A day out: Foodies Festival @ Syon Park

What better way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday than with food, friends, and frivolity at a festival? All the way back in May (I'm SO behind, I know), I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Foodies Festival at Syon Park, London from my lovely blogger pals, Jess and James. As a huge lover of anything edible, I couldn't resist the opportunity to attend such an exciting event, so I invited another blogging friend, the lovely Hels, along to join me! Here's how we spent our day!

The programme of the festival was jam-packed, with numerous tents and stages offering talks and demonstrations. Naturally, Hels and I gravitated towards the Cake & Dessert Theatre, where we watched a cupcake-baking demo by blogger and YouTuber Sarah Sibley! The mug cake tutorial was also great to watch, we picked up some great tips for creating these delicious treats at home. Sadly we missed Bake Off winner Candice Brown's presentation, as she had been on stage on the Saturday, but there was plenty to keep us entertained despite this. As well as the stages, there were stalls selling everything from burgers and chips to fudge and prosecco! I loved how much creative power went into the presentation of many of the stalls - the Pimms stall, for example, was in the shape of a teapot, and the Captain Morgan's stand came in the form of a pirate ship!

The approach of lunchtime obviously called for us to explore the full selection of treats on offer at the Festival - and boy were we spoiled for choice! After much deliberation, we both opted for the delicious-smelling calamari stand for a taste of the seaside! There were plenty of stalls offering free samples throughout the day at the Festival, providing everything from morsels of focaccia to pots of creamy mousse, but if you wanted a more substantial meal, you had to buy this yourself, on top of your ticket fee. Most of the food was on the expensive side (it cost a fiver just for a small cone of calamari) so this is definitely something to bear in mind if you're interested in attending the Festival at any of its other UK dates.

Having wolfed down our calamari and taken shelter from the inevitable rain in one of the tents, Hels and I decided to have another wander around the park in search of something sweet! We both picked up some doughnuts to take home (after snapping that all-important doughnut photo!) and then stumbled across the Freakshake stand. Hels is a total angel and offered to treat me, so I couldn't say no! Since I'm a big kid at heart, I opted for the Triple Chocolate shake, while Hels picked Strawberry Delight. The shakes were topped with cream, cake, a stick of rock, and a lollipop, as well as with cake crumbs and popping candy around the rims of the glasses, definitely creating a big sugar rush! We settled down to enjoy our drinks and chat by the live music stage, again sheltering under my brolly as the weather really wasn't very kind to us!

Hels and I had a thoroughly enjoyable day out and it was wonderful to meet another of my good blogger friends in person, but would I recommend a visit to the Foodies Festival? Personally, I don't think that the full price ticket of £16 is great value. The festival was quite small and you could easily walk around all of the stalls in about half an hour. Although some small tasters and samplers were available within the cost of your ticket, for me there wasn't enough on offer to really warrant the entry fee. If you're a really big fan of TV chefs and demonstrations, perhaps you would find it better value, however. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the day and I'm glad to have had the chance to spend it with Hels! You can check out her blog post about the day here! The Foodies Festival is still travelling the country throughout the summer, with plenty of tickets still available.

Have you ever been to a food festival? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

A x