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The Autumn Style Menu with Boohoo

brunette holding up a yellow autumn leaf in front of her face

What is the recipe for fabulous fall fashion? A healthy portion of cable knit, side orders of faux fur and dark denim, topped off with sprinklings of dark red ochre and burnt orange. Yes, it's good fun blending in with the deciduous leaves as they fall off the trees at this time of year! My autumn wardrobe has been given a much needed injection of fall-friendly colour thanks to the lovely people at Boohoo. I was given the opportunity to trial a brand new way of shopping on their site - inspired by the good old student staple of a meal deal! Boohoo now allow you to create your own autumn style menu by selecting a starter (a pair of shoes), a main (a dress, playsuit, or jumpsuit), and a dessert (a handbag) for £30 all in. As a full time student, any chance to update my seasonal wardrobe on a budget is something that I'll grasp with both hands, so keep scrolling to find out what I nabbed from Boohoo!

VIP Dessert Dining at Haute Dolci, Leicester

private dining booth at haute dolci dessert restaurant, Leicester, with rose petals on table

If there's anything that the fine city of Leicester isn't short of, it's restaurants specialising in desserts.  It seems us Midlanders are a sweet-toothed bunch! For those who frequent London Road, Heavenly Desserts is the go-to. Sundaes Gelato on Granby Street is another favourite haunt for ice cream lovers, located in very close proximity to Creams (also on Granby Street) with its famous bubble waffles. With all of these dessert delights on offer, any wannabe competitor has got to do something pretty special to stand out. Thankfully, that's precisely what the new kid on the block has got to offer. Enter Haute Dolci. I was invited along for an exclusive VIP private dining experience before the restaurant opened to the public at on 29th September to sample exactly what Haute Dolci are all about.

Embarrassing Question Q&A

Abbey, a brunette blogger, stands facing the camera looking down with a graffiti wall behind her

It's time to dish the dirt. And nope, before you jump to conclusions, I won't be spreading evil rumours or gossiping away about anybody else - the only embarrassing secrets that I'll be sharing are my own. If you've been needing a massively TMI Q&A in your life, I'm delivering the goods with today's post. Ready for things to get awkward? Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about me but have been too afraid to ask.

When was the last time you let someone take the blame for something you did?

Not that long ago actually! My boyfriend and I were clearing out his fridge because there was some seriously gross stuff in there. A lemon that was so old it was BLACK, for example. Ick. However, I was a bit too over-zealous when throwing things away as I decided to chuck out a bottle of salad dressing that was a few weeks out of date. That evening, my boyfriend's housemate comes home, makes himself a salad, and lo and behold, the dressing he wanted to use was missing. Oops. My boyfriend covered for me and told his pissed off housemate that he'd chucked the dressing out, bless him. 

Home Office Tour

two hands holding a mug of tea surrounded by office equipment such as books, a lamp, pens, notebooks and a photo frame

It's no news to anyone that I've been a bit quiet on ye olde blog in recent weeks. And it's not without good reason, I promise! Life for me has been rather hectic lately, primarily because I've recently moved house. I'm now back in Leicester ready to start the second year of my PhD studies after spending the summer living with my boyfriend. I've moved in to a lovely studio flat and I couldn't be happier with it! I have gorgeous views overlooking the city and I don't have any annoying housemates to steal my food, mess up the bathroom, or keep me up by drying their hair at 1am (yes, that happened a lot in the past *eyeroll*). Living in a studio flat means that my space is very compact, with my bedroom, kitchen, office area, and lounge area all rolled into one. As someone who really enjoys working from home, maximising the small space that I do have for my office is very important. After a few trials of different set ups, I think I've finally cracked the perfect home office space! Here are the four elements that make my home office the ideal workspace for me.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Paris

a stack of pancakes, topped with fruit, sit on a wooden table, cupcake with Oreo on top in background

When you think of Parisian food, frogs legs and snails are probably the first things that spring to your mind. But never fear, my fellow veggie travellers, for the city does have some gems when it comes to vegetarian and vegan eating as well. I won't lie, sometimes it was a bit tricky to locate suitable food during my recent holiday in France and a lot of wandering up and down the streets, perusing multiple restaurant menus was involved, but I was lucky enough to discover some fantastic places that were really worth recommending. Lots of you really seemed to enjoy my veggie guide to Amsterdam and that's why today's post is the Paris instalment. So, if you're hitting up the French capital in the near future, where should you be eating?