Home Office Tour

two hands holding a mug of tea surrounded by office equipment such as books, a lamp, pens, notebooks and a photo frame

It's no news to anyone that I've been a bit quiet on ye olde blog in recent weeks. And it's not without good reason, I promise! Life for me has been rather hectic lately, primarily because I've recently moved house. I'm now back in Leicester ready to start the second year of my PhD studies after spending the summer living with my boyfriend. I've moved in to a lovely studio flat and I couldn't be happier with it! I have gorgeous views overlooking the city and I don't have any annoying housemates to steal my food, mess up the bathroom, or keep me up by drying their hair at 1am (yes, that happened a lot in the past *eyeroll*). Living in a studio flat means that my space is very compact, with my bedroom, kitchen, office area, and lounge area all rolled into one. As someone who really enjoys working from home, maximising the small space that I do have for my office is very important. After a few trials of different set ups, I think I've finally cracked the perfect home office space! Here are the four elements that make my home office the ideal workspace for me.

home office showing furniture such as a desk, shelves and chair, as well as books and stationery

Sensational smells

Sometimes, life gets stressful. You sit at your office chair pulling your hair out because you've got 8 deadlines, 64 emails to answer, 19 phone calls to make and all of them needed to be done half an hour ago. I know I'm not the only one to feel overwhelmed from time to time! This is precisely why my essential oil diffuser is such a key part of my home office. When I'm feeling a bit overstretched and like the stress is going to take over, I switch on my essential oil diffuser and let the calming scents of lavender keep me feeling grounded. Lavender has calming properties which supposedly have a soothing effect on the nerves. It definitely helps me chill out, take a breath, and prioritise my to-do list. Another essential oil that I love is lemon - apparently it aids concentration and also functions as a boost to the body's immune system. I realise that not everyone is a believer in the power of essential oils but speaking from my experience, they always work for me!

close up of home office desk with laptop, mug, lamp, books, and cushion

Display your passions

Making your office a place that you really want to sit down and work in definitely boosts motivation and productivity. I like doing this by adding a few personal touches to the space. For example, on my desk I have a framed photo taken whilst I was on a road trip around Greece at one of my favourite archaeological sites, a photo which always makes me smile when I look at it. On the top shelf above my desk, I also love having my books on display. You may have noticed that the colour blue is a theme that runs through my whole home office space (and through my whole life if I'm honest - have you seen my Instagram feed?!) so at the moment, I have two of my favourite books with blue covers on display. I prop them up on a blue book chair and they work very well as display pieces. These personal touches make the space feel very "me" as I feel like they show anyone who enters the room what I'm all about.

close up of pen resting on open notebook with mug and lamp in background

Space saving secrets

When space is at a premium, it can be quite hard to prioritise what you keep on your desk within arm's reach, and what you pack away in a drawer or box. Having furniture pieces that are both slimline and serve more than one purpose is therefore an essential. That's why I'm completely in love with my new JAZZ LED Lightning lamp that I was kindly gifted by Unilux. The lamp is stylish but is still very powerful, allowing you to work comfortably into the evening without straining your eyes. If you want to create a more relaxed mood, you can adjust the intensity of the light, dimming it where necessary. I love this flexibility because it means I don't need an additional bedside lamp for mood lighting before bed! By far my favourite feature of the lamp, however, is the built-in wireless phone charger! It works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S8 and means I don't need to plug in an additional charger, occupying more space on my desk. As you may have guessed, I'm a huge fan of this lamp!

close up of unilux jazz LED lamp base with books and mug in background

Get cosy!

Comfort is king. As someone who suffers from a bad back (I'm 23 going on 80), having a seat that supports my back is vital, preferably something that's height-adjustable. Thankfully my new flat here in Leicester came equipped with a comfortable and flexible seat, but that doesn't mean I can't accessorise it! I've taken the slightly unorthodox approach of draping my faux sheepskin rug over the seat to give it that extra cosy feel. It's perfect for autumn when you're working at your desk with fluffy slippers on, trying to keep cosy whilst remaining productive. I've continued the blue theme of my office area by putting a blue floral cushion on the desk chair too - there's no reason for a focus on comfort to make us compromise on style, after all.

fluffy rug and cushion draped over an office chair

And there we have it - a whistle stop tour of my brand new office space! Now you know where all of the magic on my blog will be created for the next twelve months! What components make up your ideal home office space? Leave a comment and let me know!

Until next time,

A x

*The JAZZ LED Lightning Lamp was a complimentary gift from Unilux in exchange for a feature on my blog