Twitter Chats: How to be an amazing chat host

If you've been keeping up with the last two weeks of Twitter Chat posts, congratulations! You should now know how to gain followers through chats, and how to pick the perfect chat for you. You're a real Twitter chat aficionado! That means it's time to take things to the next level and learn about how to host a Twitter chat yourself.

I got into hosting by participating in several chats and learning the ropes, after I first joined Twitter back in April 2016. Once I was confident, I simply messaged the hosts of chats that I really enjoyed taking part in, and asked whether they'd like me to guest host. All of them were very open to the idea! Sometimes if a chat is looking for a host, they'll send out a tweet asking for a guest host. All you need to do is reply and offer your services. It's a good idea to have a chat topic in mind before you approach any host, as this will show that you've put some thought in.

I've now hosted loads of chats, from the #BloggerationChat to #bbabeschat and #beechat! Since lots of people on Twitter have asked me questions about getting into chat hosting, I've roped in a few experienced chat hosts to share their advice with you in this post. Together, we're going to answer some FAQs about hosting chats and hopefully give you the confidence to begin doing it yourself!

So, who's here to help?
Charlene, creator of #beechat         Tina, founder of #latenightbloggers         Alice, #MisfitBloggers mastermind

What makes a good Twitter chat host?
  • Charlene: They need to be friendly and chatty! I also think it's important that they converse throughout the chat and connect with their community as this makes people want to get involved in the chat again.
  • Tina: I think you have to genuinely want to connect with others, and being inclusive is really important. Being organised helps, as you need to think of topics, the questions need setting up before the chat, and you have to advertise it before the day comes.
  • Alice: A good host is someone who is genuinely interested in the answers they get from their questions, and takes time to like or reply to each one.
What shouldn't a Twitter chat host do?
  • Alice: Don't do a really boring, generic chat! "Why did you start blogging?" is a good question, but it's been done to death now!
  • Tina: A host shouldn't make others feel uncomfortable or left out. I have avoided topics that could be upsetting to some. I personally don't think the host should be biased either, as it can make the chat seem less open. 
  • Abbey: Don't let anyone feel left out! Welcome people who say they're new to the chat and tell them you're looking forward to chatting to them. During the chat, if someone is engaging and tweeting answers, but nobody has replied to their tweets, make the effort to reply to them yourself!
How do you come up with chat topic ideas?
  • Tina: I mostly take inspiration from things going on at the time. For example, when Big Brother started up again, we had a Big Brother themed chat. Or around exam time, we had a chat topic on Back To School. Being active on Twitter helps as you can see what others are currently thinking about. I also try to think of fun 'out there' topics that will conjure up interesting answers, such as our Desert Island chat.
  • Charlene: To be 100% candid, they just seem to come to me. Now and again, ideas spring to mind and I jot them down. However, I am sure if you want to host a chat, Google would give you a hand with some questions/ideas!
  • Abbey: Inspiration can just come from everyday life! After watching a lot of YouTube one afternoon, I came up with some YouTube-themed questions for a #TeacupClub chat, and after witnessing an argument on Twitter, I thought of some questions for the chat about Haters that I hosted. You can turn pretty much anything into a chat topic!
How do you recruit guest hosts? 
  • Charlene: Since I started the chat and it became a hit, I have never asked anyone else to host. I receive DMs on Twitter from people asking if I would give them opportunity to host. I love bringing in someone new and fresh! So far, I have had 5 guest hosts and each of them has absolutely smashed it! Well done guys!
  • Tina: I ask for people to message me if they're interested at the end of the chats. Sometimes people will message and ask anyway though. I do ask that they have joined a chat beforehand so they know the regular group a bit and how the chat flows.
I hope that this post has given you some confidence that you too can be the hostess (or host!) with the mostess! Any further questions? Drop a comment below or tweet me and I will endeavour to answer!

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