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On Saturday 11th February, AshleeMoEvents took over the Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Shoreditch, London for a meetup of mammoth proportions! A large group of bloggers, influencers, and brands packed the Club for an afternoon of cupcakes, chatting, and excellent company! We were met at the door by the organiser, the lovely Ashlee herself, and the mingling began! It was fantastic to be surrounded by so many like-minded people, catching up some familiar faces like Em, Serena, and Jess & James, and meeting some new friends such as Sian and Alex! The day was especially exciting before the event even began, as I was able to meet up with my lovely friend Laura for the very first time and head to the event together, which was so lovely and definitely calmed my nerves! Laura is every bit as wonderful in person as she is online!

Ashlee had organised a fantastic spread at the event, both in terms of food (Pringles and sandwiches GALORE), and in terms of the brands present! I especially liked the fact that she had only invited brands which she had personally had experience with and could wholeheartedly recommend. One of the first brand stalls that I visited was (naturally) Ayo's Cakes and Bakes! The lovely ladies who run the shop had brought along lots of beautifully iced cakes for us to try, which were truly scrumptious! They were very light and fluffy, and the icing had just the right texture and flavour.

Another brand that I especially enjoyed meeting was the Perfume Studio! Everyone had the chance to blend their own bespoke perfume from an enormous selection of different fragrances, and take away a little bottle of their creation! Sian, Serena, Laura, and I all squeezed onto the sofa to give this a go together, and it was really interesting to find out what scents we all liked, and which we didn't agree on! It was a great mini-bonding experience and we all had a laugh! We also had the chance to meet the fanastic businesspeople behind Dray N Blue athletic-wear, Naticuma beauty products, and LiLy SaNa haircare!


As well as having the chance to meet and chat to all these brands and some fellow-bloggers, we each had a fantastic goodie-bag each to take away! These were choc-full of so many treats; my favourites being a gorgeous bracelet from Symbol Jewellery, a cute pillowcase from ChattyFeet, chai latte from DrinkMe, choccies from Mikado, and hairbands from PopBand, not to mention a discount coupon for the wonderful Gwennan Rees' illustration store! We were well and truly spoiled!

How cute are Laura and I??
Ashlee did a fantastic job of organising the event! She made everyone feel incredibly welcome and her little game toward the end of the afternoon ensured that everyone left with at least one new friend! She had collected random facts about all the attendees prior to the event and printed them out on a bingo-style sheet. Each blogger was given a sheet and had to find out which of the other attendees had written which fact! The first person to fill their bingo sheet won a prize! This was fast paced and a real giggle, well done to Ashlee for such a great ice-breaking idea!

I had such fun at this event and I can't wait to go to the next one! Have you ever been to a blogger event? Tell me in the comments below!

Until next time,

A x

How to Go Greener*

Humans have consumed more resources in the last fifty years than over the course of the rest of history combined. Scary, right? The impact of modern lifestyles on the environment is substantial: more and more animal species are becoming endangered because of the destruction of their habitats, pollution and climate change are real issues, and non-renewable resources are threatened. However, it's not all doom and gloom - all is not lost! There are important measures that you can take to make your life that little bit greener. Today, I'm here to share my tips, including some big changes that you can make, and small things that you can do every day. Let's get started!

At Home
Now, I live in a student house, but there's still lots of little things I do to live an eco-friendly life, and they're great for saving cash too! Cooking vegeterian meals is great for the pocket as meat is often the most expensive component of a meal, but it's also an environmentally conscious choice, as meat production results in vast quantities of carbon emissions. You can also move your furniture away from  radiators, that way your sofa or armchair won't soak up all the heat and your house will be toasty! Boil your water for your inevitable student pasta dinner in the kettle first before adding it to the pan. Believe it or not, this uses less energy!

If you're a homeowner, there are lots of options open to you! Some studies have estimated that up to 70% of the energy used in the UK comes from lighting and heating our homes! Good quality double glazing prevents the heat from within your home escaping through the window, thanks to the dual panes of glass. Double glazing now comes as standard in many houses, but over time, excessive condensation can render them less effective, leading to permanently "fogged up" windows. If cloudy double glazing* is a problem in your house, Cloudy2Clear Windows can replace the glass in your windows to get them working perfectly again, slashing your heating bills and helping the environment!

Did you know that the energy saved from recycling just one tin can would power your computer for three hours? Most local councils will have regular recycling bin collections, so you can easily pop in your tin cans, newspapers, and plastic bottles to do your bit! A few things that can also be recycled (that you may not be aware of) are wrapping paper, aerosol cans, food packaging like trays and punnets (if you rinse them out), and aluminum foil! Check out the Recycle Now website and discover the complete list of what can and what cannot be recycled.

If you're looking to get rid of some old clothing, don't just throw this in landfill! Either donate it to a charity shop, or pop it in a textile recycling bin - this goes for old blankets, duvet covers, and curtains as well. You can also recycle food waste! Many local councils offer a food waste collection service, which will turn your leftovers into agricultural compost. If you have space, you can also try composting at home

Treating yourself? Why not make those goodies environmentally friendly? You can harness the sun to charge your portable devices by purchasing a solar phone charger like this one from Amazon! Investing in a nice reusable waterbottle, instead of buying plastic bottles while you're out, is another way to reduce waste! Also, it's a great excuse to purchase a snazzy new bottle from Sass and Belle, if that wasn't motivating enough! ;-) Make sure that when you do hit the high street, you take a reusable shopping bag with you - this will save you paying the 5p bag charge, as well as helping the planet!

πŸƒ If everyone takes just a few small steps in their daily lives, we can make the planet a greener place! πŸƒ

What are your top tips for an eco-friendly life? Please share in the comments below! And don't forget to check out Cloudy2Clear Windows' website if you're suffering with failed double glazing* - they have lots of other energy saving advice on their site too, well worth a read!

Until next time,

A x

*This is a sponsored post

Epic Nail Battle 2k17


Getting your nails done is a lot of fun, but why spend $$$ in the salon when you can apply your own fake acrylic nails at home? I'm absolutely hopeless with painting my own nails, so stick-ons give me the look I want without the hassle. Today I'm reviewing three nail brands - which will come out on top in my epic nail battle?!

imPRESS Nails
Price: £8.99 per pack in Boots, the most expensive option that I'm reviewing.
Ease of Application: By far the easiest application process that I tested! Instead of using glue, you simply peel off the strip on the back of the nails and press them on. There was absolutely no mess and it took hardly any time at all!
Ease of Removal: Also the easiest removal process - you could pull off these nails without hurting yourself, no need for acetone!
Look: Super sleek and glamorous! I wore these nails to a winter ball and felt like a princess! The packaging is also adorable, the nails are presented inside a nail polish bottle! Love it!
Practicality: These were slightly on the long side, meaning that I had to spend a little while getting used to texting in them!
Longevity: These lasted over a week without any trouble, no re-applications needed!

Most importantly, are they Instagram-worthy?
A photo posted by 🌹 Abbey Louisa Rose (@abbeylouisarose) on

Overall rating: Couldn't fault them! πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌ/ 5

KISS Nails
Price: £7.95 per pack in Boots.
Ease of Application: The little tabs at the top of the Kiss nails, which you then break off once you've applied the nail, are a godsend for lining up these bad boys correctly.
Ease of Removal: DO NOT try to pull these off, it hurts! The only way to remove them is by soaking them in acetone. It smells gross and takes ages, but it's definitely the best way.
Look: These look almost indistinguishable from the Make Up Gallery nails below - they seem fairly natural and give a polished and refined look. If anything, they are slightly chunkier than the Make Up Gallery set.
Practicality: The nails that I wore were of the Real Short length, which was perfect for me. They gave a great look without impacting my ability to type or text.
Longevity: These lasted fairly well. After about five days, a few began to pop off.

Most importantly, are they Instagram-worthy?

 Overall rating: Pretty good, but I'd rather go for imPRESS!  πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌ / 5

Make Up Gallery Nails
Price: These will set you back just £1 from Poundland - score!
Ease of Application: Relatively easy to apply. You use the glue that is included to apply the nail, then press and hold to keep them in place. Out of all the sets I tested, you have to hold these nails on for the longest time - this glue is the weakest of the lot.
Ease of Removal: Again, these have to be soaked in acetone for proper removal. The process smells nasty and takes a while.
Look: The simple French nails look super natural and I had a lot of compliments when wearing them, lots of people couldn't believe they were stick-on.
Practicality: The nails are quite long and I found them slightly awkward to type with for a start, but I soon got used to them.
Longevity: These didn't last all that long, some of the nails popped off on the same day that I applied them. Re-applications were necessary.
Most importantly, are they Instagram-worthy?

Overall rating: Best value for money but the glue lets them down!  πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌ/ 5

What are your favourite false nails to wear? Have you tried any of these brands? Leave a comment below!

Until next time,

A x


Do you remember reading the cringe pages of your favourite magazines as a kid? Every issue of Mizz and Girl Talk featured the most embarrassing stories sent in by their readers and these always made for such fun (if slightly awkward) reading. Today I've decided to re-live the fun of tween magazines by sharing some cringey stories of my own! A few other bloggers have joined me to share their howlers as well! Are you ready to get red-faced?

Foot and Mouth Disease
Classmate: "I'm taking my driving theory test soon, I'm so nervous!"
Me: "Don't worry, I passed with nearly full marks, it's all basically common sense!"
Classmate: ".... I've failed it three times already."
Me: .... *cringe*....

Panty Problems
Filling up my car with petrol on the way to a party whilst wearing a short skater skirt.
Just as I was walking to the kiosk to pay, a lady tapped me on the shoulder and was like "Love, you've got your skirt tucked into your knickers."
Turns out I'd been flashing my arse to a petrol station full of van drivers for at least 10 minutes.

Mum's the Word
I was home educated as a child (read all about that here), so if I ever needed help in an academic context, I'd always ask my Mum.
However, once in the middle of my English class, I accidentally called my English teacher "MUM".
That's understandable, right, if you're like 5 years old. But no. I was 18 at the time.
Thankfully only my best friend Ryan heard me, and he's kept my secret to this day. Bless him.

A Man After My Own Fart
Picture this. I was 14 years old and I'd just spent the day at my then-crush's house.
As I was about to leave, he picked me up and gave me a massive hug, squeezing my tummy.
He hugged me so tight and I wasn't expecting it, so I accidentally let out a big fart!
He was laughing for ages and I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

Towel Trauma
When I was working on an archaeological excavation last summer, the girls shower room opened directly into the entrance hall of our accommodation block.
I'd just got out of the shower and was scurrying back to my room dressed only in a towel.
I exited the bathroom to find the entrance hall packed, as one of the head excavators had just arrived.
Our team leader spotted me, pointed, and shouted really loud "OH LOOK THERE'S ABBEY."
(The excavator had evidently asked to speak to me)
And I just stood there in my towel and awkwardly waved! The poor guy didn't know where to look and he avoided eye contact with me for the rest of my time on the dig! Eeek.

S'not Very Nice - as told to me by Alice
I had my first kiss when I was about 15.
It was freezing outside and we'd been for a walk, so my nose was kinda drippy and snotty.
He leant in for a kiss and I didn't know what to do, so I leant in too.
When we pulled apart we both had my snot all over our faces!
Safe to say that relationship didn't last long.

Taking a Tumble - as told to me by Erin
My absolute worst embarrassing moment was when I came out of my uni exam and fell down the stairs.
This happened in front of 200 odd people!
I tumbled and landed in the fetal position.
I was fine. Just ended up with a bruised ego.

An Unexpected French Baguette - as told to me by Sarah
When I was quite young and visiting my Mum's friend's house, I once walked in on a Frenchman naked!
If you thought that was awkward enough, he was shaving his bits at the time!

What is your most embarrassing moment? Share in the comments below - if you dare!

Until next time,

A x

Things I'm Great At

February is the season of romance! And who better to fall in love with this Valentine's Day than yourself? Everyone needs to indulge in a bit of self-love. It's not selfish or narcissistic, it's the foundation of a happy life, and the foundation of happy relationships with others. So, in the name of self love and self appreciation, I was inspired by my friend Beth's wonderful post to write about things that I am great at. This is also a collab with Abbie from abbiechic.com, as part of our long-running Ab Fab Collab series! Definitely go check out her self-love post once you've read mine!

Now, I'm ready to blow my own trumpet - are you?

I'm great at ... Blogging.
Sure, there are people out there with swisher blogs than mine, with better photography, and with zillions more followers. I'm not Zoella. BUT I am proud of my blog. I consistently produce content which I enjoy creating and which I receive lots of positive feedback on. I'm always striving to improve in order to make my next post better than my last. Overall, I hope that I'm a good blogger and I really take pride in what I do.

I'm great at ... Being Kind.
I'd like to think that I'm a pretty kind person. I genuinely try to make my friends feel loved and appreciated, whether it's just through listening, or through extra special gifts or surprises at Christmas or on their birthday. I try to be attentive, supportive, and not to ask for anything in return. I think that one of the best and easiest ways to be kind is just to be generous with your time, and I try to let my friends know that I'm there for them when they need me.

I'm great at ... Organisation.
I am really good at getting shit done. My blog posts are usually planned at least a fortnight in advance, and every single uni essay that I wrote throughout my undergraduate degree was handed in early (no joke, I'm crazy). Being organised and knowing that everything is taken care of makes me feel really productive and eases any anxieties, so I'm really glad that I'm good at this.

I'm great at ... Being Smart.
Intelligence is something you often feel like you have to hide while you're at school/sixth form because *it's not cool to be clever*, but I am now really proud to have my smarts. Being able to figure something out and write essays that you're proud of is such a rewarding feeling! And also, being able to win at Cleudo pretty much every time is a nice perk too, hehe ;-)

What are you great at? Spread some self-love in the comments and tell me about your best qualities!
Make sure you head to Abbie's blog to read her post as well!

Until next time,

A x

Valentine's Night In*

valentine night in ideas romance

Whether you love it, or think it's commercialised bullshit, there's no denying that Valentine's Day is once more upon us. The stereotypical agenda for the most romantic day of the year would surely be a dinner date at a restaurant and perhaps a movie, but did you know that in fact, 63% of people prefer to stay in on Valentine's Day, rather than go out? These were the results of a survey conducted by the lovely people at Festive Lights, and to be honest, I'm not surprised. I'm definitely in the "staying in" camp myself, so I've written a guide to the perfect night in!

Setting the Scene

If you're planning to surprise your partner with a romantic set-up in your house when they arrive home from work, getting the lighting and scents right is a must! Nothing gets you in the mood more than candle-light, and if you have some, you could also string up some fairly lights as well. If you want to add an extra tender touch, you could even pop some fragranced wax melts onto a burner, to fill the room with scent! I was sent the adorable heart-shaped melts below by Suzanne from Starlight Soy Candles. These hand-poured melts are perfect for Valentine's Day, and the pink peony scent is just divine! Suzanne's philiosophy is that life is about the little things, and I completely agree that small touches like this can really make an evening special!

romantic valentines day night in ideas


If you're looking for easy, low-key entertainment, a DVD or Netflix is your go-to! Stumped for what to watch? You could go for a romantic classic like Ghost or Titanic, something a bit more recent such as Brooklyn (which I just ADORE), or if you want to break the mould, why not go for something which packs a bit of a punch, like Interstellar or Suicide Squad

But what if you want to get a bit more creative? Laughter is apparently a big aphrodisiac, so if you want to get your partner giggling, here's a silly suggestion! Try your hand at being Shakespeare by writing 20 words associated with love/sex/romance on individual index cards. You could have "longing", "passion", "lips", "chocolate" and so on. On another set of 20 cards, write normal everyday words, for example "llama", "wallpaper", or "nose hair". You and your partner then have to take it in turns to draw one index card from each pile - the challenge is to create a romantic mini poem or phrase which features both words! Try it - it's a lot of fun!

Another game which you might enjoy is two truths, one lie! Take it in turns with your partner to tell one another two true statements, and one lie. Your partner has to try and guess which one is the lie! As I'm such a gigglebox, I am absolutely HOPELESS at telling lies, but it's still a lot of fun regardless.

valentines romance netflix ideas night in


As you're staying in on Valentine's Day and not shelling out on a meal in a restaurant, you might be tempted to purchase a gift for your loved one. If so, I highly recommend that you check out Browns Family Jewellers. I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous pair of their Vamp London Silver Stud Earrings, which are absolutely beautiful! They arrived luxuriously packaged in a little box with a gold ribbon, already perfect for giving to your Valentine!

valentines day night in romance gifts for her

The earrings are made from sterling silver and are excellent quality. The curved spike design is unique and eyecatching, and would work equally well with a floaty day dress, or a jumpsuit for that edgier look. They're not too gaudy, making them ideal for everyday wear, but still sparkly and special enough for occasions. So, whether you're spoiling yourself this Valentine's, or if you're buying for a partner or a friend, stop by Browns Family Jewellers and check out their impressive selection!

valentines romantic date night in

How will you be spending Valentine's this year? Are you staying in? Or heading out? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

A x

*This was a collaborative post with the companies named

Naked Attraction

Valentine's Day is approaching, which means that dating and relationships are at the forefront of many people's minds. Obviously there are the "conventional" methods of finding yourself a date for February 14th, including Tinder, going on a solo date, and well, you know, asking someone face-to-face *shudders*, but there's also the slightly more unconventional method of going on a dating TV show! You'll be spoiled for choice if you fancy applying, there's everything from The Bachelor to Dating in the Dark, but nothing is quite so shocking as Channel 4's Naked Attraction.

For those of you that don't know, Naked Attraction is a little like the ITV smash hit Take Me Out, but with a major twist. All the potential partners that the lucky man or woman has to choose from stand in front of them stark bollock NAKED. You heard me. The bodies of the potential partners are revealed to the contestant bit by bit, starting from the bottom up. The first part to be revealed is from the waist down (and I'm not kidding when I say that EVERYTHING is on show) and the contestant eliminates potential dates one by one, without even speaking to them first. It's not until the final round that they even get to say hello to the potential partners! Eventually they're whittled down to just one, which is the person that the lucky contestant will get to go on a (fully clothed) date with.

So, let's get on to why I am writing about this absurd sounding TV show. I'm trying to work out whether this show is actually a good thing or not. I've laid out why I'm conflicted by Naked Attraction below. I'd love to start a discussion about this in the comments, so don't hold back when voicing your opinions too!

✅ It's nice to see some REAL BODIES on the television.

For most impressionable teenagers, their main exposure to a naked human body will have been through the medium of pornography. What Naked Attraction does is show people that vaginas, boobs, penises and everything in between come in all different shapes and sizes, not just in the neatly packaged designer forms that you mostly see in porn. On Naked Attraction you see CELLULITE, LABIA, and PUBIC HAIR! You have a chance to see a body that probably looks something like yours! And I think this is a really good thing, because it gives people a perspective on real bodies that you just don't see in most media.

✅ It's nice to see non-heterosexual couples get matched up.

Most dating shows are super heteronormative. You usually only see guys seeking girls and girls seeking guys. But on Naked Attraction, lesbian and gay couples are matched up, and I think this is great! Again, it's all about representation, making people feel like there is somebody like them being shown on the TV! It also normalises same-sex couples, which shouldn't even be necessary because there's nothing abnormal about being bisexual or homosexual, but unfortunately it is needed in today's often homophobic world.

🚫 It's not good because it reduces attraction to the purely physical aspects.

There is SO MUCH MORE to fancying someone than what they look like. Sure, I might have the hots for James MacAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch because they are fiiiiine looking gentlemen, but I certainly wouldn't date an exceptionally physically attractive man if he turned out to have the personality of a clogged drainpipe. Attraction is far stronger if it transcends the physical and takes account of the emotional, which doesn't really come into Naked Attraction's ethos.

🚫 It's not good because it's REALLY objectifying.

Anna Richardson, the presenter, asks some pretty freakin' cringeworthy questions on this show. In one episode, she asks a woman, who had just had the vaginas of her potential dates exposed, what she thought of their labia. This completely reduced the girls on the show to their body parts alone, which I found quite insulting and derogatory, as if the appearance of their vagina was the only important thing about these women. I don't think this is a healthy attitude to the body, male or female.

What do you think of Naked Attraction? Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Or do you just watch the show for a giggle? Let me know in the comments, I want to hear your opinion!

Until next time,

A x