A day out: Tea with a Tiger 🐯

Have you ever wanted to have Tea with a Tiger? Just imagine it - sitting down and tucking in to some delicious scones with jam and cream, then looking over to see one of the jungle's most magestic beasts lounging right beside you! Well, thanks to the lovely people at Red Letter Days, I was able to do this for real! I was invited along to Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire along with a whole host of other bloggers to try out this exclusive experience day! Naturally, I leapt at the chance to go, so keep reading to find out how we spent our day...


🐯 Tea with a Tiger ☕️

Our day at the Park started with an informative tour of the enclosures. Our enthusiastic and knowledgable guide told us all about the history of the Park and its collections, from the cheeky meerkat families to the naughty zebra! We got the chance to watch Panja, the stunning snow leopard, being fed on our tour, which was incredible! I've never managed to get so close to a leopard before and this is an experience that will definitely stay with me! One of the best things about the Park was that the animals didn't all have to be viewed from ground level - there were several platforms from which you could get a bird's eye view of all the big cats.

Having been shown around the Park, we all headed up to the Tree Tops Cafe, located directly next to the Bengal tiger enclosure. The cafe had a huge window looking directly into the tiger territory, and to our delight, Rocky the tiger was sunning himself on one of the platforms next to our window as we entered the cafe! He must have felt like the paparazzi had descended as everyone was quick to grab their camera! The afternoon tea itself was plentiful, with loads of sandwiches, crisps, cakes, and scones. There was also a wide selection of hot and cold drinks to accompany our meal. The carrot cake was a big hit with us bloggers - the quality of the food couldn't be faulted.

🐯 Exploring the Park ☕️

After stuffing ourselves with as many eclairs as we could, it was time to re-enter the Park for some further exploration. I was very lucky to have as my guide the wonderful Tabitha, my blogger friend and penpal who I was delighted to meet for the very first time! Tabitha is a conservation biology student, so it was great to benefit from her animal expertise as we wandered around! The Park is home to over 500 animals, not just limited to big cats, but also birds of paradise, lemurs, red pandas, otters, tapirs, alpacas, and a large collection of farmyard animals too! We had a lot of fun watching the meerkats at play and spying on the penguins as they left their rocky hideaways. The Park hosts frequent feeding sessions and talks which are free to watch, so you'll never be short of something to see if you decide to pay a visit! There were also family facilities aplenty with mini golf, slides, an amazing adventure playground - I certainly would have loved to visit Paradise Park as a child!


🐯 Animal Welfare ☕️

33 years ago, when the current owners purchased the zoo, it was considered one of the worst in the country, but they have worked tirelessly to turn the place around. Now the animals are housed in spacious enclosures, allowing them to enjoy a space that is very much inkeeping with their natural habitat. Improvements are still ongoing, and at the time of my visit, a new reptile house was being constructed, to provide extra space for the biggest anaconda in the UK who lives at the Park! The Park's newly formed charity, the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire, is also dedicated to raising funds for global wildlife conservation projects. It was really heartening to see that animal welfare is really at the heart of everything that goes on at the Park.

Successful breeding programmes at the Park promote the survival of endangered species. A new baby jaguar had been born at the Park just a few weeks prior to our visit, and we were able to watch a video of her birth! The Park has also rescued several animals from circuses, including white tiger Baikal. To think of such a powerful, majestic creature reduced to performing in a circus is really heartbreaking, so to know that Baikal now has a new home at Paradise Park is just fantastic!


🐯 Getting There ☕️

Travelling to the park was a breeze! I arrived at Broxbourne from London Liverpool Street train station, simply rang the Park on its designated pick-up telephone number and a minibus was dispatched to collect me and drive me the short distance to the venue! This bus service costs just £3 for a return, which is great value and really took the hassle out of the journey. The Park is open year-round, only closing on Christmas Day, so there are plenty of opportunities to go and visit. Red Letter Days offer the Tea with a Tiger experience package, including the tour of the Park, afternoon tea, and entry to the rest of the Park for the whole day, for the sum of £59. I had a fantastic time and wouldn't hesitate to head back to Paradise Wildlife Park for another day out!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Ashleigh and the rest of the fabulous Red Letter Days team for organising this trip, looking after us so well on the day, and for the lovely goodie bag packed with treats that we were given to take home! The Red Letter Days service was second-to-none!

When did you last go to the zoo? Which animals would you most like to see? Drop a comment down below and let me know!

Until next time,

A x

*Disclaimer: This day out was provided free of charge by Red Letter Days in exchange for an honest review