Meet my February Advertisers

Welcome to a new era on! Have you guessed what's new yet? Yes, you got it - this month, for the first time ever, I'm offering advertising on my blog! Woohoo! I have one star advertiser and five standard advertisers to share with you, and I can genuinely say that they're all blogs I enjoy reading. So, who's who? Let's get into it!

⭐️ Star Advertiser ⭐️  

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It's my pleasure to introduce the lovely Ashton as my first ever star advertiser! As well as an Instagram TO DIE FOR, Ashton writes an amazing travel and lifestyle blog, which has documented her trips to Cyprus, Mexico, Paris, and beyond! Soon she's heading off to Paris and Bordeaux, and I personally cannot wait to read about her travels! Ashton's photgraphy is absolutely stunning and her blog is 100% guaranteed to give you wanderlust! As well as being a blogger extraordinaire, Ashton is always a friendly and supportive face on social media, and it's a pleasure to interact with her! Recently, she's also redesigned her blog and it is looking incredible, so please go check it out and give her some support!

Some of my favourite posts from Ashton's blog include: 
  1. Cocktail Diaries,  
  2. Setting 2017 Goals
  3. Experiencing Cyprus for the First Time.
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🌹 🌹

I could sit here and wax lyrical about the lovely Laura's blog all day! She focuses mainly on beauty and mental health. Her honesty and openness in her blog posts impresses me every single time, and I'm so proud of how far she's come in her MH battles already! Laura's blog does so much to dispel stigma against mental health and you'll never feel alone when you read her blog. And she's such a sweet and kind person to boot! If you don't follow her, you're missing out!

Some of my favourite posts from Laura's blog include: 
  1. The Beginning,
  2. Therapy: Session One,
  3. An Open Letter to Mental Illness.
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🌹 🌹

I was absolutely thrilled when one of my oldest blogging friends decided to advertise with me this month! Sarah is one of the friendliest and most supportive ladies in the blogging community! Her blog is an eclectic mix of everything she loves, and she writes about all topics with her characteristic positivity and good humour. Her blogger interview series and her being thankful series are not to be missed! Go visit her blog right now!

Some of my favourite posts from Sarah's blog include:
  1. Jungle-Bells Body Shop Review,
  2. My Stay at the Ox Pasture Hotel,
  3. Being Thankful.
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🌹 🌹

Vee is genuinely one of the most interesting people I know! She's a blogger, PR and journalism student, a wiccan and overall amazing lady (and she has the coolest tattoos)! My favourite posts of hers are all about her love of animals, in particular her cheeky ferret Ally! To add to her list of talents, Vee is also incredibly creative, and this really shines through on her blog. I can't recommend her content highly enough!

Some of my favourite posts from Vee's blog include:
  1. Three Piercings I Won't Be Getting Rid Of,
  2. #BlackCatDay - Meet Cosmo,
  3. A Peek Into My Bullet Journal.
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🌹 🌹

I'm also very proud to be featuring Charlotte's blog this month! On her site, Wonderfully Bookish, Charlotte indulges her inner bookworm and shares all of her favourite reads with us. A talented writer in her own right, Charlotte always keeps her reviews intriguing but without giving the plot away, the best of both worlds! Her book posts are complemented by her listing series, which is always fun to delve into!

Some of my favourite posts from Charlotte's blog include:
  1. Six Ways to Read If You Can't Afford to Buy Books,
  2. My Book Jar,
  3. Happy Birthday Wonderfully Bookish!
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🌹 🌹

And last but by certainly no means least is the wonderful Kirsty! Her blog is primarily beauty-based, but she's also not afraid to share more personal posts and her favourite recipes with her readers either! Kirsty's beauty reviews are always really detailed and give you a great impression of the product! Another thing that she does really well is to share her bargain makeup buys, from high-end stuff to budget dupes. If you're a makeup lover, Kirsty's blog is for you!

 Some of my favourite posts from Kirsty's blog include:
  1. BARGAIN Calvin Klein lipsticks,
  2. Cupcake Recipe,
  3. London Day Trip.

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And there we have it, a big welcome to my first ever monthly advertisers! I really hope you'll check out each of their blogs and give them some support as they all really deserve it! If you're interested in advertising with me in future, I'm now taking bookings for March! Ad slots start at just £1, so get in quick if you'd like a space! Email me at

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