Did I "Heart" New York?

Welcome to August's edition of the Ab Fab Collab! If you're new to these posts, the Ab Fab Collab is a collaboration between myself and the gorgeous Abbie from AbbieChic.com. We write monthly posts together associated with similar themes. July's theme was Growing Up; you can read my post about growing up as the home schooled kid here, and Abbie's, all about how being 30+ doesn't necessarily mean that you're necessarily a grown up, can be found here.

For August's post, Abbie and I decided to do a book swap! Abbie picked out Lindsey Kelk's 'I Heart New York' for me to read, and I chose 'Step Back in Time' by Ali McNamara for her. Keep reading to find out what I thought of the book! Don't worry, there won't be any spoilers!


What happened?

After Angela Clark discovers her fiancé Mark shagging his bit-on-the-side in the back of a car at her best friend's wedding, she decides that the only way to cheer herself up is to go on an impulse trip to New York. Upon her arrival, she spends a few days in the luxurious Union hotel, where she meets Jenny, a concierge who becomes her New York best friend. Jenny helps Angela to get her mojo back with a brand new look and some expensive shopping sprees, and she also encourages her to start dating again. On a night out, Angela meets Tyler, an attractive Wall Street banker who doesn't just have a massive bulge in his wallet *wink wink*. Tyler takes her out on a series of romantic dates, including a trip to Tiffany's, where he splurges on some special gifts. At the same time, Angela also begins dating Alex, a broody indie musician from a popular NYC band, with the obligatory floppy hair and skinny jeans. The novel follows Angela as she becomes a hit blogger for a fashionable magazine called The Look, where she writes about finding herself in New York and her experiences of dating two men at once! She ends up falling for one of the guys (I won't spoil it and tell you who) so she has to deal with letting the other one down. In addition, Angela's Mum and her best friend in London beg her to return home, and Angela is faced with a massive decision by the end of the book: does she stay in New York, or go back to London?

What I liked about the book:
  • It kept you guessing until the very end. For a long time throughout the book, I was unsure about whether Angela would stick with Tyler, or with Alex. The storyline definitely wasn't predictable. At the very end, where Angela was presented with the decision of either staying in New York or returning to London, I found it impossible to guess what she would do. I really liked this as it kept the suspense going until the very last page!
  • It was a fun read! I genuinely enjoyed the book and at times found it hard to put down. Some of the characters, such as Jenny, were very funny and the book did give me quite a few laughs! If you're looking for an easy, fun read, I would recommend this book!
  • Angela was a very relatable character. Angela doesn't really know what she wants and sometimes struggles to make decisions, which I think is something that most people can relate to. However, in the end she has the confidence to follow her dreams and that is an inspiring message.

What I didn't like: 
  • Everything was a little TOO perfect. Angela had a lot of perfect sex with perfect, good looking men. She stayed in perfect hotel rooms, bought thousands of dollars worth of perfect clothes, makeup, and shoes, all at the start of the book, where she was still an unemployed writer. Although reading about these shopping trips and her liaisons with attractive men was fun, it just felt a little irrational at times.
  • Angela did a lot of bad things without consequence. She transferred half of her fiancé's savings into her personal account in New York, and faced no repercussions. She also blogged very publicly about her relationships with multiple men, and neither of them confronted her about this fact for a very long while, despite the fact that they both read the blog. The man that she ended up with didn't seem to be angry that he wasn't the only guy that she was seeing. This seemed a little unrealistic to me - if I'd found out that my other half was dating other girls and writing online about it, I'd have chopped off his testicles immediately after reading the blog. I'd like to have seen Angela held more accountable for the bad decisions that she made.
Overall, I did enjoy the book and I definitely thank Abbie for picking it out for me! If you're looking for a fun, chick-lit novel to fill a few lazy Sunday afternoons on the sofa, I would give Lindsey Kelk a try! You can read what Abbie thought of 'Step Back in Time'  here.

Until next time,

A x