Pass The Love On with Thorntons, intuDerby*

Visiting Willy Wonka's fabled chocolate factory was the dream of every Roald Dahl fan back in the day. Just imagine it: a chocolate river, sweets growing on trees, lickable wallpaper, the list of delights goes on! What could be better? Well, what I have to share with you today might just top it! Recently, I was invited to the launch event for the newly revamped Thorntons' Chocolates store and café at intuDerby! My morning at the store involved taste testing some of Thorntons' best products, watching the chocs in production, and lots more besides! But don't worry, nobody was turned into a giant blueberry during our visit and I didn't meet anyone called Veruca either, phew!


After a six week refurbishment, the new concept store, complete with its own café, opened for business on November 2nd. The intuDerby branch is very innovative - rather than simply selecting your chocolates of choice from a ready made selection behind the counter, you can watch your chocolate box come to life with live demonstrations by Thorntons' skilled chocolatiers! Our first stop on our tour around the store was at the craftery, where we were guided through the process of making and hand-decorating the delicious vanille truffles from the Continental Gift Selection. Watching the chocolates being dipped in the molten waves of the white chocolate topping was truly mouthwatering - we were all delighted to be offered a morsel to try!


Our next stop was the personalization station, where we also got to watch our own chosen messages being piped onto slabs of rich Thornton's chocolate with incredible skill. I chose to dedicate my bar to my newly-wedded friend Hels as a special treat, which I'm sure that she and her new hubbie will really enjoy. Again, it was great to be able to watch the chocolate come to life before your eyes, it adds a valuable experiential element that you don't find in a lot of other stores! Every one of the Thornton's chocolatiers that we met on the day was extremely enthusiastic and passionate about their craft, so to be able to see them at work and talk to them about what they do is a fantastic experience.


More taste testing was on the cards as Sherry, Jay, and I tucked in to a plate of Thorntons' specially made desserts, inspired by their Continental Chocolate range. The Lemon Tart, which takes inspiration from the Sicilian Mousse chocolate from the Continental box was my ultimate favourite, as the sharp zing of the lemon was perfectly balanced by the light, buttery pastry. The Alpini Cake, comprised of a rich chocolate sponge around a hazelnut and almond truffle centre, coated in milk chocolate and dusted with sugar, was another highlight. A touch that I particularly enjoyed was that Thorntons had provided a flowchart to help customers who weren't sure of what to order to decide on their cake of choice! The flowchart asked us to pick everything from our dream holiday destination to our favourite season, and directed us to our perfect dessert. I got the Lemon Tart, which was the one I ended up enjoying the most, so full marks to Thornton's on their accurate quiz!


As if that wasn't enough sugar, we also got the chance to try out even more tempting desserts, in the form of ice cream sundaes, freakshakes, and hot chocolates from the café. So many different elements came together in the sundae that I tried - every mouthful was something new! Pieces of millionaire's shortbread and brownie gave a delicious bite to the rich chocolate ice cream and whipped cream toppings. You can enjoy the Thornton's café in their Derby store with ultimate comfort, because they now offer table service! I thought that this was a great touch, adding even more luxury to a visit to the store.

If this post has tempted you to pop in to the new Thornton's store, you can find it on Level 1 of the intuDerby shopping centre. Thornton's new manta is #PassTheLoveOn, so let me know in the comments which special person in your life will be getting a stocking filled with delicious chocs this year!

Until next time,

A x

*This post was sponsored by Thornton's