Twitter Chats: Finding the right chat for you

What chats should I participate in? Where will I fit in best? How can I make sure I'm going to chat with like-minded people? Set all these worries aside, I'm here to help! This is the second post in my Twitter Chats mini-series (read the first one here). Take this simple quiz and I'll direct you to the chat which is best suited to you and your blog!

Which of these chat topics appeal the most to you?
  1. 'Writing', 'Meeting new people', 'At the Beach'
  2. 'Magic', 'Colours', 'Alternate Reality'
  3. 'Summer', 'Spreading Positivity', 'Dreams and Aspirations'
  4. 'No Gym, No Problem?', 'Getting back on Track with Fitness', 'Support for a Healthy Lifestyle'

What extras do you want to get out of a chat?
  1. A snail mail programme, connecting me with other bloggers via handwritten letters
  2. Twice weekly club meetings, where you engage in blog post comment swaps with fellow bloggers
  3. An online magazine especially for bloggers, containing reviews, lots of advice, and useful tips
  4. Enough motivation to push me to achieve my weekly fitness goals!

What size chat would you be most likely to join in with?
  1. A medium-sized chat, where the chat host account has around 1k followers, so there's plenty of engagement, and lots of new people to meet, but I don't get drowned out 
  2. A small chat, where the chat host account has less than 500 followers, so that the chat isn't too overwhelming, and I get to connect individually with all of the chatters and get to know others well
  3. A large chat, where the chat host account has more than 5k followers, so that I get maximum exposure from the chat - I don't mind the bustle of a busy chat
  4. A fairly new chat run by a blogger on their personal account - I'd love to join in with a recently created chat and grow along with it!

At what time would you most like to chat?
  1. Mondays at 5pm and Thursdays at 9pm UK time
  2. Wednesdays and Sundays at 5pm UK time
  3. Sunday mornings at 9.30am UK time 
  4. Mondays at 8pm UK time

Now for the big reveal! Drumroll please....

If you chose mostly 1s:
Your ideal chat is #beechat! This chat was created in April 2016 by a good blogging friend of mine, Charlene McElhinney. It takes place every Monday and Thursday at 5pm and 9pm UK time respectively. The chat covers a wide variety of topics, and Charlene often invites guest hosts who supplement her amazing hosting skills! #Beechat is the friendliest chat on Twitter, and I've been lucky enough to make some wonderful friends through the chats. Another great feature is the #beechat snail mail programme, where Charlene pairs up bloggers to write handwritten letters to each other.  

If you chose mostly 2s:
Your perfect match is #TeacupClub! This chat was founded in May 2016 by the gorgeous Breanna. As well as a fun chat every Wednesday and Sunday at 5pm UK time, Breanna hosts regular #TeacupClub meetings, where the aim of the game is to post a link to one of your blog posts that needs some love, then comment on the posts that others have linked, and watch as others do the same for yours! It's a great way of gaining engagement and finding new blogs!

If you chose mostly 3s:
You need to get involved with the #BloggerationChat! There's a new host pretty much every week for this super varied chat. As well as a weekly chat at 9.30am UK time on a Sunday morning, there's an online magazine where experienced bloggers share their expertise and stories of their success! There's also a fab feature called Instas Explained where bloggers are invited to talk us through their favourite snaps. The chat is a lot of fun and the magazine is a great resource for bloggers - check it out!

If you chose mostly 4s:
#HealthHour is the chat for you! Hosted by the wonderfully friendly Anne, you'll feel very welcome from your first chat! As you might have guessed from the name, the chat is all about health - mental and physical. In the chat you'll find plenty of mutual support from other chatters as you share your methods and motivations for keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Every week you'll set yourself a health goal and at the next chat, share how you got on! It's such a supportive group!

If your answers were evenly split between two chats - don't worry, just check them both out!

Let me know which chat you were matched up with in the comments below, I'll be interested to know!

Until next time,

A x

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