My Dream House

When it comes to amazing houses, there's one woman who's got it going on. And she's been rocking the housing market since 1959. Barbie, I salute you! That little blonde style icon has been living it up in her three-storey mansion, complete with a kitchen stocked with only the best plastic lobster, and a garage for her bright pink convertible. Oh, and don't forget the pool for those all important parties!

ANYWAY, forget Barbie, today I'm here to tell you all about my dream house! And there isn't a dash of pink in sight, nor is there a water fountain out front in the shape of a giant stiletto (soz, Barbz). This is also a collaborative post with my lovely friend Abbie from, who has written about her dream house as well. Check out her post here!

I am a sunny weather girl. Give me a beach and 35 degree heat and I'll be a happy bunny. I'd love to live somewhere like Greece and no, not on a party island like Mykonos, thanks. A rural, sleepy Greek or Italian seaside town, preferably in close proximity to some interesting archaeology (I'm a nerd ok) and the beach would be fantastic! I'm not a big fan of city living, and the thought of living somewhere as busy and crowded as London is my kind of nightmare, so my dream house would have to be a bit off the beaten track!

My Space
The most important room in my dream house would definitely be... My library! I absolutely love books! Studying and reading are a massive part of my life. I'd love to have a library completely lined with bookshelves! I will have many leather-bound books and the room will smell of rich mahogany (anyone get the reference, anyone?). I'm thinking a full Harry Potter style library, but with fewer books that try to bite you and more comfy beanbags and cushions. I'd also have an open fireplace to cosy up next to in the winter, and some window-seats in which to bask in the sun during the summer.

The Bedroom
What girl doesn't dream of a walk-in closet? I'd love a way to keep all my clothes and shoes on display so that I can pair things up way quicker and come up with interesting clothing combos. I'd also like to have a massive corkboard in my bedroom on which I could display photos, posters, and meaningful bits and bobs. Most important, however, is the bed! I want the full king-size four-poster memory-foam BED OF DREAMS. I mean, sure, with my lack of tidiness it'll soon start to look like a Tracey Emin art piece, but I can start with good intentions, right?

I'm not the biggest partygoer in the world, but I absolutely love to cook with the guests that I do have over at my house, so a big open-plan kitchen and dining room is a must. Top of my wish list would be a kitchen island, where I can have a big bunch of fresh flowers to brighten the room. I'd like quite an old-fashioned and vintage look to my kitchen, with wood panelling and an AGA stove. I love the homely country kitchen feel!

The Garden
Swimming is one of my favourite ways to keep fit, and it's something that I just don't have the money for while I'm studying, so in my dream house, I'd definitely have my own pool in the back garden! As well as the pool, I'd love a secluded wildflower meadow, a space where I can be alone with my thoughts. And of course, the garden would have to be big enough for a dog, as I have my heart set on being puppy-mother to both a Dachshund and a Border Collie!

What does your dream house look like? Do we have any fantasies in common? Share in the comments below! 
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Until next time,

A x