Charity Shop Haul

As I mentioned in my recent summer goals post, next month I'm jetting off on a solo holiday! I'm heading to Portugal for a relaxing yoga retreat, and I'm really looking forward to it! Now, I think I speak for most of us ladies out there when I say that shopping for new holiday clothes is something that really cranks up the excitement for an approaching vacation! I didn't want to spend a bomb on my summer wardrobe this year, so I decided to hit the charity shops of Oxford in search of a few bargains. Happily, that's exactly what I found! Keep scrolling to find out what I purchased on my charity shop mission!

Lady in Red - £12.99

I was massively lucky to snag this beauty! As I was wandering around Oxfam, one of the volunteers was restocking the racks, and this stunning red dress was one of the pieces she was putting out. I immediately grabbed it and headed for the changing rooms, and I'm so delighted that I did! This still had the ASOS tags on it, so you can imagine my excitement! The photos don't show it up that well, but this dress is also beautifully textured, with little bobbles running down the seams. It's super glamorous and although it's easily the most expensive piece I picked up, I'm sure you can see why I had to have it!

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Floral Fantasy - £2

I rarely ever shop in Topshop - it's just too pricey for me! However, when I find Topshop clothes in the charity shop, I always pounce on them and give them a whirl. This sheer blouse with little bell sleeves and a tie-up back is a lovely versatile piece, I could style it with shorts in the summer as well as jeans when the weather gets cooler. The print reminds me of a Granny's curtains (fitting my ideal aesthetic perfectly) and it gives a floaty and feminine feel. Another £2 bargain!

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 Purple Power - £2

I affectionately think of this as my Amyleigh dress! For those of you who don't know, Amyleigh Craig is a blogger fashionista with a wardrobe to die for! She regularly snaps her OOTDs on her Instagram story, and I never fail to fall in love with what she wears. She styles vibrant prints with confidence and ease, and I think she'd really like this psychedelic dress that I snapped up, which is originally from Wallis. The dress is great quality and has a nice stretch to it; it flatters your curves without being body-con. At £2, I couldn't refuse!

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Top of the Shops

The final three items that I just couldn't resist were tops. The red/coral strappy top, originally from Fat Face, set me back just 50p! Super comfortable and ideal for lounging around in the sunshine. Another 50p item is the little white lacy number, the second of my items originally sold in Topshop. This is actually a size too small for me but you can't really tell! As the price was so good, I couldn't leave it on the shelf! Finally, we have the blue patterned batwing top which I adore! This was one of my more expensive purchases at £2.50, and as it's a size L, it's pretty big on me, but it is floaty and perfect for warm Portuguese weather!


 💰 Total spend: £20.49 💰

And there you have it, my charity shop haul is complete! I was pretty impressed to have picked up all of this for just over twenty quid - I'd have paid far more if purchasing these items new on the high street. If the price alone wasn't enough to convince you to hit up your local charity shops, just think of all the good causes that the money you're spending will be going towards! The beauty of charity shopping is that even if you purchase an item and then decide you're not quite so in love with it when you get home, you can just donate it again and it will have cost you very little.

Do you shop in charity shops? Why / why not? Which of my items is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

A x

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