My Best Christmas

Christmas means cosy clothing, sitting by the fire, and playing in the snow, right? Well -  not in all cases! Today I'm going to be shaing my best Christmas ever with you, and there wasn't a fleck of snow in sight! My best ever Christmas was in the year 2012, when the family and I jetted off to spend Christmas in the sun, on the island of Cape Verde on the northwest coast of Africa.

The hotel that we stayed at was called the Riu Touareg, which at the time was newly opened. It was situated right on the beach, where we actually spent Christmas day sunbathing! We stayed for two weeks, including Christmas and New Year. As well as having a beach area, the hotel had extensive gardens and several swimming pools, so there was no shortage of places to relax. You also had the option of joining in with some of the hotel's activities such as water polo, shooting, darts, and aqua gym, so we were never bored!

The Food: One of the best things about being away for Christmas is that Christmas Dinner was all prepared for us! My Mum didn't have to spend hours and hours slaving away in the kitchen, we could just waltz up and grab what we wanted. There was an enormous amount of variety in the hotel restaurant, so all tastes were catered for. We also went all-inclusive so you could have as much food and as many drinks as you wanted, whenever you wanted! Score!
The Gifts: Another really nice thing was that we didn't have that many Christmas presents that year. There are only so many presents that you can fit into a suitcase, so our gifts were really minimalist. I actually preferred this as we got to open smaller, really meaningful items.
The Hotel: The hotel itself was absolutely stunning! One of my favourite features was the swim-up bar in the main pool, and the in-pool sun loungers! They were perfect for cooling off when the heat got too much!
The Weather: Getting a tan over Christmas was also a definite plus-point! Who doesn't want to go back to sixth form after the Christmas hols looking golden brown?!


Of course, the main joy of Christmas is getting to spend quality time with the family, and we certainly had that in abundance! My Dad, sister and I went on a snorkelling adventure just off the coast of the island. This was an amazing experience - snorkelling in the crystal clear waters, accompanied by hundreds of tiny, beautiful fish was just incredible! The whole family also went body boarding on the beach, which was really exhilerating, and we played loads of board games (including Pictionary!) in the evenings together.


Admittedly, it was very strange to spend Christmas on the beach and sometimes it didn't even feel like Christmas at all! The hotel was dolled up in Christmas decorations and there was traditional Christmas food available, it was just very strange opening the windows on Christmas morning to bright sunshine and 35 degree heat! However, the amount of fun that our family all had together on this holiday was absolutely priceless and I can safely say that 2012 was my best Christmas ever!

Coming up next week on my blog, a few of my other favourite bloggers be sharing the stories of their best ever Christmas - so keep a look out for that post!

What are your best ever Christmas memories? Does one year stand out for you?

Until next time,

A x