titles that I had never previously considered. That's exactly why today's post is my very own version of this! I'll be sharing a selection of the very varied novels I've tackled already this year, as well as a few books that are on my TBR list. It is also an extra special post as I am participating in my first ever weekend book blitz with Neverland Book Tours, featuring Krysten Lindsay Hager's Can Dreams Come True?. There is a giveaway associated with the book tour at the end of the post so keep an eye out for that! But for now, let's explore my recent reading list!

Blogger Book Nook #8: Murder in the Library

This month, the Blogger Book Nook invited its members to embrace the twists and turns of Crime and Thriller fiction, asking the question WHO DUNNIT?! Our readers are primed and ready to play detective, taking on a grisly case and solving the murder before the final page. But before we immerse ourselves in a world of suspense and mystery, allow me to introduce the Blogger Book Nook once more! If you're not already familiar with it from my previous posts, the Blogger Book Nook is a blogger reading group created by me and Tabitha from What Tabitha Loves. Each month we produce a reading prompt aimed at encouraging our members to pick up a new book. Our monthly themes are very diverse, covering everything from young adult fiction to book swaps! We have a lovely community of Book Nookers on our Facebook group which is open for all bloggers with an interest in reading to join, it's a place to share your bookish blog posts, engage in discussion about your favourite novels and generally up your reading motivation! Do join us there if you haven't already!

Full steam ahead...? My Head of Steam Leicester Review

Head of Steam Leicester pub food review

The year 1995 gave the world some truly great things. And no, I'm not just saying that because it's my birth year. Although that is a pretty good reason. In 1995, eBay was founded, the DVD was first devised, Disney created Pocohontas, and Head of Steam opened their first pub. If you're a born and bred southerner such as myself and have never heard of them before, Head of Steam originally hail from the north, but are aiming to connect London with Scotland through a chain of pubs in every major city with a train station. Along this route, the Head of Steam are now branching out into the Midlands, with venues in Nottingham, Birmingham and, of course, Leicester.

Recharging your Batteries in 5 Easy Steps*

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Wouldn't life be amazing if you could simply plug your brain in to the mains at the end of a long, tiring day and feel instantly recharged? Sadly, the reality isn't quite that simple. Right now, I have a lot in common with my iPhone battery. Let me explain. Even after hours of attempted recharging, my internal battery only makes it to the halfway point and when I hit 20%, I cut out altogether. And attempting to do more than two tasks? Forget about it, I crash as quickly as iOS when attempting to open more than one app. Sigh. Since my poor frazzled brain sadly can't get a Genius Bar appointment (more's the pity), I've been taking action myself in order to start recharging again. Today I thought I'd share my five favourite recharging methods.

No Business Like Snow Business: Skiing at Snozone

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Snow and ice have been no strangers to us lucky UK residents this spring. The wintry weather certainly isn't your friend when you're digging your car out of a snowdrift or rueing your third public transport cancellation of the day, but it can provide a lot of fun as well! I'm not just talking building a snowman or pelting snowballs at your unsuspecting friends, I've got something a bit more action-packed in mind: SNOWSPORTS. If, like me, you were mesmerised by the performances of the figure skaters, snowboarders and skiiers in the recent Winter Olympics held in PyeongChang, chances are that you've been tempted to don a pair of skates or skis yourself. Luckily for me, I was offered the chance to do exactly that last week at Snozone in Milton Keynes. I took to the slopes to experience one of the UK's premier snowsport venues, where you even get to ski on real snow! Keep reading to find out how I got on...