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Getting noticed on social media is hard. Whether you're a newbie blogger or a seasoned professional, sometimes a post you're really proud of just doesn't get the attention you feel it deserves. That's why promoting your blog on social media is so important - it makes your blog available to a huge internet audience. But how do you achieve this successfully? How do you get your blog onto the timelines of thousands?

Is anyone else here old enough to remember using the Yellow Pages phone directory instead of Google?!

The answer, of course, is Twitter. And more specifically, blogger retweet accounts. These can have astoundingly large audiences, and their prime purpose is to retweet content! All you have to to is follow them and then mention them in your tweets, or use their required hashtag, and they'll help you promote your posts. However, tagging the same two or three retweet accounts in every single one of your promotional tweets can lead to a bit of over-saturation. I try to use a wide variety of retweet accounts to promote my content, to ensure that a wide variety of people get to see it.

I've created the following Retweet Account Directory to help you do the same! If you know of any accounts that need to be added, please leave me a comment down below.





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+ 38k


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+ 23k


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@wssbloggers  /

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I hope you found this post useful! Would you like to see more like it? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

A x

A day out: York

Recently the boyfriend and I took advantage of a weekend off and headed to York, a city I'd never visited before, for a day of fun! We had a really lovely time exploring and I thought I would share our adventures with you. Read on to find out how we spent our day:
The City
York is a really beautiful old city! We arrived very early - before 9am - so we got to explore the streets before the majority of the tourists arrived. Arriving early also provided some fantastic photo opportunities in the morning sunshine! 

One of my favourite places to wander was The Shambles. The Shambles has been voted Britain's Most Picturesque Street, and you can see why! The timber framed buildings date back as far as the fourteenth century, and they have lost none of their charm today.

As well as being a lovely place to explore, The Shambles has a market and many shops and cafes to tickle your fancy. The boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a bacon and sausage butty each for breakfast!

A big thank you goes out to Lisabeth for recommending that I visit The Shambles! If you're ever in York, you should definitely stop by as well!

The City Walls
Some stunning views of the city are provided by a short walk along York's city walls, which have been in place since the Roman times. The walls form a complete circuit around the city, but there are sets of steps spaced out regularly along the wall, which allows you to walk just a small section if you'd prefer. We were bathed in glorious September sunshine for our walk along the wall which made it even better!

Treasurer's House
Situated just around the corner from the cathedral is the Treasurer's House, an Edwardian house and garden owned by the National Trust, which has a rather interesting history. In the late 1800's the house was purchased by the eccentric gentleman Frank Green, who set about transforming it: constructing a mock-Tudor hall in the centre of the house. The house was built over the remains of a Roman road, and numerous ghost stories associated with these ruins have been reported - including the sighting of the ghostly figure of a fully armed Roman soldier! The National Trust offer ghost tours of the house's basement!

A view from the house, overlooking the magnificent garden and the cathedral

One of my favourite parts of the house was the little sign on the left, originally set up by Frank Greek to enforce one of his rules - construction workers building his Tudor stye hall had to wear slippers so that they didn't damage his pristine carpets in the rest of the house!


Replica trenches, part of the WWII exhibit
The York Castle Museum
Our next port of call was the York Castle Museum. The museum had loads of fab exhibitions, including a history of clothing, body image, and self expression through fashion across the ages, which I was really impressed by. Another area that I loved was the Kirkgate Victorian Street. This is a replica of a Victorian street which you can wander through, visiting the shops, and talking to actors in Victorian costume as you go! Another highlight was the WWII exhibiton which tracked the stories of several real people through the objects that they left behind. I'd definitely recommend a visit to this museum! Entry for students was just £5.

York Minster Cathedral
The largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe is well worth a visit. The architecture is absolutely stunning! The admission fee of £10 per person (£9 for student entry) may seem a little steep but this is put into perspective when you consider that it costs an estimated £20,000 per day for the upkeep of the Cathedral!

Goddard's House 
Our final stop of the day was another National Trust property, Goddard's House. It is located about a 30 minute walk from the city centre, but you can cheat like we did and get a bus there and back! The house was originally owned by the genius inventor behind Terry's Chocolate Oranges and it has four acres of gorgeous gardens. There was a grass tennis court, croquet lawn, wilderness garden, and a veggie patch to explore. The little cafe inside was also just fab - we heartily recommend their homemade cheese scones!

What is your favourite part about exploring a new city? Have you ever been to York? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time,

A x

Cruelty Free Cosmetics PART II*

Welcome to the second post in my Cruelty Free Cosmetics series! The aim of this series is to demonstrate just how easy it is to ensure that all of your cosmetic products, from makeup to skincare and haircare, don't cause any unnecessary suffering to our animal friends. With so many great cruelty free products on the market, there's no excuse for purchasing from brands who test on small furry creatures! Here are my recommendations for some cruelty free products to incorporate into your life:

For your skin...
Organic & Botanic* may be a new skincare brand on the market, but they've hit all the right notes with their 100% organic, paraben free, cruelty free range. I was delighted to be gifted a Madagascan Coconut facial serum and a rejuvenating night moisturiser to try out. The facial serum promises to "nourish your complexion" and it definitely delivers! The product gave my skin a lovely texture, after using it I couldn't stop stroking my face! The night moisturiser, which aims to "balance, repair and hydrate skin overnight", did not disappoint either. I applied the moisturiser before bed and woke up with a gorgeous dewy glow. My face remained feeling moisturised for the whole day, no need to apply another product - top marks from me! These products are on the pricey side, but the quality is supremely high and a little goes a long way - one pot is sure to last you a while.

For your shower...
I am a total Neals Yard Remedies junkie! Their shower and haircare range is one of my all-time favourites. I used to be a total grease-ball when it came to my hair (gross, right?) but my mop has never been in better condition now that I've switched to NYR products. The Invigorating Seaweed Conditioner and makes my hair feel silky smooth without causing me to feel greasy by the end of the day, and the Rosemary & Elderflower Shower Gel lathers up just the right amount for that squeaky clean feeling when you step out of the shower! Both products are lightly fragranced and not too overpowering. The NYR range is organic, approved by the Vegetarian Society, and cruelty free.

For your pout...
If you're on the hunt for a cruelty free lipcare option, look no further! Lucy G Lipbalms* are made from organic ingredients and are available in a range of colours. I was invited to try out a shade from the Strong Tint range. I opted for 'The Polly', a bright pink hue. The colour was very buildable, which I loved. You could apply a small amount for just a touch of colour, or layer it up for a stronger look. The lip balm was super moisturising and smelled great too - you couldn't ask for more! Trying this product was extra exciting because Lucy's products are a makeup artist staple on film and TV sets! Her lip balms have featured on fashion shoots too! To find out more about the products or to place an order, visit Lucy's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or email her on lucyglipbalms@gmail.com.

What are your favourite cruelty free brands? Have you tried any of the ones above? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

A x

Products marked with * were sent to me by their respective companies for review.

My Unbeatable Brownies!


Hard and crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside - no, I'm not talking about my personality, I'm describing my unbeatable brownies! These delicious squares of chocolatey goodness are a big hit in my house! Today I'm going to share the recipe with you.

Now, I have a reputation in my family for being a less-than-fabulous chef. Hence why they gave me this apron as a present. Thanks for the encouragment, guys! But this recipe is so easy that even I can't mess it up, so if I can do it - you definitely can!
This is the latest in my collaboration series with the wonderful Abbie from abbiechic.com. We work together on monthly posts called the Ab Fab Collab! To see our past posts, click here. This month, Abbie is sharing her recipe for a delicious rocky road with a twist, so if you haven't had enough sweet goodness after reading my post, definitely hit up her blog!

You will need:
Plain flour (100g / 4oz)
Margarine or butter (175g / 6oz)
Caster sugar (350g / 12oz)
Cocoa powder (75g / 3oz)
Vanilla essence (1 teaspoon)
Baking powder (1 teaspoon)
3 eggs
An oblong baking tin
Greaseproof paper

Step One: Heat your oven to 180 degrees, 160 degrees in a fan oven, or Gas mark 4. Then grab your cake tin, apply a thin layer of margarine to the bottom and sides. Use this to stick a sheet of greaseproof paper into your tin. Apply another thin layer of margarine on top of the paper. This will prevent your brownies from sticking to the bottom of the tin!

Step Two: Put the 175g / 6oz of margarine into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on 30 second increments until all of the margarine has melted and there are no big lumps. Then, add the sugar and vanilla essence to this bowl and stir in.

Step Three: Break the eggs into a different bowl and beat them well. Then stir them into the mixture. Once the eggs are stirred in, sift in the flour, cocoa, and baking powder. 

Step Four: Mix everything together well. If you're a lazy chef like me, you can even use an electric whisk for this! You can produce equally good brownies just through mixing by hand, so don't worry if you don't have access to a whisk!

Step Five: Pour out the mixture into your lined cake tin. Use a spatula to scrape out the bowl so that you don't waste any! If you need to, level out the mixture in the tin with a spoon.

Ready for the oven!
Step Six: Place the brownies into the oven and bake for approximately 40 minutes. Once the brownies have risen a little, and a crust has formed on the top, they are cooked! They should still be soft in the middle. If your brownies look something like the below picture, they're ready to come out of the oven.

Ta da!
Step Seven: Don't remove your brownies from the tin immediately - they may fall apart! Allow them to cool in the tin for at least 5 minutes. Then you can use the excess paper at the sides to pull the brownies out of the tin. After this, you can cut them up and enjoy! You may like to sprinkle a little icing sugar on the top for presentation.

If you have a go at making these brownies, please tweet me a pic, or tag me on Instagram! I'd love to see! And don't forget to head over to Abbie's blog to read her chocolate-filled recipe!

What are your favourite things to bake? Share in the comments.

Until next time,

A x

Cruelty Free Cosmetics PART I*


MAC, Clinique, Avon, and L'Oreal: what do these big cosmetic brands have in common? Unfortunately, the answer is not anything good. All of these companies test their products on animals. Cosmetic product testing results in millions of animals worldwide living their entire lives in cages. In these testing labs, they are subjected to painful and unnecessary treatments, including having cosmetics dripped into their eyes, forced down their throats, and rubbed into their shaved skin. But there is an alternative to all of this unnecessary suffering! There are many amazing cruelty free companies out there, meaning that turning your makeup bag cruelty free is simple! And guess what? You don't have to compromise on product quality either!

One of these amazing cruelty free brands is Sleek MakeUP. I was offered the chance to showcase a few of their products to you and I leapt at the opportunity! I'm no makeup expert by any means, but I hope you'll enjoy reading my thoughts nonetheless. The first item that I was gifted was the iDivine Eyeshadow Palette in Storm*. The palette contains 12 varied shadows, a mixture of highly pigmented matte and shimmer shades. I've swatched a few of my favourites below.


I found that Snow Storm was the perfect shade for placing in the inner corner of my eye, and it blends into Thunder Storm and Sand Storm just beautifully. All of the shades had a great staying power and I was impressed with their longevity! The Storm palette is also really inexpensive, costing just £8.99, so the palette is great value for money.

As well as the Storm palette, I was invited to try one of Sleek's True Colour Lipsticks in Papaya Punch*. This wasn't a colour that I'd normally pick out for myself, so trying out this product was a step outside of my comfort zone. However, I'm really pleased that I gave it a go! The consistency of the lipstick was very moisturising and I didn't even need a lip pencil or priming product to achieve a strong and lasting colour. A few top-ups of the lippie were necessary throughout the day, but on the whole I was very pleased with the wear of the product.

The final product that I sampled from Sleek was a blush in the shade Life's A Peach*. A little of this goes a very long way - it is very pigmented. I applied the blush to the apples of my cheeks and I was very satisfied with their peachy glow!

Below you can see a look that I created using my new Sleek products. I'm wearing a combination of the Storm eye shadows, and the Life's A Peach blush on my cheeks. On my lips you'll see the Papaya Punch lipstick in action.

So, next time you're at the makeup counter, just think: Does the world so desperately need eyeliners, lipsticks, and foundation that it's worth putting our animal friends through such misery? I don't think so, especially not when there are fabulous, ethical alternatives from brands such as Sleek MakeUP on the market.

What is your favourite cruelty free makeup brand? All recommendations welcomed in the comments!

Until next time,

A x

* Disclaimer: All products marked with an asterisk were sent to me for free in exchange for a review.

7 Twitter Followers You Love to Hate

Now don't get me wrong, I love Twitter as a platform. It's the main promotional device for my blog, and it connects me with a ton of talented bloggers and interesting companies. But, as with all things in life, there are some people on Twitter who just drive me nuts. I've narrowed them down into a list of seven. Prepare yourself for sass.

Image Source, by Sebastiaan ter Burg
1) Unfollowing Ulrica
This girl seems to think that the best way to gain followers on Twitter is to follow a shitload of people, wait for them to follow back, and then unfollow almost everyone once she hits 13k in order to look like a total boss. Who does she think she's fooling? Most people have a little app called Crowdfire these days, which allows you to see exactly what those follow-to-unfollow people are up to. Sorry Ulrica, take your tactics elsewhere! 

2) Lizzy the Liker
Even if you send out a tweet saying that you've just seen a turd floating in the swimming pool, or that your cat has just puked up a hairball in your bed, this person will like it. They'll like tweets from your conversations with other Twitter users that they aren't even mentioned in. They'll like tweets from several days and weeks and months ago. Why? How? What's the point?! No one knows.

3) Nothing-but-promos Nancy
Also known as Spammy Susan or Julie Junk. This person uses Twitter for the sole purpose of driving traffic to their blog. They never make an effort to engage with their followers, they simply pepper them with links. This might be super effective at generating traffic, but it makes you seem kinda soulless. Why not just engage with me? Please?

4) Bitchin' Brittany
There's always one person on your feed that's always itching for a fight. There is NOTHING that'll keep this girl out of an argument. Even if it's nothing to do with them, or if they don't really have a strong opinion on a subject, they'll form one in 0.2 seconds and jump in if they sense a scrap of drama. Grab your popcorn whenever they're online, you're in for a bumpy ride!

5) Win-Win Wendy
The giveaway fiend. Their timeline is full of retweets from every competition and giveaway under the sun. They might win that free sample of Toilet Duck, sure, but they irritate pretty much everyone that follows them in the process. If they follow you when you're running a prize draw, don't expect them to stick around once it's over.

6) Flora the Flogger
Whether it's Juice Plus or Younique, there's always someone on your timeline trying to flog their products. Receiving DMs from these people is possibly the most irritating thing on earth. I would love to reply to each one: "No, I do not want to find out about the *amazing* health benefits of your overpriced powdered crap that is peddled hella unethically by people who often have no nutritional qualifications." And breathe. Can you tell I hate the stuff?

7) "DID I MENTION I'M VEGAN?!!" Verity
Now I don't know about you, but I don't advertise the fact that I enjoy a thick, juicy steak, and the occasional KFC in my Twitter bio. Certain vegan guys and gals on the other hand just LOVE to shout about their eating habits. You're vegan? Great! I respect your decision. Just don't ram it down my throat, I prefer putting lamb chops there, thank you.

Have you experienced any of these people on Twitter? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

A x

Disclaimer: No real names have been used in this post. I made the names up for fun!

Ditching the Razor...

I don't shave my legs. I haven't done so for at least six months. In that time, I've walked down the street wearing shorts, worn a bikini to the beach, had a full body massage at a spa, and been intimate with my boyfriend - all with furry legs! Today I thought I'd share my reasons for ditching the razor, in the hope that I can show you that choosing not to shave is a totally viable option.

Your Dad, boyfriend, and the weird old men who think it's fine to stroll down the street topless when it's barely 17 degrees outside have no problem with their body hair. Enormous fluffy chests, legs resembling a forest, even massive nose hairs are simply the accepted norm. So why should we, as women, feel the need to shave, wax, and epilate the tiniest bit of hair away? Body hair is perfectly natural on both sexes. I don't believe that a bit of fuzz is anything to be ashamed of.

2) Nobody notices... Or cares!
Not gonna lie, when I first went a few weeks without shaving my legs, I was nervous. What would my boyfriend say? When it got to the third week of not shaving, I ventured the question "Do you notice anything different?" There was a long pause. And after a while he responded: "Um... have you got a new haircut?" When I pointed out my new downy pins, he said that he hadn't even noticed, and frankly, that he didn't give a damn. If the person who touches my legs the most didn't even notice that I was a bit prickly, I saw absolutely no reason to go back to shaving them!

3) Razors are expensive
If you want some decent razors that don't make you look like you've gone through one of those giant ham slicers at the supermarket once you've finished, you're going to have to PAY. Since I've stopped shaving my legs, a pack of disposable razors lasts me about four times as long, leaving me with some spare cash to spend on much nicer things! Now I don't know about you, but I'd much rather buy a massive bar of chocolate every week than a pack of razors. Choosing not to shave is a win-win situation!

4) "Feminist" razor adverts are a load of crap
Femvertising is everywhere. Ads for everything from shampoo and beauty products to sanitary towels now feature empowering messages. However, many of the companies that use this "feminist advertising" are peddling the products that encourage women to believe that silky smooth legs are the only option! Feminist advertising for razors is really saying "Be empowered! Embrace your true self! You're fantastic! ... But only if you buy these razors and have super silky supermodel legs." Sorry Venus, despite your best intentions, that's just not a message I can get on board with.

5) I am lazy.
Enough said. 

The aim of this post is not to get you to throw away every razor in your house this second and immediately embrace the hairy life. What I'm trying to do is to show you that there are OPTIONS. You can shave your legs every single day if that's what makes you feel comfortable and happy. That's YOUR CHOICE. I'm just trying to make you aware that choosing not to shave is perfectly acceptable! If you don't fancy shaving - you don't have to, and you shouldn't feel pressured into it!

Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments below, I'd love to start a discussion.

Until next time,

A x

Blogger Brunch at All Bar One, Norwich*

In late August, I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely people at All Bar One Norwich to visit their recently renovated restaurant and try out their brand-new menu! Of course, I couldn't say no! I brought my sister along to share the experience with me, and we headed off for a blogger brunch! Keep reading to find out how we got on:

It was very difficult to choose the dishes that we wanted to try from All Bar One's extensive menu! The cooked breakfast selection had plenty on offer for vegetarians, a real bonus for my veggie sister. We opted for a plate of pancakes to share, a vegetarian full breakfast, and huevos rancheros - all washed down with fresh fruit juices.

The vegetarian breakfast was a mighty plate of poached eggs, toast, veggie sausages, tomatoes, baked beans, and mushroom. Like all of our other dishes, it was presented immaculately and served piping hot. The high quality sausages received a great deal of praise from my sister! As for the huevos rancheros, this was a dish that I'd never tried before, so I was very excited to sample it! The plate comprised of a bowl of scrambled egg, avocado, and mild bean salsa, accompanied by pineapple and habanero ketchup and grilled tortillas. The scrambled egg was light and creamy, seasoned with the perfect amount of coriander. The flavours of the salsa, eggs, and avocado worked together beautifully. The ketchup was also a real hit with me, a unique combination of sweet and savoury flavours. Finally, our pancakes were light and fluffy, and served with a generous helping of fruit - absolutely delicious!


Now it couldn't be a good brunch without some cocktails, am I right?! My sister and I sipped on mimosas (prosecco and orange juice), as well as All Bar One's special brunch cocktail, which consisted of ciroc vodka, orange liqueur, peach schnapps, marmalade and orange juice. These were thoroughly enjoyable - the flavours were delicate and not at all overpowered by the alcoholic content, which is the sign of a quality cocktail! They were the perfect complement to our brunch. The only disappointment on the drinks front was that they had no soy milk, meaning that we couldn't order any hot drinks, but the rest of the meal more than made up for this.

The All Bar One team at Norwich have been working hard on renovating their restaurant, and all of  this has definitely paid off! The space is quirky, inviting, and full of personality. There is plenty of space to eat outside on a sunny day, and inside there is ample room to accomodate large parties, so the restaurant would be ideal for birthday gatherings! The whole place was spotless and it had a very light and airy feel. The decor was imaginative, there were some fantastic painted bird cages on the windowsill by our table that I wanted to take home! Each part of the restaurant has individual quirks, but it all ties together very well.


My sister and I were very lucky to have the lovely Cherry and Sam looking after us during our visit to All Bar One. Cherry was very friendly, chatty, and welcoming. She made us feel immediately at home and couldn't do enough for us. She checked on us a couple of times to make sure that we were enjoying our food and that everything was to our liking. Sam was behind the bar, and he didn't complain when I asked to photograph him while he was making our cocktails, so he got big blogger brownie points there! Again, All Bar One Norwich came up trumps on the service front!

I'd like to say a massive thanks to All Bar One for inviting me to sample their brunch - I had a truly fantastic time and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend dropping by if you're ever visiting Norwich!

What is your favourite thing to have for brunch? Drop me a comment below and let me know. (Yes, cocktails are an acceptable answer!)

Until next time,

A x

*Disclaimer: The meal detailed here was provided free of charge by All Bar One in exchange for a review.

My everything5pounds Lookbook*

Online shopping is fraught with peril. Doubts flood our minds when clicking 'purchase' on an order. Will the quality be decent? Will this look anything like it does on the model? Will it be delivered before my 56th birthday? You can dispel these fears entirely when shopping on the site that I am here to tell you about today: the wonder that is everything5pounds.com.

Before I placed my first order with everything5pounds.com, I too was a sceptic. High quality clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for just a fiver each? You must be having a laugh. I half-expected to be writing an awful review when my products turned up. How wrong I was! Scroll down to find out what I ordered and what I thought.

Outfit 1: Bring on the fringe!
The first thing I pulled out of my box of goodies from everything5pounds was this gorgeous fringe detail suadette jacket. The jacket is lightweight and super soft, perfect for a summer / autumn transitional piece. The fringing gives it a really unique vibe. The jacket is definitely something that you could dress up, with a patterned dress, or down, as I have here with a pink cropped cami (also from everything5pounds), and dark jeans. The camisole is also of impressive quality; it is fully lined, floaty and glamorous!

Shop the look:  Fringed Jacket     Light Pink Cropped Cami


Outfit 2: Mint Dream
I just couldn't resist picking up this stunning full-length maxi skirt! The pastel colour is just beautiful, exactly as it appears on the website! The skirt is finished with some really classy details such as the ribbon-effect waistband and the side-zip and button which fasten the item around the waist. This is a very romantic piece that would be perfect as part of a formal date outfit.

Shop the look:  Pleated Maxi Skirt


Outfit 3: Green with Envy
You'll be the envy of all your friends in this glorious green skater dress! I was delighted with the fit of this item. The tie at the waist allows the dress to adjust to your shape perfectly, and the bell-sleeves add a super elegant touch. The deep V neck is very flattering without revealing too much! I would definitely wear this with heels and a light jacket on a night out, or with cable-knit tights and ankle boots during the day. Here I have paired it with a lovely satchel from everything5pounds' accessory range. As with all of the other items, the satchel is very high quality and super stylish to boot!

Shop the look: Skater Dress     Pocket Front Satchel


Outfit 4: White Coat Wonder
I've been lusting after a long maxi-coat for such a long time now! I was delighted with this find from everything5pounds. The coat hits just below my knee and is a striking off-white colour. It came up larger than expected, so I wish that I had sized down, but for £5 you really can't complain! I paired mine with a simple off-the shoulder top and a pair of jeans. It is a lightweight coat, more suited to autumn than winter weather, but its versatility will definitely mean that I wear it a lot throughout the season!

Shop the Look: Off-White Boyfriend Coat 


And now for shoes...
I may have gone a tiny bit crazy on the shoe section of the everything5pounds website - their selection is very impressive! I was really pleased with all of the shoes that I picked out; each pair is true to size, well-made, excellent quality, and comfortable to wear. The boots will be perfect with my autumn / winter wardrobe and the heels are ideal for parties or nights out. The fringed black heels are my absolute favourites!

Shop the look: Fringed ankle boots       Aztec trim boots       Mesh insert court shoe      Black fringed heels

Customer Service
A word has to be said about the delivery and customer service from everything5pounds. My items were delivered in record time - they arrived at my door just a couple days after ordering. Unfortunately one of the items that I was sent turned out to be faulty, but the company's customer service after I reported the problem was fantastic. They responded promptly and were very apologetic, promising to investigate the issue I experienced. They immediately dispatched some replacements for my faulty item.  Overall, my experience with everything5pounds was overwhelmingly positive and I will definitely shop with them in future.


What is your favourite item from this lookbook? Share in the comments below!

Until next time,

A x

*The clothing featured in this post was sent to me for free by everything5pounds in exchange for a review.