Do Politics and Blogging Mix?

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To say it's a pretty turbulent time in world politics right now would be an understatement. With Donald Trump as President of the United States, everyone is fearing for the worst, and for many people, fears have already been realised. But does politics have a place in the world of blogging? On Twitter over the past couple of days I've seen many people angrily tweeting about big bloggers not using their platform to speak out on pertinent issues. I ran a poll on my Twitter last night to ask whether my followers thought that bloggers have a duty to comment on political issues. Here are the results:
So, let's talk about both sides of the argument. I've included both my own views, and those of people who tweeted me about the issue. I'd love to know what you think too, so please leave comments below and give me your opinion.

YES - Bloggers should be speaking out...
  • A point excellently articulated by Bryher was that although it's great to share your opinions on the latest beauty products and lifestyle trends, if people don't stand up to the current extreme political events, we may not be allowed to express opinions on anything in future!
  • If you have a large platform of followers, what you say about a political issue can have a real impact! For this reason, many people believe that those with thousands / millions of followers have an obligation to voice their opinions as they can make such a big difference.
  • If nothing is said about big political issues, and nobody calls out the people who are doing wrong, this will perpetuate their actions and enable them to carry on the same path.
  • Sarah told me that reading posts written by fellow bloggers really helped her to make up her mind on the issue of Brexit.
  • The more people who speak out - the stronger the voice and the stronger the opposition to oppression!
🚫 NO - Bloggers should not be speaking out...
  • Blogging can be an escape from the scary political world. Reading a beauty or lifestyle post with idyllic photographs and no mention of Trump is can be a welcome restbite. Writing and publishing such posts can have the same effect! They can be a source of comfort to both author and viewer.
  • Some bloggers simply prefer to keep their content neutral. 
  • Expressing political opinions can cause people to receive online hate. This may not even come from within the blogging community but from internet trolls who exist purely to upset people and provoke a reaction.
  • Other bloggers I spoke to stated that expressing political opinions could cause you to lose followers.
  • Bloggers need to be very careful what they say, especially if they have a big audience. Quoting a piece of information in a post which turns out not to be true, or accidentally misrepresenting a political view can land a blogger in big trouble.
A number of bloggers that I spoke to said that they did think that the blogging world ought to be speaking out, but that they lacked the confidence to write about political issues themselves. Given how divisive political issues can be, this is totally understandable. Even if you lack the confidence to put pen to paper yourself, you can still be a part of the movement to speak out. Here's how:
  • Retweet content you agree with. 
  • Share news articles to help educate others.
  • Engage in discussions on social media, even if you're just talking to those with similar opinions to yours.

What do you think? Should bloggers be political? Will you be writing a political post yourself? Why / why not? Please comment below and fill me in, all opinions are valid!

Until next time,

A x