Living a Minimalist Life*

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My Mum always used to tell me when I was young that a tidy bedroom equaled a tidy mind. I will admit to rolling my eyes at this in the past, because what 13 year old really wants to clear up after herself? Better to be ankle-deep in your floordrobe every time you open the bedroom door, right? WRONG. Now I’ve got my own place, I finally understand my Mother’s wisdom (sorry for the years of messiness, Mother dear). Fewer possessions equal far less stress in my book. Having mountains of stuff spread across the entire room makes me feel so unfocussed and overwhelmed, whilst de-cluttering leaves me feeling more organized and a lot calmer. As I’ve discovered, however, minimalism is not something that you achieve in one fell swoop. It’s a constant process of evaluating the possessions that you amalgamate and working towards the home you want to live in. Today I thought I’d share my four top tips for embracing minimalism in the hope that they can bring as much calm to your life as they’ve brought to mine!

What I Eat In A Day

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Is anyone else out there a total Nosey Parker? I don't know about you, but I absolutely love reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos all about people's everyday lives. Even if they're just in the house all day playing with their dogs (yes Julian Solomita who I'm SURE is reading this, I am talking about you), it's compulsive viewing. Really though, it doesn't matter if you're a blogging megastar like Zoella or an average Joe off the street, other people are endlessly fascinating to me! Everyday food content is among my favourites because it gives me so many ideas for meals of my own. Today, I thought I'd jump on an ever-popular bandwagon and share what I eat in a day.

International Women's Day: Diversity in the Blogging World

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Diversity in the blogging world is a topic that is fast gathering more attention. And rightly so. It is incredibly important that bloggers of every race, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability feel represented. After all, seeing someone that looks like you in the blogosphere really can make you feel like you belong. This is something that us white girls can easily take for granted but for those who are not so well represented, it is a big deal. When blogging awards roll around, talk about diversity and representation reaches fever pitch.

But very often, it never goes beyond talk. "I believe in diversity!" we shout, "How come there are so few black bloggers nominated in this year's awards?!" we complain. Yet how many of us actually DO something to help make the blogging world a more diverse place? Today, instead of just paying lip service to the idea of greater diversity, the aim of this post is to be active in the fight to promote under-represented groups. Shall we get started?

Making My Blog Work for Me

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Recently, my blog has undergone a transformation. You've definitely noticed, right? I mean, everything looks SO different around here. Just kidding. The changes that I've been making are so small that nobody has really noticed. Nevertheless, switching things up has been a very meaningful process. Implementing a few small changes has meant that I've fallen back in love with blogging again. Today I thought I'd talk you through the important alterations that I've been putting in place in order to make blogging work for me. Intrigued? I hope so.

A Day in the Life of a PhD Student

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As some of you may know, I am currently in my first year of a PhD programme at the University of Leicester's Department of Museum Studies. Studying for a PhD is very different to the undergraduate and Masters degrees I've completed in the past and adjusting was quite a learning curve! Today I thought I'd give you a bit of an insight into my life and answer the burning question of "So, what does a PhD student actually do all day?" Hopefully this post won't end up being too boring...

What's involved in completing a PhD?

The aim of a PhD project is to produce an 80,000 word thesis. I have three years to complete this. There are no traditional written exams, but I will have a viva voce examination at the end my my three years, in which I'll be expected to defend my thesis to a team of experts in the field. If you pass your viva, you'll become a Doctor!

My Project

My PhD is on the subject of archaeological plaster casts. These are exact replicas of ancient Greek and Roman statues that were manufactured in the eighteenth and ninteenth century using Plaster of Paris. Archaeological plaster casts have somewhat of a bad reputation in museums; they are often considered "fakes". My project aims to understand how to present these sculptures as objects in their own right and how to convey their complex individual histories. It is an incredibly interesting interdisciplinary project in which I am investigating issues of authenticity, authority, and value in a museum context. If you have no idea of what an archaeological plaster cast looks like, the photos for this post were taken in the Cast Courts of the V&A Museum in London, to give you a bit of a flavour of the objects I'm working on!

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