Blogmas Post Ideas

Now, I'm not personally participating in Blogmas this year but there's no reason why I can't still help out my fellow blogging friends who are taking the plunge! Taking on a daily blogging challenge is an immense task, and I have a lot of respect for everyone attempting it. So, without further ado, here are my Blogmas post ideas - feel free to use these and tag me in any posts that this list inspires, I'd love to read them!

Beauty Posts

  1. Winter skincare survival guide - how do you keep the cold from affecting your skin?
  2. Christmas party makeup look - don the sparkle and share your makeup skills!
  3. Festive beauty wishlist - what would you love Santa to leave in your stocking?
  4. Christmas LUSH haul / wishlist - what are your top products? Or if you haven't been shopping, what would you like to try out?
  5. Top beauty products to give as gifts - tell your readers what to buy for beauty-loving friends and fam!

Lifestyle Posts

  1. Holiday motivation - how are you going to stay on track over Christmas? This can be related to Blogmas, uni work, or even your exercise regime! Anything! 
  2. How to save money at Christmas time - share how you stick to your budget!
  3. Christmas playlist - what's playing through your headphones this time of year? Any guilty pleasure tracks?
  4. Festive days out in your part of the world - what's going on locally to you? Tell us, we might come visit!
  5. Christmas TV - what are your top picks? Is there something you watch every year?

Festive Posts

  1. You can do the standard 'for him' and 'for her' gift guides ...
  2. ... but you can also branch out! Suggest gifts for colleagues, teachers, those awkward family members that you never see but are obliged to buy for!
  3. What Christmas scented candles are you burning this year? Anything you'd recommend?
  4. 2016 Yearly Roundup - has it been a good year for you? What did you achieve this year?
  5. New Year wishes - what would you like to happen next year? Do you have any goals?

Blogging Posts

  1. Photography tips - how do you take good quality photos in winter when natural light is scarce? Share your advice!
  2. Blogging equipment wish list - got your eye on a new camera? Or a fancy tripod? Or something made of marble? Send this wish list to your family as a less-than-subtle hint!
  3. Write about what being a blogger has taught you. Did you learn anything unexpected?
  4. Send a virtual present to your favourite bloggers - write a post on your top 5 blogs and share the love!
  5. Lots of bloggers will be accepting brand collaborations at Christmas time, write about what advice you'd give to them!

Creative Posts

  1. DIY Christmas decorations - show us how you jazz up your bedroom or living room for the big day!
  2. Make your own Christmas cards - homemade cards are so adorable to receive and they're a really heartfelt gesture! Inspire us with yours!
  3. Your favourite Christmas recipes - how about whipping up some gingerbread or sharing another popular recipe from your house?
  4. Creative Christmas wrapping - how do you make your presents look extra special?
  5. Try out some Christmas crafts inspired by Pinterest - even if it's a total fail, share it with us!

Fashion Posts

  1. Baby it's cold outside! Show us your favourite layered-up looks!
  2. A Christmas party look book - what'll you be wearing to your office party? 
  3. Winter outfit staple - pick one key item from your festive wardrobe and show us how you style it in multiple ways!
  4. Ultimate cold-weather accessories - what keeps you warm and looking stylish?
  5. Winter fashion trends - what are you loving? What doesn't float your boat? Tell all!

I hope this list helps to inspire you in some way! Are you doing Blogmas this year?

Until next time,

A x

*Image credit for this post: StockSnap