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Festive Fashion: Dressed Up or Dressed Down?

It's Christmas morning. At 6am, your little sister or brother ran through the house screaming "FATHER CHRISTMAS HAS BEEN!!" and you scrambled out of bed to stop them from tearing the gift wrap from everybody's presents. Now you're sitting by the fire with a cup of tea in hand, feeling that warm glow while watching your family's faces light up at the sight of their parcels. Your parents are about to head into the kitchen to start prepping the Christmas dinner but you have a big decision to make. Possibly the biggest decision of the whole day. No, I'm not talking about whether you should eat a mince pie for breakfast (of course you should), I'm talking about what you're going to wear. Because let's face it, on Christmas morning there are two kinds of people - those who love to get glammed up to the nines and those who stay in PJs all day. Whichever category you fall into, my dear friend, you needn't worry, because I've styled two festive outfits that are guaranteed to hit the right note whether you're a Christmas glamazon or a cosy PJ lady.

Yoga & Chill: My Favourite Poses for Relaxation

abbey is seated in a yoga pose, cross-legged on the floor, hand on belly and chest

Sleep is not always my friend. More often than not it evades me, leaving me tossing and turning in bed for hours, feeling very groggy when I get up the next day. When life is busy with so much commanding your attention every single day, it's hard to convince your brain to calm down and allow you to recharge your batteries. Lately I've been turning to yoga in an attempt to switch off - I have talked about yoga plenty on my blog before, sharing my yoga retreat experience from last summer, but I often struggle to keep in the routine of daily practices. In an effort to motivate myself, recently have been putting together a short sequence of postures that really help me to chill and get some sleep. Today I'm sharing a few of those poses with you in the hope that they will help you with some much needed relaxation as well. But first, some all important prep work...

Being a Smarty Pants: Dressing like a Professional

abbey, a brunette blogger, wears a white blazer and paperbag waist trousers

We all know at least one woman who slays power dressing. They'll breeze into a room in a sharp suit worthy of a CEO, rocking heels that could smash any glass ceiling. Michelle Obama and Princess Diana are two icons of power dressing for the modern gal, but the trend began all the way back in the 1970s and 1980s when women began establishing themselves as real authorities in male-dominated work environments. Styles have moved on since then (I don't think you'll see many female bosses in shoulder pads these days) but the power of dressing like a professional remains. Dressing smartly is something that I've been really making an effort with lately and today's post is an homage to the reasons behind this, as well as the wardrobe pieces that have enabled me to feel empowered and professional. Keep reading - maybe I'll convince you to don a blazer too!

Winter Comforts: My Seasonal Favourites

abbey, a brunette blogger with hair in plaits, stands in an autumnal park wearing a brown beanie and neck warmer

If there's any season in which to focus on comfort, it's winter. Today's post is about precisely this, covering all of my favourite foods, fashions, and fun days out which mean that I'm not missing summer even a little bit! (Ok, maybe I do mourn the loss of hot and sunny weather from time to time, but you get the picture). I hope you enjoy learning about some of the things that are making this season special for me and I also hope you'll share some of your current favourites and recommendations in the comments below! Let's get started!

Winter Wardrobe: Details to Die For

Abbey, a brunette blogger with a hair in a bun, stands facing away from the camera

It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting down to compile my autumn fashion blog post but winter is creeping up on us already. Festive adverts air nightly on the TV, kids are beginning to compile their letters to Santa, and mince pies are starting to make an appearance in the shops (who am I kidding, they've been on the shelves along with the Christmas puds since September). Although the leaves haven't fully left the trees yet, the nip in the air is definitely turning my mind to winter fashion. But bundling up in 76374918 layers to escape the cold doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice those little details that make you feel put together. To prove my point, today's post features my favourite seasonal outfit with a few little touches which keep me feeling FABULOUS!