On Saturday 11th February, AshleeMoEvents took over the Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Shoreditch, London for a meetup of mammoth proportions! A large group of bloggers, influencers, and brands packed the Club for an afternoon of cupcakes, chatting, and excellent company! We were met at the door by the organiser, the lovely Ashlee herself, and the mingling began! It was fantastic to be surrounded by so many like-minded people, catching up some familiar faces like Em, Serena, and Jess & James, and meeting some new friends such as Sian and Alex! The day was especially exciting before the event even began, as I was able to meet up with my lovely friend Laura for the very first time and head to the event together, which was so lovely and definitely calmed my nerves! Laura is every bit as wonderful in person as she is online!

Ashlee had organised a fantastic spread at the event, both in terms of food (Pringles and sandwiches GALORE), and in terms of the brands present! I especially liked the fact that she had only invited brands which she had personally had experience with and could wholeheartedly recommend. One of the first brand stalls that I visited was (naturally) Ayo's Cakes and Bakes! The lovely ladies who run the shop had brought along lots of beautifully iced cakes for us to try, which were truly scrumptious! They were very light and fluffy, and the icing had just the right texture and flavour.

Another brand that I especially enjoyed meeting was the Perfume Studio! Everyone had the chance to blend their own bespoke perfume from an enormous selection of different fragrances, and take away a little bottle of their creation! Sian, Serena, Laura, and I all squeezed onto the sofa to give this a go together, and it was really interesting to find out what scents we all liked, and which we didn't agree on! It was a great mini-bonding experience and we all had a laugh! We also had the chance to meet the fanastic businesspeople behind Dray N Blue athletic-wear, Naticuma beauty products, and LiLy SaNa haircare!


As well as having the chance to meet and chat to all these brands and some fellow-bloggers, we each had a fantastic goodie-bag each to take away! These were choc-full of so many treats; my favourites being a gorgeous bracelet from Symbol Jewellery, a cute pillowcase from ChattyFeet, chai latte from DrinkMe, choccies from Mikado, and hairbands from PopBand, not to mention a discount coupon for the wonderful Gwennan Rees' illustration store! We were well and truly spoiled!

How cute are Laura and I??
Ashlee did a fantastic job of organising the event! She made everyone feel incredibly welcome and her little game toward the end of the afternoon ensured that everyone left with at least one new friend! She had collected random facts about all the attendees prior to the event and printed them out on a bingo-style sheet. Each blogger was given a sheet and had to find out which of the other attendees had written which fact! The first person to fill their bingo sheet won a prize! This was fast paced and a real giggle, well done to Ashlee for such a great ice-breaking idea!

I had such fun at this event and I can't wait to go to the next one! Have you ever been to a blogger event? Tell me in the comments below!

Until next time,

A x