Leicester, UK

One Co-Ord, Three Ways to Wear #AD


A versatile wardrobe is a girl's best friend. Being able to make use of the same item in multiple different outfits is a godsend, especially since not all of us are blessed with an apartment that can house a huge Carrie Bradshaw-esque walk-in closet. With the aim of celebrating this all-important versatility, I decided to challenge myself to use a single co-ord set from Femme Luxe as the base for three distinct looks. What's more, to make sure that the challenge wasn't too easily accomplished, I picked just one statement accessory, a monochrome hair ribbon, to team with each individual look as well. Want to see how I got on? Keep scrolling!

The Co-Ord Set

Let's begin with the co-ord itself. After perusing the many options on the Femme Luxe website, I selected this black zip up set, comprised of a ribbed long-sleeve zip-front top and matching skirt. What I really liked about this set was how well the skirt was lined - it wasn't too see-through and there were no VPL disasters. The length of the skirt was perfect and really elongated my legs: I stand at 5ft 7" and the hem hit me at my mid-thigh. 

When wearing the co-ord by itself, I kept things all-black with a pair of opaque tights and some over-the-knee boots. The only niggle that I experienced with this set was the zipper on the top. It was a little loose upon arrival and during my first wear, it ended up coming off completely. I was able to re-attach it to the top, however. I've shopped with Femme Luxe on very many occasions now and this was an isolated incident. It certainly wouldn't stop me from purchasing from them again in future. 

Femme Luxe Black Zip Up Ribbed Skirt Co-ord Tinley
Black Zip Up Ribbed Skirt Co-ord Tinley Femme Luxe

The Crop Top

For my next look, I switched out the zip up co-ord tee and for a red ribbed crop top. I absolutely loved the vibrant pillar box red colour - it will be perfect for festive outfits next month - and the cross-over detail at the front looks really cute as well. The ribbed material of the crop top matched that of the skirt perfectly, making them look good together as a set even when the colour differs. 

The top and skirt combo also works together well as they leave just a sliver of midriff on display above the waistband of the skirt - I thought this was really flattering! While we were shooting these photos, my fiancé dubbed this an air hostess look, in part due to me wearing the black and white ribbon as a scarf around my neck. As we won't be jetting off on sunny holidays anytime soon *sob sob*, I quite enjoyed embracing the airline vibes in the kitchen instead!

Femme Luxe Red Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top Kourt
Red Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top Kourt Femme Luxe

The Cargo Pants

The black co-ord top also looks great when worn open as a cardigan. For my final look I wore it over a bright red cami that I already had in my wardrobe and a pair of Femme Luxe's black cargo slim fit trousers. This is a much more casual, almost biker-chic look, but the tight fit of the black co-ord top keeps it really feminine. I can totally imagine a modern day Sandy from Grease rocking this in her lockdown wardrobe, alongside a pair of chunky Doc Martins! 

The cargo trousers are super comfy to wear. The multiple deep pockets make them practical too. I am a big fan of the quality silver buttons used to close them, they picked out the silver hardware of the leather belt worn around my waist. My only piece of advice for these particular trousers is that when ordering them, you may wish to size up. I got these in a size 8 and they fitted well, but they are a little tight in the bum area.
Femme Luxe Black Cargo Slim Fit Trouser Sunny
Black Cargo Slim Fit Trouser Sunny Femme Luxe

Which of these co-ord based looks is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.