Meet my August Advertisers
Welcome to August! A month of many marvellous things, such as meteor showers, Women's Equality Day, and Notting Hill Carnival, not to mention a whole host of new advertisers on my blog! As always, I have seven lovely ladies to share with you. Advertising packages on my blog start at just £1, and I have now opened bookings for October, so if you're interested in being featured in a blog post just like this one (as well as getting lots of other benefits besides!), get your booking in quick! Without further ado, let's meet the stars of the show in August!

🌟 🌟

It's a huge welcome back for my first August Advertiser, the gorgeous Sarah! Sarah has been absolutely killing it with her blog lately, sharing everything from book tours of the most exciting new releases to city breaks and small business success stories! Everything that Sarah writes conveys her infectious sunny personality and friendly charm, reading her blog is like sitting down and enjoying a cuppa with a good mate! Sarah also isn't afraid to get serious on her blog, and she has opened up about her struggles with self-acceptance, which I found down-right inspirational! If you don't follow Sarah, you're missing out!

My August picks from Sarah's blog:
  1. Accepting Myself Just The Way I Am
  2. Indy Luxe Makeup Brushes: A Success Story
  3. My City Break to Edinburgh
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🌟 🌟

My second August advertiser is a true blogging veteran! Sian has been blogging for over three years and she has been doing an absolutely fantastic job! What I love about Sian's content is that it's super relatable. She shares her latest cruelty free makeup purchases and Brand Focus posts on her favourite cosmetic retailers, allowing you to pick up a new product with confidence when you spot it in Superdrug! Another of Sian's series that I adore showcases her addition to all things stationery, she finds the cutest Etsy shops out there and shares her ever-expanding sticker collection! Definitely stop by Sian's blog and explore her content for yourself!

My August picks from Sian's blog:
  1. My Three-Year Blogiversary: Some Home Truths
  2. Dear Dad, Love Sian
  3. Brand Focus: E.L.F.
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🐝 🐝

Drumroll please for my first Bee Advertiser of the month - Jordon! Jordon runs the oh-so-slick book blog Simply Adrift, where she not only reviews her latest reads but covers lifestyle and travel too. Blogging tips and tricks are also featured, including some incredibly useful tips on starting your blog, as well as staying motivated. I love the colour scheme and in fact the entire aesthetic of Jordon's blog, it's easy to spend ages scrolling from beautiful post to beautiful post! 

My August picks from Jordon's blog:
  1. How to Write Kick-Ass Content for your Blog
  2. How I Fell in Love with Reading
  3. So You Like to Read Fairy Tales?
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🐝 🐝 

A big welcome also goes out to Helen, my next Bee Advertiser! Helen's blog covers lifestyle, beauty, food and loads more besides! I really admire Helen because of her strong cruelty-free ethics, she only features CF products on her blog and she is a fantastic advocate for animal friendly living. One of my favourite series on Helen's blog is her Fleabag Fridays, where she allows bloggers to introduce their adorable pets on her blog! Check her out for sure!

My August picks from Helen's blog:
  1. Think Pink Ballistic - Lush Review
  2. Five Ways to Get Back Into Running
  3. What I Bought at Britsol Veg Fest 2017
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🐝 🐝

Also back for a second month of advertising is the wonderful Kayleigh! Kayleigh has recently celebrated her blog's second birthday, and her little space on the web is going from strength to strength. As well as her regular posts featuring her goals and her wishlists, Kayleigh has been loving Pinterest lately, and I have really enjoyed her recent blog about her Pinterest dream home! If you want to get inspired yourself, head over to Kayleigh's blog now!

My August picks from Kayleigh's blog:
  1. My Pinterest Dream Home
  2. The Paper Gang June Box
  3. 50 Blog Post Ideas
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🌹 🌹 

It's my pleasure to introduce recent graduate and Gibraltar-native Giana as my first Rose Advertiser for August! Gi's blog covers her university experiences, beauty reviews, and her travels across Europe and beyond! Each post is accompanied by her gorgeous photography and is packed with personality! Her Instagram is pastel perfection as well, definitely check it out!

My August picks from Giana's blog:
  1. Why Life After Graduation Can Be Your Best Yet
  2. 12 Ways You're Doing Better in Life than You Think
  3. My Summer Pool-Side Essentials
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🌹 🌹

The lovely Lydia is behind the helm of my final August blog! Lydia writes a fantastically varied blog, covering everything from TV shows and tags to personal posts about her Aspergers Syndrome. She also runs regular box swaps with fellow bloggers which are such fun to read about! I definitely recommend connecting with Lydia and her fantastic blog!

My August picks from Lydia's blog:
  1. Bloggers Ball: What Just Happened?
  2. Here's Why I Love Having Aspergers
  3. Productivity Tips: How to be Organised and Get Stuff Done!
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And there we have it, another crop of gorgeous advertisers for you to lust over this month! Do leave me a comment down below and let me know what's coming up for you in August! What blog posts do you have planned? Any exciting events coming up in your life?

Until next time,

A x

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