Grant My Birthday Wish?

Today, on May 5th 2017, I celebrate my 22nd birthday. And the day should be all about me, right? Cards, gifts, birthday bumps - the lot! I'm not gonna lie, being the center of attention like this was one of the best things about birthdays as a kid. Coming in close behind were scoffing down as much chocolate cake as your little stomach could manage, and tearing the brightly coloured wrapping off your big pile of prezzies. But this year, I've decided NOT to make my birthday all about me. I'm lucky enough that I didn't especially need anything as a birthday gift this year (other than a Ferrari, a boob job, and a house in Monte Carlo, but who doesn't need those?!) Seriously though, I have all the material possessions that I require for my day to day life, and I am also lucky enough have a wonderful group of family and friends (online and offline) to share my special day with. That's why instead of accepting cards and presents this year, I've decided to ask everyone who would usually send me a card to instead leave a donation for one of my favourite charities.

Cards are pretty darn expensive these days - you have to shell out between £2 and £4 for a decent one. I do love receiving cards, especially in the post, but on a day when I'd usually receive so many, I can't help but think that the money spent on them could go to a much better cause. I decided to try and raise the modest sum of £50 for Dogs Trust, a canine welfare charity that is very close to my heart.

But why Dogs Trust? Last year alone, the charity cared for over 16,000 abandoned dogs. SIXTEEN. THOUSAND. In one year, just in the UK. To think of that many poor dogs suffering, in desperate need of help genuinely made me cry when I wrote my first draft of this blog post. Dogs Trust never put a healthy dog down, and work tirelessly to try to provide the highest quality veterinary care and to find homes for all of their canines in need. Dogs are some of the most incredible animals on the planet - their capacity to love is ENDLESS, and every one deserves a happy life, especially if they've had such a rough start. If my three dogs hadn't been lucky enough to come to a loving home with my famly, they might have been mistreated and ended up on the streets, needing the help of a charity like Dogs Trust - this thought alone breaks my heart and makes fundraising for Dogs Trust so important to me.

Seeing the videos which are uploaded almost daily on the Dogs Trust YouTube channel about dogs that need a home (such as the gorgeous Blue above!) was more than enough to convince me to do something a little more philanthropic for my birthday this year, that will hopefully help an unfortunate pupper to find his forever home. If you'd like to support my fundraising efforts, please...


No amount is too small, even £1 can make a massive difference. If any of my wonderful readers would be kind enough to donate, consider my birthday wish granted! A huge thanks goes out to my amazing blogger friends who have already made a donation: Helen, Beth, Kat, Rachel, Kayleigh, Sophia and Hayley - I can't thank them enough for their overwhelming kindness and generosity.

From me, and on behalf of all of the Dogs Trust pups - thank you.

A x