Disney Princess Lookbook

Did you grow up wanting to be a Disney princess? Did the new Beauty and the Beast film reawaken the fantasy for you? Well now you can realise those dreams! Any excuse is a good excuse to get dressed up, in my opinion, and adding a little Disney magic to an outfit makes it all the more special! For today's post, I was inspired by three of my favourite princesses to create looks which you can actually buy, proving that tou're never too old for Disney! This post is also the latest in my Ab Fab Collab series with the lovely Abbie Chic! Abbie has also been inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast to create a post of her own - make sure you head over to check it out!

👑 Cinderella 👑

Bibbity-bobbity-boo! You won't need a fairy godmother to get you ball-ready with this Cinderella inspired look! The poofy skirt and radiant blue of the dress won't look out of place in Prince Charming's castle, especially when paired with a simple but classy black choker. You could dance the night away in the gorgeous glittery silver shoes, and the double buckle would mean that they wouldn't fall off when descending the palace steps! Crown the look with a beautiful Cinderella-inspired headband - you will be scrubbing the floors of your evil stepmother's house no more!
Shoes: Quiz
 Headband: Etsy
Choker: New Look

📚 Belle 📚

Be our guest at a Beauty and the Beast-style ball with this gorgeous Belle ensemble! Although this beautiful gold dress reveals a lot more skin than Belle does in the movie, I think the ruffles are super flattering whilst the figure-hugging element of the dress is incredibly classy. Stay true to Belle's bookish roots with a handbag made from a recycled edition of the Beauty and the Beast book! Supportive friend Mrs Potts will never be far away with the adorable teacup necklace, and the red rose corsage plays homage to the falling petals seen in the film.
Dress: ASOS
Handbag: Etsy
Corsage: Accessorize
Necklace: Lily Charmed

🐠 Ariel 🐠

Become part of Ariel's world with this stunning under-the-sea inspired outfit! The multicoloured leggings look just like the scales of a mermaid's tail! Even King Triton would approve! The shell-style bikini top is perfect for when you're swimming away from the evil Ursula and her cronies! In addition, it's important to accessorise even if it's only the fishes who will see, and the dinglehopper hairclip is the perfect choice for a mermaid finding her feet. Make sure to keep yourself grounded (even when you're being wooed by Prince Eric!) with the delicate anchor bracelet!
Leggings: AliExpress
Bikini: Rosegal
Hairclip: Etsy


💐 Aurora 💐

Finally we come to Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty! Because this gorgeous princess spends so much time in the land of nod, you'll need a comfy but stylish dressing gown. Pink is definitely Aurora's colour, this one is in-keeping with her aesthetic. Before she learned that she was a princess, Aurora was raised by her three fairy godmothers, and you can pay homage to this with these beautiful eyelashes, complete with fairy wings! A spindle-wheel necklace will remind you never to touch one of these dangerous tools again! As you'll need soft lips to kiss Prince Charming, this lipstick is perfect - but as Aurora is so fond of her animal friends, this one is 100% cruelty free.
Dressing gown: TK MAXX
Eyelashes: Etsy
Necklace: Etsy
Lipstick: Beauty Without Cruelty

Who is your favourite Disney princess? Which of the above outfits would you most like to wear? Leave a comment below and let me know! Make sure you head over to Abbie's blog to check out her Disney post too!

Until next time,

A x