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Bargain Haul

Everybody loves a bargain. There's nothing better than popping into your favourite store to discover a sale rail, packed with goodies! I went on a shopping spree in my local city of Norwich recently, and my lovely Twitter followers said that they'd like to see a haul, so here we are! Don't say I'm not good to you.

Let's get started!


My first stop-off was Accessorize. I find their jewellery slightly overpriced normally, but if there's a sale on, I always pop in! What caught my eye in the Norwich store was the makeup stand, where lipsticks, eyeliners, and eyeshadows were going for as much as 70% off. I picked up this lovely 'Gem Lips' lipstick in shade 04 Fuschia Gloss. It's very highly pigmented, with a slight sheen to it. It's not overwhelmingly glossy in texture, meaning that there's no danger of your hair sticking to it. Accessorize's makeup is also cruelty free, so this was a guiltless purchase. The lipstick was originally £5, but I got it for £1.50. Score!

Boux Avenue
Next I headed to Boux Avenue. This is one of my favourite lingerie shops as their products are just such good quality and they have never let me down. They can be pricey, however. Sometimes a pair of knickers alone can set you back as much as £14. Ouch. Imagine my delight to find these lovely floral briefs for 50% off! I bought them for £3 a pair - not bad at all.

If you've ever met someone who can resist a Paperchase sale, please introdcuce them to me so that I can learn their ways! I didn't do too much damage this time, I just picked up a pretty new iPhone case for £3 (reduced from £12) and this cute card, reduced to just 50p.

I couldn't believe my luck in Zara when I came across this stunning white dress! It's a size too large for me, but it was the only one left in the store, and I couldn't leave without it. It was originally £49.99 but I paid just £19.99. The dress is full length and adorned with lace panels at the waist and across the shoulders. It's just beautiful and perfect for summer evening-wear. Now I just need to find a party to wear it to...

The great news is that if I had purchased all of these items at full price, I would have paid £80.99, but thanks to the sales, I actually paid £30.99. Now if that's not a total steal, I don't know what is!

What's your best ever bargain buy? Which of my items is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

A x

What's in your tampon?*

Every pore on your face erupting into a pimple. Mood swings every 3.5 seconds. A craving that only an entire tub of Ben and Jerry's will satisfy. This can mean only one thing. You're not pregnant! Hooray!

Those of us blessed with a vagina know the PMS struggle well. And we all know that there are some monthly essentials that you just can't do without. Ice cream and a hot water bottle of course, but the real necessities are tampons and sanitary towels. But do you know what your tampons or towels are actually made from? If you'd asked me a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't have had a clue either, but this information is well worth knowing! 

It might surprise you that feminine hygiene products from many leading brands contain a highly absorbant and potentially dangerous synthetic fiber called viscose rayon. Viscose rayon is an ingredient which research has proven to be a leading cause of toxic shock syndrome, a rare but possibly fatal bacterial infection. In addition, some of the synthetic materials in standard pads and tampons can produce allergic reactions in some people.

So, what's the best way of protecting yourself against the potential nasties in your hygiene products? Studies have found that sanitary products made from 100% cotton have never been associated with a case of toxic shock syndrome, and these products can be kinder to those that suffer from allergies or irritation as well. It's also easier than you might think to find a much safer product. Veeda manufacture a whole line of natural cotton towels and tampons, with lots of different options available to suit your preferences.

Veeda vs. Big Brand: How does the cotton hold up? 
I tried out both the regular towels (which I purchased with my own money) and the ultra night towels (which were provided for free by Veeda) and the following review is based on my personal use of the products.

Comfort: I found the 100% cotton towel far more comfortable than the standard Bodyform product that I would usually reach for. Big brand sanitary towels can have a synthetic feel and often leave you feeling rather clammy. Not so for Veeda's products. Even during the *very* few days of warm summer weather that England experienced in June, I did not feel overheated or uncomfortable whilst wearing the Veeda towel.

Absorbancy: I found that I had to change the Veeda towels more often than I did for the big brand towel, but the Veeda product was so much more comfortable that the increased trips to the loo were of little significance. There were no unpleasant damp sensations with Veeda's products either.

Environmental Impact: Did you know that non-biodegradable sanitary products are thought to stay in landfill for up to 800 years? Ouch. Veeda's products, on the other hand, are wrapped in a biofilm packaging which breaks down in 6-12 months - super environmentally friendly!

Price: Big brand towels from Bodyform or Always can be purchased for £1.50, and these packs typically include 16 towels. The RRP for Veeda's towels is £1.98 for 14 towels in Boots, although they are currently on special offer for £1.32 (June 2016). You can purchase Veeda products direct from Veeda's website, from Boots, or from Amazon

After my trial, I will certainly be purchasing Veeda products again!

Isn't it time you cottoned on?
Until next time!

A x

*This post contains samples that were sent to me for review.

Why I should be famous

Instead of the standard 'getting to know me' post, I thought I would write an epic biography *lol* of my claims to fame thus far. So read on, have a laugh at my expense, and tell me what your claims to fame are in the comments!

Now I don't know about you, but I think I'd look damn good on a magazine cover...

A televised news story all about me aired when I was three years old
I was a seriously nerdy child. I loved reading and writing. I would hassle my parents endlessly until they read me my favourite Flower Fairy storybooks. When I was three I won a Parker Pen national handwriting competition and I appeared on ITV Anglia News dressed up in a gingham dress, pigtails, and a straw hat. Cringe. My Dad has threatened to pull out the video tape and show it to all of my friends at every birthday party I've ever had. Thankfully he's never done it, but I haven't managed to burn the tape yet.

A certain letter-writing blogger might recognise this example of my handwriting!

I can fly an aeroplane
I was a seriously nerdy teenager. (Are you sensing a theme here?) I was one of those cool kids who spent several nights every week at the Air Training Corps, marching up and down, polishing shoes and the like. However, we did get to do some great stuff, including going to camp in Germany, and flying aeroplanes. When you go up to fly, there is always an RAF pilot with you, but once you've taken off, you're given the controls and you can fly around, do loop-the-loops, barrel rolls etc. It's a lot of fun! So, I'd actually flown a plane before I had driven a car.

Tom Cruise, eat your heart out!

Jenna Marbles and I are basically BFFs
Well, she follows me on my personal Twitter account, but that's pretty much the same thing, right? I don't know when, why or how she followed me (I have like 100 followers on that account) but we are totally best friends now. Still waiting for the invite to guest star in one of her videos though...

By these criteria, she also has 76.8k other best friends, but I'll roll with it.

I can speak to dead people
"Salvete, omnes!" If you ever successfully invent a time machine and you need a travelling companion to take back to Ancient Rome, I'm your girl. I studied Latin as part of my undergraduate degree and I'm fairly fluent now. I need to learn the slightly-more-useful-in-the-real-world language of German next year as part of my masters course - wish me luck!

Don't tell me that my degree isn't useful.
Leave me a comment below and tell me why you should be famous too! Maybe we'll end up on the cover of Cosmo together one day...

Until next time!

A x

BIG blog launch giveaway!

I joined Twitter in late April with no idea whatsoever about blogging, yet despite this, I was instantly welcomed to the blogging community. I have made a wonderful bunch of new friends, who have kindly put up with every single one of my annoying newbie questions. In order to celebrate the launch of my blog and to thank all the lovely people who have supported me, I thought that the best thing to do was to run a giveaway!

So, what's up for grabs? There will be three lucky winners!

1) The Bee Prize
You'll be buzzing if you win this prize! All of these are included:
  • Zoella Sweet Inspirations 'Le Fizz' Fragranced Bath Fizzer
  • Zoella Sweet Inspirations 'Life is Sweet' Makeup Pouch
  • Makeup Gallery Nail Polish in the shade Candy Pink
  • Respect Your Elders Soap from LUSH

2) The Loo Prize
No giggling at the name - this prize is the shit! If you're the lucky winner of the Loo Prize, you will receive:
  • Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy Cream
  • Scottie Dog Hanging Chalkboard from Penny Rose Home
  • Duck-Egg Blue Real Leather Passport Holder

3) The Rose Prize 
Blooming brightest of them all is the Rose Prize! This prize consists of:
  • MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in the shade LadyBeGood 
  • Barry M Natural Glow Shadow and Blush Palette
  • Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara
  • Citrus Blush Shower Gel and Body Lotion from the Champneys Luxury Spa Range 
  • A6 Gold Luxe Notebook from Penny Rose Home *

To enter, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter panel below. Keep on scrolling for the terms and conditions.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:
  • The giveaway will run from Sunday 19th June to Sunday 10th July. The winners will be announced on Monday 11th July.
  • You MUST follow Penny Rose Home on Twitter and me on Twitter and Instagram for your entry to be valid.
  • Three winners will be randomly generated by Rafflecopter.
  • I will contact the winners via Twitter and email. If winners do not respond within seven days, they forfeit their right to the prize and another winner will be drawn.
  • All entries will be verified, so don't try and say you're following if you're not!
  • This giveaway is open to those resident in the UK only.
  • No purchase necessary for entrance.
  • * The product marked with an asterisk was kindly provided for me to give away by the lovely ladies at Penny Rose Home. All other products were purchased with my own money.
Get entering!

A x

Just what the world needs - another generic blog

Hello and welcome to yet another generic blog. I see the eyes rolling now. "Hasn't the internet been filled up by those blogger types yet?!" I hear you groan. Well, apparently not, because here's one more twenty-something girl writing a blog to annoy you, oversaturate your news feed, give meaning to your life.

Have you seen something exactly like this before? Probably.

Super crisp, white Blogger theme? Check. 
Cute bio about how much I just LOVE sharing my life online? Check. 
Flaylay picture after flaylay picture? Check.
Beautiful photo of me looking oh-so-stunning in perfectly applied makeup? Ha. In my dreams!

100% fashion blogger material. #nomakeup #flawless

Let's get things straight - this blog isn't going to change the world. I won't be doing anything that hasn't been done a million times before, by a million different people, in ways that are a million times better than mine. But hey, reading my drivel might make just you smile for five minutes. And you know what? That's fine by me. I am going to have an amazing time creating content, and if you like it too, even better.

So what can you expect from Abbey Louisa Rose? Hopefully a heady mix of everything that takes my fancy, from travel and food, to books, uni life, and some history thrown in for good measure. I love reading blogs with personality (Tore, Molly, I'm shouting you guys out here), and if my little corner of the internet gets to be half as good as theirs, I'll be a happy bunny.

If you're still reading and you haven't decided that I'm a massive bitch already (fair enough if you have) why not join me as I dip my tentative toe into the blogosphere? You can follow me on Twitter, my procrastination tool of choice, or keep up to date via my Instagram.

Until next time!

A x