Twitter Chats: How to boost followers and engagement

Welcome to a brand new mini-series on! It's going to be all about Twitter Chats. A Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation, taking a question-and-answer format, often associated with a hashtag. These chats occur weekly (or more often) at a set time, and they can revolve around similar themes, such as beauty and fashion, although more varied chats do exist. Chats allow you to connect with people who have similar interests to you.

As well as giving you the opportunity to meet some fabulous new people and make new connections in the blogging world, participating in Twitter chats can be a fantastic way of driving traffic to your blog, and gaining new followers. But how?

Tip 1: Don't just answer the questions
Twitter chats are all about answering the questions sent out by the chat's host. But a major way to connect with other bloggers in the chat is to reply to their replies! If someone has a great answer to the host's question, or an answer you agree with, tweet them and tell them. You may then get into a conversation with that blogger, which could lead to them checking out your blog and giving you a follow. You can also follow them too and get introduced to their content - it's a win-win situation!

Tip 2: Get retweeted
If you're participating in a Twitter chat where the host account has a large number of followers, a RT from them can expose you to a huge audience. Some chat hosts will retweet just a selection of random answers, but some may choose to RT the best answers that they see. Tips for ensuring that you have a great answer, and stand the highest chance of being retweeted are:
  • Use gifs. These can be funny and eyecatching, so selecting a good one to accompany your answer could see you get that RT.
  • Put some thought into your answer. Can you interpret the question in a slightly different or interesting way? If you can - the host may like your answer and decide to share it.

Tip 3: Answer the questions promptly
Have you noticed how in most Twitter chats, answers that are very quickly tweeted in reply to the host's questions (and therefore placed directly under the host's tweet when you expand it) often get lots of likes and replies? Get this working in your favour by firing off an answer as soon as you see the host's question. It might just make a few more people click on your page, and then onto your blog!

Tip 4: Try out a smaller chat
You've probably all heard of the big chats where hundreds of bloggers join in at once such as #TheGirlGang and #bbloggers. Although these are fantastic, successful chats and they're a lot of fun, I find that sometimes you just get drowned out and you don't always get to interact with that many people individually. That's why I prefer to participate in smaller chats, where you get a lot of individual interaction and a real chance to get to know people better. Here are three of my fave smaller chats:
  • #beechat: Chats on Mondays at 5pm UK time, and Thursdays at 9pm Uk time.
  • #TeacupClub: Chats on Wednesdays and Sundays at 5pm UK time. There are also club meetings (which are comment swap events, great for boosting blog engagement) on Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm UK time.
  • #bbabeschat: Chats on Thursdays at 8pm UK time. 

What is your favourite Twitter chat? Do you have any advice that you would add to my list? Share in the comments below.

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