8 Things You Learn on Holiday in Sorrento

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Ah, Italy! Land of culture, home of carbs. From the history of the Colosseum in Rome and the photo opportunities provided by the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there's something for any holidaymaker. Even if your main vacation activity is eating (and there's NOTHING wrong with that!), there's plenty on offer. Pizza, pasta, gnocchi, gelato - it all tastes divine. As anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram knows all too well, I've just returned from a wonderful week in sunny Sorrento, located in Italy's Bay of Naples. I had an absolutely fantastic time and fell in love with the charming, rustic city. As always with travel, I learned so much on my holiday: some practical things and some that are just silly! I've treated you to the silly ones in today's post, so get ready to giggle! Here are eight things I learned from my holiday in Sorrento.

You need to take out a mortgage to go shopping on Capri

This *technically* takes us outside of Sorrento but come on now, don't judge me too hard. As I mentioned in my holiday fashion blog post, we took a trip to the island of Capri on one of the final days of our holiday. The island itself is absolutely stunning, the cliffs are incredible and when you make it up from the harbour into the town-proper (whether you walk like we did or take the tram), the views are absolutely spectacular. However, if you want to do a bit of shopping on the island, you're going to need a serious budget. The main streets are lined with designer shops, complete with prices that'll really make your eyes water. Prada, Gucci, Alexander McQueen and the like are all represented in the many boutiques of the island. Window shopping was definitely the way forward for us!

italy holiday capri shopping designer what learn during travel

Anywhere is a parking space if you try hard enough

Why park in a designated bay when you can park, well, pretty much anywhere? Like those in my old haunt of Oxford, Sorrento's old streets really aren't cut out for much traffic, but that doesn't stop hundreds of cars traipsing through the city day in, day out. When these cars inevitably need to be parked, anywhere seems to be an acceptable parking space. What even is a double yellow line? Nobody in Sorrento seems to know. This parking mayhem did make crossing the roads a little difficult but hey, when you're in a place as beautiful as Sorrento, nobody really cares!

When life gives you lemons, put them into every single dish you can think of

Sorrento is famous for its lemons and it knows how to use them! Lemons are available year-round in this part of Italy and consequently, they've made it into pretty much every type of meal imaginable. You can find them in drinks (after all, everyone's heard of Limoncello!), and in savoury food as well as sweet. Our hotel put on a special night of Sorrentian cuisine during our stay and naturally, we had to check it out! Happily, there was plenty on offer for vegetarians as well as for those of a carnivorous persuasion, so we were able to tuck in. I opted for a lemon risotto with chicory, which was surprisingly very tasty! I rounded off the meal with a big plate of lemon profiteroles, which were again delicious! I wasn't expecting lemon to work quite so well in either of these dishes, so I'm delighted that I tried them.

italy holiday sorrento lemon risotto what learn during travel

You need to cook your penis-shaped pasta al-dente *snigger*

When my Mum and I wandered into central Sorrento to pick up some souvenirs for my Dad and brother, we discovered a tiny little gift shop down one of the town's tiny back streets. A very cheerful vendor welcomed us inside, treating us to a taste of Limoncello and some lemon-flavoured chocolates (of course). He then grabbed a big bag of penis-shaped pasta down from the shelf and bellowed to the whole shop "YOU MUST COOK THIS UNTIL IT'S AL-DENTE" *wink wink* "...but not for longer than ten minutes, ladies!" *wink wink* This very enthusiastic Italian man had us chuckling away and our encounter with the penis pasta became one of our funniest lasting memories of the trip! After reading about all of the Italian food and wine tours as well as the cooking lessons on Emilia Delizia, I was so excited to try Italian food but this wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind!

When the seagulls get in the pool, move out of the damn way

These feathered devils mean business. When my Mum, sister and I decided to sit up at the very top tier of the pool on our last day in Sorrento, a flock of seagulls flew down to take a dip. There was about 10 of them in total and they spent a good few mintues rinsing themselves in the water and having a drink. They squawked at anybody who approached the pool and made it very clear that they were in charge! Everybody stayed clear until they flew off again! Seagulls 1 - Tourists 0.

italy holiday sorrento swimming pool seagull what learn during travel

Take the dog for a walk ... on your moped

This was another really funny moment during our trip! A man was speeding along down the road past our hotel on his moped, which was nothing new. But as he went around the corner, we noticed that someone else was sitting between his feet - a little dog! The dog seemed to be loving it, he had his tongue lolling out and his ears were blown back by the wind, he was having a great time! It's certainly one way to take the dog out, although maybe not the best method of exercise!

"How many people can you fit on a moped" could be a national sport 

Speaking of mopeds, if you are looking to take your family on a day out this summer, why not take them all on your moped? It doesn't matter if all three kids want to come along, or if Auntie Sylvia fancies a ride too, just take one moped. You'll all fit on and it'll be PERFECTLY safe, I promise. This might be a teensy bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, I have never seen as many people crammed onto a single moped as I did in Sorrento. There are some pretty steep hills in the city and I'm impressed that the poor little mopeds made it up some of them, especially with 3 people and several bags of shopping on board! According to the RAC, by law Italians can have their moped or motorbike confiscated if they take extra passengers onboard, but nobody in Sorrento seems to have got the memo!

italy holiday capri view scenery what learn during travel

Need to take a phone call? Just answer while driving, don't worry about it

My Mum, sister and I were pretty terrified when the taxi driver taking us from the airport in Naples to our hotel in sunny Sorrento started texting on his mobile phone as we were speeding down the motorway at 90mph. This seems to be fairly common practice on Italian roads - we even saw moped riders whizzing past our hotel with their mobile phones wedged inside their helmets so that they could drive hands-free! An ingenious if probably quite illegal idea!

And there we have it, eight things I've learned from my amazing week in Sorrento. I hope this post made you chuckle! Are you packing a suitcase and heading anywhere this summer? Share your destinations down in the comments!

Until next time,

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