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I was approached a couple of weeks ago on Twitter by the lovely Siobhan from, who asked whether I'd be interested in doing a blogger box swap. I had seen how much fun Charlene and Siobhan had with their swap, so I was really excited to take part in one myself!

For those of you that don't know about box swaps, what essentially happens is that two bloggers get together, agree on a budget, buy some prezzies for each other, and post them off! It's that simple!

Siobhan and I decided to do a stationery themed box swap, with a budget of £15 each. As you could probably tell from my Level Up Your Snail Mail post, I'm a big fan of writing letters and I was really looking forward to getting some new supplies for this. Keep scrolling down to see what I recieved from Siobhan!

Here are all the goodies contained within my box! I felt so lucky when opening it!

The first things on the very top of the box were these cards. My favourite is definitely the one with the pair of gluesticks! I'm partial to a good pun (have you seen by blog banner?!) and this one brought a smile to my face. All of the cards are from Paperchase.

The next thing I spotted in my box was this gorgeous pad of Parisian writing paper! Paperchase's writing paper is just the best, perfect for my snail mail! I wasn't able to find the exact pad that Siobhan sent to me, but here is a very similar one. Siobhan also included some little colourful washi tapes from Amazon, perfect for sealing envelopes, and some loveheart sweets, which was very kind of her!

At the very bottom of my box I was delighted to find this adorable desk-planner, covered with colourful kitties! This is also from Paperchase. You can find a similar one here. I'll definitely be using this to plan out my future blog posts, so I can't thank Siobhan enough for sending it to me! There was also a lovely hand-written card from Siobhan herself, and one of her cute business cards.

A final big thank you goes out to Siobhan for suggesting that we do this box swap, and for sending me all of these goodies! You can check out what I sent to Siobhan here. You can also find her on Twitter: @sparkledust13

Let me know in the comments which of these items is your favourite!

Until next time,

A x

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