University of Leicester Student Room Tour

Hey, my name's Abbey and welcome to my crib! This month, I moved into my new student digs at the University of Leicester, where I'll be studying for my PhD in Museum Studies. After so many people seemed to enjoy reading my last room tour post, where I shared my student accommodation in Oxford, where I studied for my Masters degree, I thought I would recreate the post with my new Leicester flat! I'm lucky enough to be living in a really modern block of flats in central Leicester, a short walk from the campus and the city centre. I've had a lot of fun with personalising my room and making it my own, so I hope you'll enjoy this little tour in equal measure!

My room is very light and bright, with an enormous amount of workspace! I'm confident that my desk will be filling up with papers and files in no time as I get cracking with my research programme. I couldn't resist having a bit of fun with my noticeboard though! I covered it using gift wrap that I purchased aaaages ago from Tiger, and added some photos from my past four years at university, as well as some postcards around the edge. The final touch was the floral bunting. I'll definitely be adding to this photo display as my first year in Leicester progresses!

Another aspect of my room that I really like is the amount of storage space! I have a big wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookshelf, desk drawers AND the base of the bed lifts up to provide even more room for items underneath! I've stowed all of my cardboard boxes under there to make moving out at the end of the year quick and straightforward. Having a double bed is also a massive bonus as I always miss the big bed that I have at home when I'm away at uni. I can finally sleep like a starfish again, hooray! As my room is situated on a high floor, it means that any noise from people outside is minimal, so I'll be guaranteed a good night's sleep.

Tucked away in the corner is a small but modern bathroom. The shower is a wet-room style which looks like it's going to be really easy to keep clean - phew! As for communal facilities, there is a generously sized kitchen / lounge area just along the end of the hall, which is shared between myself and four other residents. I really love cooking and always keep a good stock of home-made meals in the freezer, ready to pull out when needed, and thankfully there's loads of space in the kitchen for me to cook up a storm! More baking posts will definitely be in the works!

To help me feel right at home in my new uni room (and to increase my productivity too!) the lovely people at Songmics kindly sent me this Bamboo laptop desk to review. Songmics are an international homeware company, specialising in home storage, office, outdoor and garden, and pet goods. You can find their products on Amazon. I chose to review this laptop desk from their range as I often suffer with back problems, linked to poor posture. When taking notes on my laptop, it's so easy to sit hunched over, as the screen of your laptop when it's placed on a desk is, more often than not, below your eye line. Research has shown that boosting up the height of your laptop screen improves your posture by encouraging you to sit upright. I'm confident that my laptop desk from Songmics will prove incredibly useful during my PhD. It is made from high quality wood and is entirely adjustable to a variety of heights, enabling you to use it in bed, or at a desk, with equal comfort. A small removable support at the bottom prevents your laptop from sliding off the desk, and there's a special cup holder slot, designed to keep your hot drink safe too! The stand for your laptop has several handy ventilation holes, so you needn't worry about your laptop overheating when it's placed on the desk. This stand was the perfect fit for my MacBook Pro, but it's definitely big enough to handle a larger laptop as well. This was my first ever Songmics product and I was incredibly impressed, so I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

Songmics have also given me the opportunity to host a giveaway for a laptop desk, so if you fancy twinning with me and receiving a laptop desk of your very own, please enter using the giveaway widget below. Entering couldn't be simpler - you just have to like the Songmics Facebook page, share this post, and Bob's your Uncle! You can gain extra entries as well.

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Tell me in the comments below about your favourite features in your bedroom! What makes you feel right at home?

Until next time,

A x

*I was sent the laptop desk featured in this post for free, in exchange for an honest review