Budget Glamour

I'm here today to answer one of life's big questions. Can you create a glamorous makeup look on a shoestring budget? The answer: of course you can! I was recently gifted two sets of MUA products that I'm very excited to show you - a palette of twelve eyeshadows that'll set you back just £4, and two metallic liquid lipsticks that you can pick up in Superdrug for £2 each. I'll be sharing swatches aplenty below, so let's get started!


I was really shocked when I received this MUA Glamour Days Palette in the post. It was kindly sent to me by my lovely friend Sarah from writingrambling.co.uk, as a congratulations present for graduating from university with a first class degree! I'm so grateful to Sarah for giving me a chance to try this palette out, I was really impressed by the pigmentation of the shades. The shimmer of the glittery shades isn't dulled at all when you apply it, and they last an impressive length of time on your eyeballs!

There are a couple of down-sides to the product, however, which I ought to mention. There can be some quite considerable fallout from these shades, so extra care needs to be taken when applying them. The flimsy plastic packaging won't stand up to much punishment either, but so long as you handle it gently, it should be absolutely fine.

The shades I've swatched above are my favourites from the whole palette. I've nicknamed them 'Mermaid Shades'! These would go perfectly with a mermaid or under-the-sea themed Halloween costume, for instance! I'd put a little of the creamy pink shade 4 in the corner of my eye, use the glittery blue shade 2 over my lid, blend the darker complementary shade 6 into the crease and use shade 9 lightly all over for that extra sparkle!

Now let's move on to lipstick! These stunning MUA Luxe metallic liquid lippies were a giveaway prize that I was lucky enough to win from the fantastic lifethroughtsg.com blog. The shades I received were Luster and Glint. The products glide on like a lip gloss but have the pigmentation of a lipstick - the best of both worlds! The pigmentation of these products was truly impressive. No lip primer was necessary to feel the full force of their colour. The formula is thick and non-streaky. The lipsticks both have a heavy vanilla smell, which I found very pleasant but may bother a more sensitive nose. The texture is not tacky in the slightest, and the finish is super shiny.

The only downside I experienced was the amount of transfer - these will leave lipstick marks on your coffee cup! However, for the price of just £2, you really can't complain that much about these products. Another massive bonus for me is that all MUA products, including the ones featured here, are cruelty free, so no little animals suffered to create these cosmetics.

Do you own any MUA products? What are your faves? Please let me know in the comments, I'm keen to make more MUA purchases!

Until next time,

A x