LTR Perks

It's been nearly three years since I met my boyfriend. Well, it's been three years since my Dad met him as we were moving into my student house in Fresher's week and told him to go upstairs and meet "his gorgeous daughter" because "she's lovely". Cringe. Thankfully good old Dad and his embarassing introductions didn't cause me to be known as the weirdo with the mad father for too long, and Chris and I started officially dating in January 2015. This has been my longest ever relationship, so it has got me thinking about all the perks of being with someone long-term. 

1) No tactical texting
"Well, I texted them first yesterday so I can't do it again today" "Their response took 12 minutes so mine has to take 14 minutes!" None of this mind game bullshit is necessary in a long term relationship, you've been together long enough to be fairly certain that the other person likes you, and so you don't have to overthink and worry about looking "too keen".

2) Freedom to be gross
Burping and farting in front of a new partner is almost unthinkable. In front of your long term squeeze, it barely even raises an eyebrow. Well, it doesn't in my relationship anyway. You can send snapchats as ugly as they come (no makeup, face screwed up, unflattering angle, tongue sticking out) and it's nothing more than a joke - no need to feel self conscious!

3) Getting in sync
You know exactly how your partner will react to learning a certain piece of news, exactly what they'll fancy for dinner, and exactly what they're going to do to annoy you next. This syncing up just comes naturally when you've been together for a lengthy period of time. This is one of my favourite LTR perks, as it's wonderful knowing that person really, really well.

4) Becoming part of their fam
When you first meet a new partner's family, it can be really nerve-wracking! Your mind races with everything that could possibly go wrong: you might accidentally kick their sister's puppy, or spill gravy into their dad's lap, or unwittingly insult their mother's new curtains. But once you've been together a little while, and you've visited their house on many occasions, you start becoming part of the family! When I visit my BF's house, I even go on shopping trips with his mum! 

5) Affection On-Tap
It's basically your partner's JOB to give you a cuddle or a kiss whenever you want it. I mean, what else do you keep them around for?

Are you in a relationship? How long have you been together? Can you relate to any of these points? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

A x

*Note* I have used gender neutral pronouns in this post in the hope that anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, can relate.