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After our June heatwave, which OF COURSE occurred right in the middle of my exams, the weather has turned back to its usual British greyness for the start of July. *sigh*. As it's looking like our summer has been and gone, those trips to the beach and barbeques are off, so you're going to need plenty of fabulous blogs to keep you entertained this month! Helpfully, I have just the post to fill your timeline with treats - it's time to meet my monthly advertisers! 

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Please give a very warm welcome to Rachel, this month's first Star Advertiser! Rachel specialises in mental health, wellbeing, bookish, and lifestyle posts, as well as sharing the best snaps of coffees on Instagram that you will ever see! You can always count on Rachel to hit the nail on the head with her content, whether she's talking about what's the point in blogging, or the all-consuming nature of Instagram likes. On top of her stellar blogging career and being a total sweetheart to interact with on social media, Rachel is also studying to be a nurse - how she finds the time to fit everything in, I'll never know! I'm very proud to be sharing her blog with you this month!

My July picks from Rachel's blog:
  1. "You're Too Quiet"
  2. My Dark Tourist Wish List
  3. Being an Introvert in an Extroverted World
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It's also my pleasure to introduce Sarah as my second Star Advertiser for July! If you haven't already encountered Sarah on social media, you really are missing a little ray of sunshine in your life! As her blog name suggests, Sarah's bright and bold temperament spreads light and joy to everyone she interacts with - I've yet to find a more supportive face on social media! Sarah's blog is a real mix of everything that interests her, from book and film reviews, her thoughts on her latest beauty buys, scrumptious food and days out. Sarah's personality always shines through on her blog, and I couldn't recommend having a read of her content highly enough!

My July picks from Sarah's blog:
  1. 2017 Film Reviews
  2. Indyluxe Rainbow Brushes Review
  3. Anyone for Brunch? CAU's New Menu
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Moving on to my Bee Advertisers, first up we have Kayleigh! Kayleigh is an incredibly talented artist with a brilliant blog to match! As well as providing insightful reviews of her makeup purchases, Kayleigh also provides snippets into her life as a fine art student and showcases her love of films. The photography on her blog is absolutely gorgeous and will definitely leave you with the heart-eye emojis! I love keeping up with her content and I'm sure you will too!

My July picks from Kayleigh's blog:
  1. How to Approach Brands and What to Charge for Sponsored Posts
  2. Colourpop - Is It Worth the Hype?
  3. 8 Goals to Achieve This Summer
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For the second month in a row, it's time to introduce Vicky as my Bee Advertiser! Vicky shares a little bit of everything on her blog, from health and lifestyle to advice and goals. July should be a very exciting month for Vicky's blog, as has some super exciting changes in the pipeline, in the form of a new header and button, so keep your eyes peeled for those! Vicky is also super active on social media, especially on Twitter and her Instagram stories - make sure you follow her to keep up to date!

My July picks from Vicky's blog:
  1. Hello June
  2. Breakfast Smoothie Recipe
  3. Balance - Finally Finding It
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Also returning for a second month of advertising is the lovely Tara! Tara is a Canadian illustrator and graphic designer as well as a blogger - her blog primarily focuses on positivity and confidence, encouraging her readers to embrace their creativity! Tara shares her illustration work, in the form of pet portraits, on her blog and I have such a soft spot for them, especially when it comes to Bosley the Bassett Hound! I challenge you to take a look without saying "AWWWW!"

My July picks from Tara's blog:
  1. Building Creative Confidence is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
  2. Normal is Boring
  3. You Are Not What You Do
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🌹 🌹

Jessica and James, the masterminds behind Food & Baker, have been blogger pals of mine for ages now! July is going to be a really exciting month for them, as they're off interrailing! On their travel blog, they'll be showcasing their route across Amsterdam, Budapest, Luxembourg, and Belgium and I can't wait to see what they'll be up to! Their food blog showcases delicious recipes and restaurant reviews of the highest quality, so you know you'll be getting the finest tour of Europe from this pair!

My July picks from Jessica and James's blog:
  1. InterRail: The Experience
  2. Travel Tips: Plan A Holiday
  3. Cocktails at Home with Tipple Box
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Last but certainly not least is Annelies, the star behind The Frugal Teen, the moneysaving blog that you can rely on! Annelies is full of helpful tips and advice, sharing budget fashion and gift guides, as well as cheap days out and hints on reducing and reusing waste! I always find something new and interesting that I hadn't considered before on Annelies's blog - so whether you're on a super tight budget or just fancy being a little more frugal, you should definitely visit her site!

My July picks from Annelies's blog:
  1. Make Money Bargain Hunting with JustLooking
  2. A Trip to Calshot Beach
  3. Why and How Should We Reduce Waste?
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What have you got planned for your blog this month? Any posts I should especially look out for? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

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