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The Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Paris

a stack of pancakes, topped with fruit, sit on a wooden table, cupcake with Oreo on top in background

When you think of Parisian food, frogs legs and snails are probably the first things that spring to your mind. But never fear, my fellow veggie travellers, for the city does have some gems when it comes to vegetarian and vegan eating as well. I won't lie, sometimes it was a bit tricky to locate suitable food during my recent holiday in France and a lot of wandering up and down the streets, perusing multiple restaurant menus was involved, but I was lucky enough to discover some fantastic places that were really worth recommending. Lots of you really seemed to enjoy my veggie guide to Amsterdam and that's why today's post is the Paris instalment. So, if you're hitting up the French capital in the near future, where should you be eating?

Confidence, Anxiety & Friendship in the Blogging World: My Two Penneth

Do you let an absence of confidence hold you back in life? I know I do. I've written quite openly the past about the things I lack confidence with. Talking candidly about the subject certainly has helped me to boost myself up, but I'm certainly a long way from being crowned Little Miss Self Assured. My issues with confidence most hold me back when it comes to making new friends. And it seems that I'm not alone.

Reading and Remembering: Does it matter if we just ... forget?

an open book rests on a pillow on a bed with a blue stripe duvet cover, with a shelf of books in the background

Does anyone else remember comprehension exercises from their time at primary school? In your brightly illustrated textbook there would be a short story or informative article, which you'd have to carefully read all the way through, and then answer questions on what you'd just read, trying not to re-read the text if possible. I'm definitely revealing my nerdy younger self here when I say that I LOVED these comprehension tasks. But now, the days of colourful textbooks and gold stars are over, but the love of reading has stuck by me. This year, I set myself a goal of reading 24 books in 2018, which nicely works out at two per month. To my delight I smashed that goal a couple of months ago, so I have upped my book goal to 36, which I'm well on my way to achieving.

Being the Ugly Duckling

Abbey, a blogger, stands on a cute Cambridge street wearing floral trousers and an off-shoulder black top

I absolutely love going to blogger events. They're a fantastic way of meeting new people with whom you already have something in common, and of seeing in the flesh the friends that you've been chatting away to on the internet for years. However, every single time I attend a blogger event, the same insecurities niggle away at the back of my mind. A little voice whispers in my ear: "You won't fit in there." "You'll stick out like a sore thumb." "People will take one look at you and know you don't belong." A lot of the time, I feel very out of place, like the ugly duckling in the room.

For the Love of Foraging

two hands cupping a portion of blackberries, the words "for the love of foraging" superimposed onto the photo

With the scorching summer heatwave now behind us, everybody's thoughts have now turned to autumn (well, that certainly seems to be the case if my Twitter feed is anything to go by). Now that we're not desperately fanning ourselves with every piece of paper in the office, sweating in places we didn't even think we could sweat, and even contemplating filling the bath with ice to cope in the 35 degree heat, being outside in the rain showers and tepid temperatures might not seem so appealing. But today I'm here to tell you that now is the optimal time to be outside because there are treats aplenty in the autumnal countryside! Recently, I've been doing a lot of foraging - that's harvesting wild foods, in case you didn't know - and this post is all about encouraging you to do the same.