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Is anyone else out there a total Nosey Parker? I don't know about you, but I absolutely love reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos all about people's everyday lives. Even if they're just in the house all day playing with their dogs (yes Julian Solomita who I'm SURE is reading this, I am talking about you), it's compulsive viewing. Really though, it doesn't matter if you're a blogging megastar like Zoella or an average Joe off the street, other people are endlessly fascinating to me! Everyday food content is among my favourites because it gives me so many ideas for meals of my own. Today, I thought I'd jump on an ever-popular bandwagon and share what I eat in a day.


what i eat day food diary

If I was being at all weather appropriate, here is where I'd recommend a big hearty bowl of porridge to warm your cockles in the morning. But as you've probably guessed, I'm not going to do that. Sorry. Instead, I've been reaching for overnight oats as my breakfast of choice. Mainly because it's SO DARN EASY and very filling too. All you have to do the night before is mix up a bowl of porridge oats, yoghurt and your fruit of choice, pop it in the fridge and job's a good'un. Lately, I've been mixing my oats into my trusty blackberry flavour Alpro Soya yoghurt, throwing in a handful of blueberries, and then topping with granola, dried fruits and a few protein packed sunflower seeds in the morning. It's delish!

However, if a hot brekkie really is your thing, I've got that covered as well! If I'm feeling super indulgent or if I've forgotten to mix up my oats the night before, which regularly almost never happens *cough*, I opt for some tasty crumpets. Morrisons currently have bunny shaped crumpets in stock since we are approaching Easter and they are so cute! I'm sure you can see why I can't resist them! I always smother mine in Pure's dairy free sunflower spread and I'm never disappointed!


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Now, going out for lunch is by no means an everyday occurrence, the vegan sausage sandwiches that I showcased in my easy vegan swaps post feature in my lunchtime routine much more regularly, but sometimes you have to treat yourself, am I right?! On my treat day, I headed off to the new branch of PAUL Bakery and Patisserie* in Oxford. You can't miss the café in the Westgate Centre, you'll see it directly in front of you as you walk down the promenade from the main entrance on Queen Street. The café is in the open-air section of the shopping center so it was a little chilly when I went along for my review, but the staff had thoughtfully provided blankets and heaters to keep the whole place toasty!

My pick from the PAUL menu was the Sandwich Vegetalien, a vegan sarnie packed with peppers, onions, carrot and spinach, accompanied by a tasty carrot tapenade. The beetroot bread with which the sandwich was made was a real highlight. It delivered on PAUL's freshly baked promise; it had a gorgeous crunch on the outside but was soft and fluffy within. My good friend Ben came along for lunch with me and he was similarly impressed with the fresh bread and quality ingredients in his Sandwich Montagnard. The plentiful sweet treats on offer at PAUL also received rave reviews, in particular the Tartelette Frangipane, the light shortcrust pastry of which Ben especially enjoyed.

I had very few complaints about my lovely lunch at PAUL, there are just a few things I feel that I should mention in the interest of an honest review. It was a shame that there were no plant milks available for hot chocolates and that the staff were not very knowledgable about which options would be appropriate for vegans, but I'm sure that this could easily be remedied with a little extra training. Overall, we were looked after very well on our visit and I wouldn't hesitate to return!


what i eat day everyday diet food diary 

Hands up if you're a cheese fiend! When I first attempted a vegan lifestyle change, I thought that I'd never manage it long-term due to the cheese cravings. However, I've proved myself wrong by discovering some very tasty vegan substitutes! I love whipping up a vegan mac and cheese for dinner, broadly following Jamie Oliver's recipe with just a few alterations. Instead of soy milk, I use Alpro Oat Milk for a thick consistency and adding double the recommended amount of nutritional yeast flakes. The flavour of this isn't SUPER cheesy, I would describe it as a mild cheddar flavour, but it is still absolutely delectable.

To accompany my mac and cheese, lately I've been loving steamed vegetables. They're a much healthier option than boiling and the cooking process couldn't be more straightforward with my new Sensio Home Steamer*. This handy gadget is easy to set up, easy to clean, and easy to store. The water guage reminds you when you need to top up the H20 and the handy timer switches the steamer off automatically so you're never in danger of having soggy veggies! The only thing I would recommend is that you experiment with cooking times. The Sensio's manual recommended steaming brocolli for 14 minutes which I stuck to on my first try, but I found the veggies to be too soft for my liking. Steaming them for 10 minutes keeps them perfectly al dente.

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What foods are an essential part of your daily routine? Do you stick to the same things, or are you quite adventurous with your culinary choices? Let's chat in the comments!

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*The lunch at PAUL and the Sensio Home Steamer were provided free of charge in exchange for a feature on my blog