What kind of blogger are you?

How do you see yourself as a blogger? What are the defining features of your blog? What's your blogger personality? After the success of my first ever interactive blog post, I decided to create another quiz to help you figure out all the answers. I hope you have fun taking part! Don't forget to leave a comment once you're done to let me know which category you fell into!


How would you describe your writing style?
1) Like a chit chat, it's as if I'm writing to a friend!
2) Polished - my piece wouldn't look out of place in a glossy magazine.
3) Quirky, funny, and utterly unique to me, nobody else writes like it!

Which of these best resembles your blogging process?
1) A genius idea comes to me at random, and I write up the post and publish when I feel like it!
2) I have a long list of blog post ideas that I refer to - I choose one that I like and post in line with my schedule.
3) I take note of what's popular in the blogging community at the time and put my own spin on it!

Do you stick to one or two genres on your blog, e.g. beauty, lifestyle, books etc.?
1) No! I love sharing diverse topics - whatever takes my fancy! This week I'll write a fashion post, next I'll be sharing recipes.
2) Consistency is key for me. I tend to stick to the same genres so that people know what to expect from my blog!
3) I'm not afraid to try something that nobody has ever written about before - I am my own genre!

What impression do you want your readers to take away from your blog?  
1) I aim to make my readers feel as if we are friends! I want to make my blog like a conversation!
2) I want them to feel like they've read a really polished post that I've clearly worked hard on!
3) I'd like my readers to feel like they've read something totally unique that makes them want to come back for more!

Who is your blogging idol?
1) It would have to be Jemma from dorkface.co.uk, she's super artistic and creative, and has the ability to blog about pretty much anything and pull it off every single time!
2) Someone like Corinne from skinnedacartree.com - her blog is of the highest quality, she's super consistent, has amazing photos and you can always depend on her to post something excellent!
3) Vix from vixmeldrew.com for sure! She has carved out her own niche in the blogging community and her posts are always hilarious and unique!

If you chose mostly 1's: The Creative Fairy
Blogging is a really creative process for you! You don't restrict yourself to schedules and you blog about whatever you like, whenever you feel like it. Writing is something totally organic and you put your heart into everything your produce. You always put out content that you're excited and enthusiastic about - this is something that your followers love about you!

If you chose mostly 2's: The Professional Princess
Is there any blogging eventuality that you're not prepped for? Going on holiday for two weeks? No problem. All your posts will be ready in advance, with photos taken weeks before, and of course your tweets will be scheduled too. Your organisation and professionalism put everyone else to shame! You're the blogger than brands love to work with and that other bloggers want to emulate.

If you chose mostly 3's: The Trendsetting Tycoon
You're more on-trend than Vogue! Your blog doesn't follow the trends, it sets them! Countless people take inspiration from your thought-provoking and interesting posts. You put your own spin on every post that you produce - you're full of personality there's nobody quite like you online! Nobody is ever sure what's coming next from you, which makes your blog hard to click away from!

So, what kind of blogger are you? Comment below!

Until next time,

A x