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Boating on the Norfolk Broads: My #RailAdventure

greater anglia train parked at station with flower bed in foreground

As you're reading this post, I'll be travelling back home after spending a wonderful staycation on the North Norfolk coast. My sister and I booked a getaway in a charming country cottage right by the seafront where we indulged in a week of sun, sea, and sand (oh, and plenty of chips and ice cream as well). As part of our week away, I was invited by Greater Anglia to explore even more of what Norfolk has to offer, in particular when travelling by rail. It won't surprise you to learn that in this blog post, I'll be telling you all about how I got on! But first, here's an introduction to the beautiful county of Norfolk and to the joys of travelling by train. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

The Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Amsterdam

amsterdam vegetarian vegan food eating restaurant cafe

If you follow a diet such as vegetarianism or veganism, finding food in a new city can be a bit of a struggle, especially in mainland Europe. I have found when travelling to places such as Portugal and Italy in the past that even finding a sandwich can be difficult. Many food establishments, even in the airport, catered exclusively to meat-eaters. However, on my recent travels to Amsterdam, I was able to find some fantastic veggie and vegan eateries that met my needs exceptionally well. Today, I've decided to share all of these meals with you, so that you too can scope out the best veggie and vegan haunts that Holland's capital has to offer.

My Plant Based Life: Could you and should you go vegan?*

vegan vegetarian plant based diet why how

This post marks a very important first anniversary for me. In August of last year, after a few months of dabbling in pescatarianism, I made the decision to go fully veggie. For 21 years of my life, I hadn't really put much thought into what (or who!) I was eating, but after giving the matter a bit of consideration, I made the leap into vegetarianism and I've never looked back. I even made the transition into veganism in January which took more of an adjustment, but overall I really enjoyed it. I've spoken a lot about vegan lifestyle on my blog in the past, from easy vegan swaps that you can make in a day without breaking the bank, to ensuring that you're eating enough protein as a vegan. However, I've never really touched on my reasons for taking up a plant based life before on my blog, so that's exactly what this post aims to address. Here's why I'm a veggie and proud.

Wedding Guest Guide: What to Wear, How to Accessorize and What to Give*

wedding guest guide outfit wear accessories giving present gift

Do you hear the church bells ringing? Oh yes, wedding season 2018 is fast approaching. Chances are, your letterboxes have been rattling with 'save the date' notices for a while now and before you know it, the big days will be kicking off. This month is a prime time for tying the knot, with 1.4 million couples registered on one wedding website getting hitched on August 18th alone! However, after the excitement of sending back your RSVP to the blushing bride to be, sometimes wedding worries can set in. Choosing the ideal outfit, accessorizing appropriately, and selecting the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple can be a bit of a daunting prospect. But thanks to the joys of the internet, it's easier than ever to get things right. I've put together a guide to what to wear, how to accessorise, and how to select the perfect gift, which you can shop directly from your sofa. 

Fuel Yourself Fit*

After *that* incident with Kim Kardashian and the appetite-suppressing lollipops earlier this year (shudder), it has become more important than ever to start conversations about healthy and balanced diets, as well as fuelling yourself appropriately for exercise. I feel that this is an especially important thing to do online, as for a lot of people, the internet is a major source of insecurities about their bodies. Seeing airbrushed swimsuit models on your Instagram feed, or scrolling through pics your favourite celebrities with teeny tiny waists can be extremely bad for our mental wellbeing, not to mention our physical health, if those internet-inspired insecurities turn us towards a programme of disordered eating and over exercising.