Beauty Fads Busted

From the mad rush online whenever Kylie Cosmetics has a new release, to the wacky and wonderful things people have tried using instead of beauty blenders (a real male scrotum was indeed one of them - ew), we've all seen a beauty fad or two in our time. For today's post, I thought it might be fun to put two of the best-known fads to the test and see if they really work for me. Sorry guys, I won't be rubbing any testicles on my face (appealing as that sounds - NOT), but I do have a couple of popular products to whet your appetite. This post is a collaboration with two of my fabulous blogger friends, Hels and Kate, who are also sharing their thoughts on a selection of popular beauty products! Make sure you check them both out once you're finished here!

🌸 SENSSEGo! Mini Sonic Facial Brush* 🌸

The first trend which has taken the beauty blogging community by storm are electronic facial brushes. Supposedly, these brushes deeply clean and exfoliate the skin, leaving a visibly fresher and softer appearance. Pores are meant to appear smaller, and the brushes even claim to help eradicate acne! I was lucky enough to be gifted the travel size facial brush by SENSSE, which will set you back £39.99 on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed my trial of the product - the pocket-size brush comes with two heads, one for daily cleansing and one for once-weekly exfoliation. The brush has two rotation settings, low and high, which can be easily adjusted with a click of the button. No batteries are required, simply plug the brush in using a USB to charge. Using the brush felt like having a mini facial; the bristles are super-soft and luxurious! After trialling the SENSSEGo! for a week, alongside my trusty NYR Rose Facial Wash, I didn't experience any noticable difference in the appearance of my skin, but my face certainly felt softer and removing makeup was a breeze. Having this brush also encouraged me to actually put time into cleansing my face because I'm naughty and often forget, which can only be a good thing! You can admire my beautifully polished face below!


The Verdict = ★★★★☆


🌸 Primark Holler and Glow Sheet Mask 🌸

It seems like the sheet mask is the staple of every beauty blogger's pamper sessions these days! I had been pondering whether to try them out for myself for ages, so when I finally made the purchase, I just had to go for one with a funky design! After all, nobody wants to look like an actual human being when trying out beauty products, right?! I picked up the Unicorns Exist Illuminating Mask from Primark's Holler and Glow range. Primark's ethics statment promises that its products are entirely cruelty free, which made this a guiltless purchase. The mask, which contains Lotus Flower Extract and Bamboo Water (oooh) promised to illuminate and tone the skin. I enjoyed the feeling of the mask on my skin, it was definitely relaxing to wear. But I'm not gonna lie, the best thing about the mask was probably the daft selfies I sent to my blogger pals on Whatsapp whilst I was wearing it! I don't really think it did much for my skin, I woke up with a few pimples the next morning and my skin did feel a little dry, so I won't be rushing to incorporate this particular product into my regular skincare routine. If I feel like sharing a few more ridiculous selfies with my friends, I might try another sheet mask, but to be honest I'm glad I didn't shell out any more than £3 for this. It's a no from me, folks.


The Verdict = ★★☆☆☆


🌸 Lush Mask of Magnaminty 🌸

Now, the final product I decided to review is less of a fad and more of a beauty blogger staple - I see countless bloggers raving about the LUSH Mask of Magnaminty, many counting it as an essential. So, having never tried this out before, I popped down to my local LUSH store where they kindly provided a free sample. The mask, made from natural, cruelty-free ingredients, promises to exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling bright and refreshed. As I had a blogger event to attend on the day that I tried out this mask, I couldn't wait to see the results! I might make myself a little unpopular by saying that I didn't really like the smell of this mask - it was a little overpowering for my taste. However, I did enjoy the tingling sensation as I applied the product! My skin definitely felt clean, fresh, and exfoilated after I'd removed the mask, and the product gave my face a lovely soft texture as well. There was no feeling of "tightness" that you sometimes experience after using a mask. The reviews on the LUSH site say that this stuff is brilliant for clearing up blemishes, so next time I get the inevitable PMS-induced pizza face, I'll definitely be giving this another go! I do understand why so many people rave about this product now!


The Verdict = ★★★★☆

If you feel like doing some beauty myth busting yourself, why not enter my giveaway to win a mini facial cleansing brush of your very own? It is open to UK residents only and ends August 21st. Go on - you know you want to! Once you've entered the giveaway, make sure you head over to Kate and Hels' blogs to discover what they thought of the beauty fads that they've been testing! Hels and Kate are two of the loveliest and most genuine ladies I've met through blogging, and both of their blogs are such high quality - I can guarantee that you won't regret having a read!

Has the hype surrounding a beauty product ever convinced you to make a purchase? If so, was the product worth it? Do let me know in the comments below, I'm curious!

Until next time,

A x

*This post contains affiliate links and PR samples that were sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review