Pamper Night Essentials*

Whether you've had a tiring day in the office, or even if you've just spent a while writing up blog posts, taking photos, and scheduling your tweets for the week, when evening hits we all deserve to take some time out to relax! Self-care is super important and allows you to feel tranquil and refreshed before hitting the hay. If you're looking to craft the perfect pamper night, have a read of my essentials to make sure you're getting it right!

1) Let's get ready to rhuuuumble!
Hands up if you were alive when Ant and Dec sang that song! ANYWAY, the most important thing to do for your pamper night is to PREPARE! Once you get started, you don't want to interrupt the tranquility for even a second! So, make your bed, have your pjs at the ready, switch off your phone, and get your room smelling gorgeous with a candle or an essential oil diffuser. My go-to essential oil for a relaxing evening is the De-Stress Aromatherapy Blend from Neals Yard Remedies. I pop a few drops into my diffuser and my room is soon filled with the relaxing fragrances of ylang ylang and and neroli.

2) Soak it off, soak it off, I, I, I soak it off, I soak it off!
Ok so maybe Taylor Swift didn't sing it quite like that, but you get the picture. My first stop when I'm trying to relax is to run myself a hot bath, and enjoy a nice soak. If you're a LUSH junkie, you can throw in a bath bomb, or if you're feeling especially achey, you might like to try an Arnica bath. Arnica baths are great after any form of strenuous activity, and even just after a long day on your feet at work. They really help to ease tired muscles.

3) I've got youuuu, under my skin!
Stress won't be able to get under your skin while you're indulging in a luxurious skincare routine! Treat yourself to a face mask, exfoliate your worries away, smother yourself in moisturiser, and enjoy that healthy skin glow! In recent weeks, my moisturising product of choice has been the Madagascan Coconut Night Moisturiser by Organic & Botanic - a full review of which is coming up very soon on my blog! Watch this space!

4) Right foot, let's stomp! Left foot, let's stomp! Cha cha real smooth!
Don't start dancing (unless you really want to!) but stop for a moment to consider: when was the last time you really took care of your feet? I know that I am definitely guilty of neglecting my tootsies, and a pamper night is a perfect excuse to give them some TLC. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try out a fab foot cream from Lotil*, which is both cruelty free and vegan! Using the Lotil cream to rejuvenate your feet couldn't be easier: simply apply a layer of the product to your feet, wrap your feet in cling film and secure in place with a pair of socks, and wear overnight. When you remove the socks and cling film in the morning, you'll wake up with super-soft feet! I had great results with this method. The cream is thick and luxurious, a real treat for your toes! If you want to sample it, you can purchase a tub from Amazon.

5) Let meeeee, entertain you!
The last thing you want to do on a relaxing evening is spend the whole time on your phone! Social media is great, but it's also good to step away from the technology once in a while, just to rejuvenate yourself. So find a chilled-out activity to enjoy, like a Netflix marathon, painting your nails, or getting stuck in a book. If you're looking for a new book to delve into, why not check out my first ever book review for some inspiration!

I hope these tips allow you to enjoy the perfect pamper evening! And if you got all the song references in the sub-headings - well done, you deserve a cookie!

When did you last pamper yourself? What other essentials would you add to my list? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

A x

*This post contains samples that were sent to me for review.