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If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that this month, I started studying for my Master's degree! A component of my degree course is learning German from scratch. I study archaeology, and many key publications for my subject are only available in German, so mastering this language is key to my success on my course! Therefore, to supplement my university based teaching, I've also been looking into other ways of learning the language, outside of just staring at a page in a book, trying to memorise vocabulary.

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to try out the FlashSticks language acquisition programme, which consists of post-it notes and an app. The beginner pack of post-its teaches you 100 unique words, which can be stuck all around your room so that wherever you look, there's a little reminder! The colours of the post-its relate to the gender of the nouns, which help you to remember the appropriate definite article (der, die, or das in German).


The FlashSticks post-its* are superior to regular flash cards because they are really memorable! The little images on each post it note make the word stick in your mind, and to help you with pronunciation, the words are also spelled out as they are supposed to be said aloud on the post-it, which is super helpful! As I'm completely new to the German lanuage, I have the Beginner's starter back, which is a bargain at just £4.99. If you're more experienced, there are Intermediate and Advanced packs too.

In addition to the post-its, there is the FlashAcademy app* which helps you to learn everything from the very basics to food and drink, key phrases for travel, shopping lingo, and words related to health and illness. The app offers a great amount of variety! Word games and lessons that you can review at any time really help to cement the vocabulary in your mind. As well as introducing you to new words and getting you to match German words with their English translation, the app asks you to spell out the new German vocabulary, identify the new words in sentences, and write simple sentences in German yourself. I think this is a fantastic idea as it makes the learning process a lot more active and really enagages your brain!

One thing I particularly loved about the app was the scan and translate feature, where you can take a picture of pretty much any object you can find and the app will translate it for you! I put this to the test with a few simple items such as a ballpoint pen and a paperclip, and also with more challenging objects such as a hair scrunchie, a credit card, and a sleeping mask and it performed admirably! The app provides detailed translations, which you can simplify if you choose, and will read the translation out to you, so you know exactly how to pronounce it. This app would be an ideal traveller's companion if you're heading to a new country with only rudimentary language skills.

The FlashAcademy app is free to download, and there are a variety of premium packages for one, three, six, or twelve months. If you select the twelve month package, it works out at just £3 a month which really great value. I would highly recommend checking out FlashSticks if you are interested in learning a new language! 

Do you speak a second language? If not, would you like to? Do you have any language learning tips for me? Please leave a comment below!

Until next time,

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*Disclaimer: All products marked with an asterisk were sent to me for free in exchange for a review.

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