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Festive Fashion: Dressed Up or Dressed Down?

It's Christmas morning. At 6am, your little sister or brother ran through the house screaming "FATHER CHRISTMAS HAS BEEN!!" and you scrambled out of bed to stop them from tearing the gift wrap from everybody's presents. Now you're sitting by the fire with a cup of tea in hand, feeling that warm glow while watching your family's faces light up at the sight of their parcels. Your parents are about to head into the kitchen to start prepping the Christmas dinner but you have a big decision to make. Possibly the biggest decision of the whole day. No, I'm not talking about whether you should eat a mince pie for breakfast (of course you should), I'm talking about what you're going to wear. Because let's face it, on Christmas morning there are two kinds of people - those who love to get glammed up to the nines and those who stay in PJs all day. Whichever category you fall into, my dear friend, you needn't worry, because I've styled two festive outfits that are guaranteed to hit the right note whether you're a Christmas glamazon or a cosy PJ lady.

The Glamazon

Christmas Day is one big celebration, so why wouldn't you want to be dolled up in your best garb? If you want to make the fairy on the top of the tree look under-dressed, I would highly recommend popping along to your local ASDA. ASDA may well have been the place where you picked up your Brussels sprouts and pigs in blankets a few days ago but did you stop to take a look down the clothing aisle? If you didn't, you may be missing out. I picked up this beautiful red satin hanky-hem skirt (try saying that after a few mulled wines) from ASDA's George clothing range. It's super comfortable to wear as well as being festive - the waist is very flattering and the material is good quality, so you don't have to worry about it sticking to you and feeling nasty.

Alongside my extravagant satin skirt, I decided to wear my latest eBay purchase, a tie-front bodysuit from Miss Selfridge. A bodysuit works perfectly with this dress because it won't ride up, you'll be looking perfectly put together all day! I really like the tie-front detail too - it does plunge quite low but as I'm a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee, I don't think anyone has grounds to complain that it's obscene! However, for my very favourite element of my outfit, you'll have to look a bit further down. Yes, I'm referring to the beautiful Bueno Ladies Ruched Heel Boots that I was very kindly gifted by Jake Shoes. These boots are a super quirky statement piece, with chunky heels and an asymmetric top. Despite the heels being quite high, they are really comfortable thanks to the thick padding inside. The ruched design makes the boots feel very high-end and I love wearing them with skirts such as this one to really show them off! Jake Shoes stock a huge range of footwear for ladies, gents, and kids, so if you're looking for that last-minute purchase to spice up your Christmas outfit, you should definitely check them out.

The PJ Lady

There's nothing that says 'lazy day' more than getting up, having a shower, and then putting a fresh pair of pyjamas right back on again! If that sounds like music to your ears on Christmas morning, I've got the perfect nightwear recommendation for you. Lately I've been loving this gorgeous Port In A Storm pyjama set that I was sent by the lovely people at Yawn. The pyjamas are a comfortable yet flattering fit and are made from super soft cotton. The material is actually designed to become even softer through washing, ensuring your ultimate comfort now and in years to come. All of this is fantastic but my absolute favourite feature of this set are the generous pockets! All my ladies out there will know that female clothing manufacturers seem to have a war on pockets (why?! I couldn't tell you), but you won't have this problem with Yawn. Both the pyjama top and bottoms have pockets which are more than large enough to accommodate your phone. Yippee!

The print of the Yawn pyjamas is so intricate and thoughtful, which no doubt stems from the fact that they are all hand-drawn by London artists. Inspired by English seaside holidays, little red lighthouses can be seen poking over the waves that cover the Port In A Storm set. Even after wearing my pyjama set for about a week, I was still discovering little elements to the print that I'd never noticed before, such as a little whale bobbing among the waves. This attention to detail is carried through the entire product, with high quality stitching and a soft waistband that doesn't ride up or dig in. There's even a thoughtfully added collar button to change the neckline of the pyjama top from your classic V-neck fit to something closer to your neck, perfect for those really chilly December nights. If you hadn't already guessed from my glowing review, I am in love with my Yawn pyjamas and couldn't recommend them highly enough!

What will you be wearing this Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

A x

*The boots from Jake Shoes and the pyjamas from Yawn were provided free of charge in exchange for a blog post feature.