Everyday Superpowers

What are everyday superpowers, I hear you ask? Well, they're not exactly the kinda stuff you'll see Spiderman and Wonder Woman getting up to in the cinema. Everyday superpowers are just little things that would make your day to day living much easier. Just think about it: wouldn't it be amazing if we really could use some superpowers IRL? Here's my list of the supernatural abilities that I'd LOVE to have.

    The ability to run a bath at the right temperature every time.  

    My baths are either boiling hot and I feel like a lobster in a fancy restaurant, or cold 2 minutes after I climb in. *sigh* Can someone invent a magical bath thermometer for me plz?

    Having a mute button in real life.  

    Boss pissing you off? Your parents on your back? Partner running on a load of old rubbish? Just mute them for a while, sit back and relax - problem solved.

    Being able to go back to sleep when you've woken up too early.  

    "Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy" ... Oh no you don't because it's 4.30am and you don't need to be awake for another THREE BLOODY HOURS. But can you get back to sleep for love nor money? NOPE. Precisely why this superpower is a total necessity.

    Having nice-smelling farts. 

    Girls, let's be real. We all have to fart. And it's kinda awkward if yours smell like a mixture of rotten eggs and out-of-date milk when you're in a crowded office / on the tube / in bed with the bf. If you could magically make yours smell like newly mown grass or freshly baked cookies, you'd do it, right? Then you'd enjoy farting even more than we  know you already do.

    Not looking awkward AF in photos.  

    Like seriously, what do you do with your arms when someone is taking your photo?? If I'm not holding something, like I *thankfully* was for my photos at the Hotter Shoes event, I look like a total drip.

    The ability to summon emergency kittens, whenever and wherever.  

    Had a bad day? KITTENS. Feeling sad? KITTENS. Deadline imminent? KITTENS. You get the picture.

    Turning the bedroom light off with your mind

    Some Matilda-esque powers are needed, ladies, because it really is painful when you're super comfy and warm in bed but then have to get up to turn the light out. Ugh. #firstworldproblems.

    Knowing how much pasta is enough pasta.  

    Anyone else get it wrong every single time?!

    Rewindable speech.  

    If you're socially awkward like me, you'll know this pain. You're trying really hard to seem cool / fit in during a social situation and BAM, you say something really, really stupid. You just want the ground to open up and swallow you. But with this superpower, you could rewind that crucial 30 seconds and cram that silly joke back into your mouth. It'd be great, eh?

      Just call me Wonder Woman. You know you want to.

      If you had to pick just one of these everyday superpowers to have, which would it be? Or can you think of any amazing superpowers of your own? Share in the comments below!

      Until next time,

      A x