Summer Goals with Bidvine*

What sights, sounds, and smells do you especially associate with summer? Perhaps it's spying the ice cream vendor on your first trip to the beach. It could be that whiff of sunscreen as you smother your skin on a scorching hot day. Or maybe it's the first bloke you see strolling shirtless down the high street, proudly showing off his man boobs and chest fuzz for all to see. Ick. 

For me, summer means one thing - harvest time! 

I grew up on a farm, so my summer is very much associated with seeing the fields of wheat turn golden and watching my Dad hurriedly preparing the combine harvester before the inevitable rain. Whatever summer means to you, the season is now officially here! As some of you may know, I've just finished my Masters degree, so I have a summer of freedom ahead of me before I start my PhD! Now, I'm not one for totally lazing around, having aspirations and goals that I want to achieve keeps me happy and motivated, so this summer I've teamed up with Bidvine and decided to set myself some targets! So, what will I be up to...?

☀️ Setting Goals ☀️

I'm a big believer in setting a mix of smaller, easily achievable goals, and larger, more ambitious targets that will take a bit more hard work. This way, I will stay motivated and ensure that I achieve more of the aspirations on my list. 

  • Read 20 books: This might seem like loads but I'm determined! Expect more Bookshelf Update posts from me!
  • Take my sister on a girly day out: My sister and I aren't as close as I'd like, so I wanna change that!
  • Go on a solo vacation: I've booked a week away on a yoga retreat in Portugal all by myself - wish me luck!
  • Master a new recipe: I really enjoy cooking - I want to branch out and improve my skills!
  • Have more photoshoots and up my confidence: I love sharing OOTD posts and now is the perfect time to take outfit snaps in the sunshine!
  • Explore everything that Oxford has to offer before I move out: Oxford is such a beautiful city and I'd really kick myself if I didn't enjoy it to the full!
  • Increase my body confidence: Exactly how I'll do this, I'm not sure, but I'll keep you up to date with my progress!
  • Try a new sport: Everything is worth a go once, right? I need to be more of a Yes-Woman!
  • Meet more of my blogger friends: I've made some amazing friends in the blogging world and meeting them is always such a thrill, so I need to make this happen!

In December, when I wrote my Christmas Bucket List, I found that the act of simply writing down everything that I wanted to do was incredibly inspiring, so if you're determined to make the most of your Summer 2017, I highly recommend that you write yourself a list of summer goals as well!


☀️ Achieving Goals ☀️

It's all very well setting yourself a list of targets, that's the easy part, but how about actually achieving them? If, like me, learning a new skill is on your summer goal list, you might like to check out Bidvine. You can use the Bidvine website or app to search for all manner of services in your local area, quickly and simply. Just type in what you're looking for and answer the following short questions. After you've completed the form, Bidvine works its magic and will provide a list of the best results on offer. Instead of trawling through the internet for hours looking for the best value services, using Bidvine puts everything in one place in a flash! You can use Bidvine to find a photographer for your OOTD pics, a tutor for that language you've always wanted to learn, or a personal trainer to whip you into shape! With Bidvine, you'll have no excuses for flaking on your summer aspirations!

Do you have any summer goals? Share with me in the comments, let's help motivate each other!

Until next time,

A x

* This is a collaborative post with Bidvine