My Personal Philosophy for a Happy Life

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What is the guiding philosophy of your life? The core beliefs or central tenets that keep you going, day in day out? In the past, if you'd asked me about my personal philosophy, I'd probably have shrugged and said "eh - I don't really have one." But recently, all that has changed, and I've come up with a personal philosophy of my very own. It's not really a statement or a phrase that I live by, instead it takes the form of a question that I ask myself on a daily basis. Stopping to think about this question and the act of answering it helps me in so many aspects of my life, so today I'm going to reveal this mysterious question and encourage you to start asking yourself the same thing!

What is a "Lifestyle Blogger" Anyway?

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"So, what do you blog about?" Oh that infernal question. It pops up every time a family member asks about my blog, or when I meet new fellow bloggers at events. Whenever I'm presented with this inevitable inquiry, I never really know what to answer. I declared loud and proud in my blogging fuck budget post that I don't really have a niche. I enjoy being niche-less because it means that I can write about pretty much anything that takes my fancy, everything from crafting projects to sunny getaways, but this makes explaining to people exactly what I do is pretty tricky. Usually, if anyone asks, I simply say that "I'm a lifestyle blogger". But this term brings me a pang of discomfort every time I utter it. And today I'm going to talk about why.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

We are officially into the second week of Veganuary, the 31 days of veganism challenge which, as I mentioned in my New Year post, I have taken on this year. Going vegan doesn't mean I'm missing out on any sweet treats, however! I've shared a vegan chocolate cake recipe on my blog before, and I am always scouring other blogs and YouTube channels for more vegan cooking inspiration! So, when one of my favourite YouTubers, Marzia, posted a no-bake vegan pudding recipe (see the video below), I just knew that I had to recreate it!

Blogger Book Nook #5: Judging a Book by its Cover

This month on the Blogger Book Nook, we're doing something a little bit daring. In fact, we're breaking one of the cardinal rules of reading and *gasp* ... judging a book by its cover. The old saying goes that you should never do this because you never know what will end up being hidden within the pages (literally or metaphorically), but in January, Tabitha and I have challenged our blogger book club to pick up a new book based just on the cover art and give it a go! Will we be pleasantly surprised? Or will we vow always to read the blurb in future? Let's find out!

This Time Next Year II

Hardcore fans of my blog who have been reading since the dark days of 2016 may remember that this time last year, I completed the This Time Next Year tag (try saying that three times in a row fast). I thought that it might be fun to revisit this post to check on how well I got on with the goals I set last year, as well as setting some new targets for 2018. I don't believe in New Year resolutions as such because they always tend to fall by the wayside before we reach the middle of January, but as I mentioned in my summer goals post, having targets gives me so much motivation to smash them. Goal-setting worked well for me in 2017 so I am determined to continue!


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