How to Go Greener*

Humans have consumed more resources in the last fifty years than over the course of the rest of history combined. Scary, right? The impact of modern lifestyles on the environment is substantial: more and more animal species are becoming endangered because of the destruction of their habitats, pollution and climate change are real issues, and non-renewable resources are threatened. However, it's not all doom and gloom - all is not lost! There are important measures that you can take to make your life that little bit greener. Today, I'm here to share my tips, including some big changes that you can make, and small things that you can do every day. Let's get started!

At Home
Now, I live in a student house, but there's still lots of little things I do to live an eco-friendly life, and they're great for saving cash too! Cooking vegeterian meals is great for the pocket as meat is often the most expensive component of a meal, but it's also an environmentally conscious choice, as meat production results in vast quantities of carbon emissions. You can also move your furniture away from  radiators, that way your sofa or armchair won't soak up all the heat and your house will be toasty! Boil your water for your inevitable student pasta dinner in the kettle first before adding it to the pan. Believe it or not, this uses less energy!

If you're a homeowner, there are lots of options open to you! Some studies have estimated that up to 70% of the energy used in the UK comes from lighting and heating our homes! Good quality double glazing prevents the heat from within your home escaping through the window, thanks to the dual panes of glass. Double glazing now comes as standard in many houses, but over time, excessive condensation can render them less effective, leading to permanently "fogged up" windows. If cloudy double glazing* is a problem in your house, Cloudy2Clear Windows can replace the glass in your windows to get them working perfectly again, slashing your heating bills and helping the environment!

Did you know that the energy saved from recycling just one tin can would power your computer for three hours? Most local councils will have regular recycling bin collections, so you can easily pop in your tin cans, newspapers, and plastic bottles to do your bit! A few things that can also be recycled (that you may not be aware of) are wrapping paper, aerosol cans, food packaging like trays and punnets (if you rinse them out), and aluminum foil! Check out the Recycle Now website and discover the complete list of what can and what cannot be recycled.

If you're looking to get rid of some old clothing, don't just throw this in landfill! Either donate it to a charity shop, or pop it in a textile recycling bin - this goes for old blankets, duvet covers, and curtains as well. You can also recycle food waste! Many local councils offer a food waste collection service, which will turn your leftovers into agricultural compost. If you have space, you can also try composting at home

Treating yourself? Why not make those goodies environmentally friendly? You can harness the sun to charge your portable devices by purchasing a solar phone charger like this one from Amazon! Investing in a nice reusable waterbottle, instead of buying plastic bottles while you're out, is another way to reduce waste! Also, it's a great excuse to purchase a snazzy new bottle from Sass and Belle, if that wasn't motivating enough! ;-) Make sure that when you do hit the high street, you take a reusable shopping bag with you - this will save you paying the 5p bag charge, as well as helping the planet!

🍃 If everyone takes just a few small steps in their daily lives, we can make the planet a greener place! 🍃

What are your top tips for an eco-friendly life? Please share in the comments below! And don't forget to check out Cloudy2Clear Windows' website if you're suffering with failed double glazing* - they have lots of other energy saving advice on their site too, well worth a read!

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