A day out: York

Recently the boyfriend and I took advantage of a weekend off and headed to York, a city I'd never visited before, for a day of fun! We had a really lovely time exploring and I thought I would share our adventures with you. Read on to find out how we spent our day:
The City
York is a really beautiful old city! We arrived very early - before 9am - so we got to explore the streets before the majority of the tourists arrived. Arriving early also provided some fantastic photo opportunities in the morning sunshine! 

One of my favourite places to wander was The Shambles. The Shambles has been voted Britain's Most Picturesque Street, and you can see why! The timber framed buildings date back as far as the fourteenth century, and they have lost none of their charm today.

As well as being a lovely place to explore, The Shambles has a market and many shops and cafes to tickle your fancy. The boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a bacon and sausage butty each for breakfast!

A big thank you goes out to Lisabeth for recommending that I visit The Shambles! If you're ever in York, you should definitely stop by as well!

The City Walls
Some stunning views of the city are provided by a short walk along York's city walls, which have been in place since the Roman times. The walls form a complete circuit around the city, but there are sets of steps spaced out regularly along the wall, which allows you to walk just a small section if you'd prefer. We were bathed in glorious September sunshine for our walk along the wall which made it even better!

Treasurer's House
Situated just around the corner from the cathedral is the Treasurer's House, an Edwardian house and garden owned by the National Trust, which has a rather interesting history. In the late 1800's the house was purchased by the eccentric gentleman Frank Green, who set about transforming it: constructing a mock-Tudor hall in the centre of the house. The house was built over the remains of a Roman road, and numerous ghost stories associated with these ruins have been reported - including the sighting of the ghostly figure of a fully armed Roman soldier! The National Trust offer ghost tours of the house's basement!

A view from the house, overlooking the magnificent garden and the cathedral

One of my favourite parts of the house was the little sign on the left, originally set up by Frank Greek to enforce one of his rules - construction workers building his Tudor stye hall had to wear slippers so that they didn't damage his pristine carpets in the rest of the house!


Replica trenches, part of the WWII exhibit
The York Castle Museum
Our next port of call was the York Castle Museum. The museum had loads of fab exhibitions, including a history of clothing, body image, and self expression through fashion across the ages, which I was really impressed by. Another area that I loved was the Kirkgate Victorian Street. This is a replica of a Victorian street which you can wander through, visiting the shops, and talking to actors in Victorian costume as you go! Another highlight was the WWII exhibiton which tracked the stories of several real people through the objects that they left behind. I'd definitely recommend a visit to this museum! Entry for students was just £5.

York Minster Cathedral
The largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe is well worth a visit. The architecture is absolutely stunning! The admission fee of £10 per person (£9 for student entry) may seem a little steep but this is put into perspective when you consider that it costs an estimated £20,000 per day for the upkeep of the Cathedral!

Goddard's House 
Our final stop of the day was another National Trust property, Goddard's House. It is located about a 30 minute walk from the city centre, but you can cheat like we did and get a bus there and back! The house was originally owned by the genius inventor behind Terry's Chocolate Oranges and it has four acres of gorgeous gardens. There was a grass tennis court, croquet lawn, wilderness garden, and a veggie patch to explore. The little cafe inside was also just fab - we heartily recommend their homemade cheese scones!

What is your favourite part about exploring a new city? Have you ever been to York? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time,

A x