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Can you hear the sleighbells? Whether you've taken on the challenge of blogging daily for Blogmas, or if your approach to festive content is a little more relaxed (like mine!), Christmas is just around the corner and I have plenty of gifts that will last the whole month, in the form of my delightful December advertisers! I have everything from yummy mummies to amazing artists on my festive advertiser list and I couldn't be more excited to share their content! So grab a mince pie and some mulled wine and enjoy these Christmas treats, each and every single one is a true cracker!

🌟 🌟

It's my pleasure to introduce the gorgeous Gemma as my first Star Advertiser for December! Gemma blogs about a diverse range of topics, from sharing her experiences of being a Mum to her gorgeous little boy Owen to talking about her favourite makeup purchases. As she's participating in blogmas this year, you can expect a whole load of Christmas content from Gemma to ramp up the excitement for the festive season! One of my all-time favourite posts from Gemma's blog is the heartwarming story of how she met her husband. Reading about how meeting her husband turned around a really tough time in Gemma's life, something that wouldn't have happened without her late Nana, will bring a tear to your eye. I highly recommend Gemma's content!

Gemma's blog in three words: WARM, WELCOMING, WIDE-RANGING

My December picks from Gemma's blog:
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A lovely lady who has been absolutely killing it with her Christmas content already is my second Star Advertiser, Sarah! She's been sharing gift guides for all members of the family, festive novels to jingle your bells, and ways in which you can give back this Christmas. This brilliant seasonal content is set to continue throughout December. Any readers of my blog who have been around for a little while will already be familar with Sarah's button on my sidebar, as she's one of the biggest supporters of my blog and I couldn't be more grateful for this! Sarah regularly makes my day with her bright and positive presence on social media, so I would encourage everyone to go follow her over on Twitter!

Sarah's blog in three words: CHEERFUL, CHATTY, CREATIVE

My December picks from Sarah's blog:
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🐝 🐝

It's a real pleasure to announce that Lisa is my first Bee Advertiser for December! Lisa describes herself as a keen gardener and it was actually a gardening post that first introduced me to her blog. Despite being someone who isn't very green fingered, I was immediately drawn into Lisa's content by her friendly and conversational tone, which you find not only in her monthly garden updates but also in her posts about books, food, parenting, and lifestyle! Lisa also works as a freelance digital manager, and her blog is full of hacks and tips from an expert with 20 years experience in the field! Definitely click over to Lisa's blog as you won't be disappointed!

My December picks from Lisa's blog:
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🐝 🐝

Let's give a warm welcome back to my next Bee Advertiser, the sensational Shawn from Chronically Strong! Shawn covers not only lifestyle but also wellness and chronic illness on her platform. She is a prominent member of the chronic illness community, acting as an ambassador for both mental health and IBD. Her blog aims to start important conversations about destigmatizing these issues. Shawn's drive to make the world a better, more inclusive place is infectious! Even if think that a chronic illness related blog may not be the most relevant to you, her powerful writing will nevertheless draw you in and send a real message!

My December picks from Shawn's blog:
  1. Life Update: Being an IBD & Mental Health Advocate
  2. Why I Don't Have A Colon: My IBD
  3. 7 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Plants into Your Meals
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🐝 🐝

It's another welcome back for my final Bee Advertiser! Allow me to introduce the wonderful Kayleigh! By day, Kayleigh is a fine art student and by night, she is a blogger extraordinaire, focusing on beauty, lifestyle, and university experiences. Kayleigh's recent positive posts about her favourite fellow bloggers in the community and the happy things in her life have been really uplifting, and you can always depend on her to produce fabulous wishlists and interesting life update posts as well. Kayleigh is also a giveaway queen, so make sure you head over to her Twitter to participate in her festive competitions!

My December picks from Kayleigh's blog:
  1. 10 Blogs I'm Loving This Month
  2. Happy Things Right Now
  3. Places I Want to Visit in 2018
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🌹 🌹

Em is my first Rose Advertiser for the month and I'm very excited to share her content with you once more! Em absolutely smashed Blogtober just a couple of months ago and she's back daily blogging again for blogmas! Em is always completely candid in her writing, her blog is a completely authentic representation of herself and this openness and honesty is something that she really ought to be proud of, it is so refreshing to read! She recently revealed that she will soon be introducing new genres on her blog, including fashion, beauty, and music - so look out for those!

My December picks from Em's blog:
  1. Get Ready! It's Christmas!
  2. I Am The Girl Who...
  3. The Future of Em Rambles
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🌹 🌹

It really is fantastic to be sharing Charlene's content this month as she is a major pillar of the blogging community, not to mention one of my oldest and best loved blogging friends! As the founder of #beechat, a published poet, a lifestyle magazine editor, and a full time uni student, it always amazes me that Charlene is able to produce such innovative and unique content week after week! She regularly shares poems, raw and honest thoughts about the ups and downs of her life, and insightful reviews, each utterly personal to her. If you don't follow Charlene, you're missing out!

My December picks from Charlene's blog:
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And there we have it, a whole host of December advertisers to fill your feeds with festive cheer! If improving your blog promo is one of your New Year's resolutions, I have recently revamped my advertising packages for 2018, which are now open for booking - hooray! As always, packages start at just £1, so make sure you get your bookings in quick before they fly off the shelves.

What festive content do you have lined up for this month? Are you doing Blogmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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