Il-LUMA-nating Hammersmith at the LUMA Concept Hotel

As someone who travels to London frequently as part of a PhD research programme, I know the importance of finding comfortable, conveniently located accommodation all too well. After all, a good night's sleep is key to making the most of conferences, meetings, and events on any business related trip. In a huge city such as the capital, selecting the ideal place to stay can seem like a very daunting task, with more hotel options than you could ever need. Now that choice has been made a little easier with the launch of the LUMA Concept Hotel a little over one year ago. Located in the arty riverside district of Hammersmith in west London, the LUMA Hotel is just a short hop on the tube away from the main central attractions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, making it ideal for tourist visits to the capital as well as for business travellers. I was kindly offered a complimentary stay at the LUMA Hotel to test out the venue for myself, keep reading to find out how I got on!

The Hotel

The LUMA Hotel's design is inspired by a piece of Hammersmith's history. The quirky decor in the reception area makes visual reference to the grand old Osram lightbulb factory that once dominated the neighbourhood, which employed many of the residents of the old Victorian streets in the ninteenth century. This was one of the earliest lamp factories in the UK, in operation since 1881. The LUMA hotel embraces Hammersmith's past with a modern boutique twist, most notably with the striking exposed lightbulbs right by the main entrance. In addition to this, the LUMA hotel boasts a lovely green outdoor terrace area, a real sun trap and a great place to sit on a summer evening. Their car park is located just opposite this at King's Mall, ideally located if you're driving into the city.

luma hammersmith concept hotel review naked stay

luma hammersmith concept hotel review lightbulb factory  luma hammersmith concept hotel review reception area

The Room

Now on to my room! I was incredibly impressed with my stay in a superior double room. The room was compact but never felt crowded. The main living space was split into two main areas, with a desk and sofa immediately in front of you as you walk in and the bed positioned behind the desk. This separated work from sleep space, always a good thing if you want to recharge your batteries during a business trip. The predominant colour scheme in the room was a dark grey, but this in no way left the room feeling dingy. A bright orange map of London's streets lit up the wall by the bed, illuminated by strip lighting beneath. Dark frosted glass on the doors to the bathroom made the room feel spacious. All areas of our room were immaculate, there were no concerns over cleanliness whatsoever, so the LUMA's housekeeping team definitely deserve a round of applause. Another aspect of the room that really impressed me was the amount of storage space. There was ample space in the wardrobe next to the shower, in the desk drawers, and around the sink area for a lengthy business stay to be very comfortable without that "living out of a suitcase" feel. The room was thoughtfully designed and clearly tailored to guests' needs. Small cubby holes at the head of the bed which housed a plug socket were perfect for charging and storing your phone out of harm's way, whilst still allowing you to sit in bed and scroll, should you like to.

Leisure visitors to the LUMA will be just as well accommodated as corporate guests; the Handy phone on the desk is an inspired idea that enables LUMA guests to make free local and international calls to select destinations, access the Internet, connect to social media, and guide you around the city. You can take the phone out and about with you, so long as you return it to the hotel on checkout, meaning that as an international guest, you don't need to purchase a new SIM card or go through the rigmarole of setting up your personal phone for a new country. This is just one way in which the LUMA goes above and beyond the usual hotel experience for its guests and I was incredibly impressed with this idea. My only real complaint about the room was that the mini fridge next to our bed was quite noisy. We switched it off at the wall so that it didn't keep us awake but this would have been an inconvenience had we chosen to store drinks / snacks in there.

luma hammersmith concept hotel review superior double room

luma hammersmith concept hotel review naked stay  

A "Naked Stay"

My eagle-eyed readers will have noticed when I introduced the hotel that the LUMA boasts the name of a "concept hotel". But what is this concept that makes LUMA it so special? Well, allow me to enlighten you. The LUMA's central concept is that of a Naked Stay. The idea behind this is that you are provided with exactly what you need for a hotel experience that perfectly fits you, without all of the unnecessary paraphernalia that you don't really need. Instead of cluttering your room with additional items, the LUMA hotel simply makes everything available upon request. Need a pair of slippers? They'll be delivered to your door. Forgot your toothbrush? One will be provided instantly. In need of an iron? Staff will bring the equipment to your room, or you can make the most of the hotel's laundry service and have it done for you! You can forget bulky hotel guidebooks taking up valuable space on your desk too, as the LUMA hotel features smart hospitality tablets in every room, telling you everything you need to know about the hotel and the surrounding area, as well as allowing you to play games and surf the web. In this way, the LUMA's Naked Stay enables you to have everything you want and need from your travelling experience without anything getting in your way. LUMA strips away what you don't need and enhances what you do.

luma hammersmith concept hotel review naked stay
  luma hammersmith concept hotel review naked stay tablet 


LUMA's naked feel even extends to its meal provisions. A complimentary grab-and-go breakfast is provided for every LUMA guest, which comprises a bottle of orange juice, a piece of fruit, and a pastry. This is ideal if you're in a hurry to get to a morning meeting as you can simply swing downstairs, grab your bag, and munch on the tube. My only issue with the breakfast service is the lack of choice. The option of choosing from a selection of fruits and pastries, including a vegan friendly option, would be greatly appreciated. Enabling guests to pick a cold juice out of the fridge instead of placing the bottles in bags to get warm over the course of the morning would be another small but noticable improvement. When it comes to evening meals, there is no restaurant on-site at LUMA, but the hotel has worked with businesses in the local community to provide its guests with discounts of up to 20% off at many nearby restaurants. This was a lovely touch and a great way of Hammersmith newbies such as myself to discover dining venues in the area.

luma hammersmith concept hotel review naked stay breakfast

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the LUMA Concept Hotel and wouldn't hesitate to return as either a business or leisure customer. A huge thanks goes out to the friendly LUMA staff for making my stay effortless and to Ally the manager for her very warm welcome. 

Are you a regular visitor to London? What are your favourite sights to see in the capital? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

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*My stay at the LUMA hotel was provided as a complimentary press trip.