On the Power of Influencers

Blogger, influencer, gal who posts stuff on the internet - whatever you call yourself, you are POWERFUL. Whether you influence a following of thousands, or if your crowd is still small, you are making a valuable and important contribution. I don't know about you, but I am way more likely to invest in a new purchase because one of my favourite bloggers has used it, reviewed it, or styled it than because it's been endorsed by a celebrity in an TV advert or promoted in a magazine. This power that normal girls (and guys!) on the internet possess is the reason why magazines such as Cosmopolitan are threatened by bloggers and seek to demean and chastise us in ever-more-common articles. So, to fight back against this and CELEBRATE the incredible and powerful force that we influencers have in the online world, I thought I would showcase just what an effect some of my favourite influencers have had on me by sharing a wishlist, entirely inspired by the blogs I read and love. Let's go!

First off, how could I not include Breanna's gorgeous New York City outfit?! Her beautiful dress, carried off by Bre's ever-present confidence and photogenic charm, has made me fall head over heels in love with gingham. Top of my gingham wishlist is this gorgeous tie-shoulder top, it is floaty, flirty, and the contrast between the small checks of the sleeves and ruffles and the large checks of the bodice is just charming!

In her "Florals? Groundbreaking?" post, inspired by the iconic film The Devil Wears Prada, my lovely friend Kate looked fit to be on the cover of Vogue in her embroidered floral dress, which has got me lusting after the stunning combo of black and florals as well! I've had my beady eye on this embroidered mesh skater dress for a while now, and it may have to make it into my shopping basket sooner rather than later... Any excuse to be twinning with your friend, right?!

Now, a blogger with a very different style to me, who I nevertheless admire very much, is the fabulous Robyn. Robyn absolutely killed it when styling black tie-front culottes with her characteristic goth vibe. Her outfits are always showcase her individuality, and this was no exception. She rocked these trousers so much that I am dying to invest in a pair of my own tailored culottes, and this pastel pink pair fits my aesthetic perfectly!

Emily Hallock is the QUEEN of retro and pin-up fashion, never to be seen in a OOTD post without a poofy petticoat, a confident pose, and a radiant smile. During #WiggleWeek, Emily challenged herself to wear a wiggle dress every day for a week and as usual, she looked radiant in every choice! Inspired by Emily's vintage flair, I'd love to pick up this Vanessa wiggle dress from Lindy Bop, although I'd definitely have to ask Emily's advice on what to pair it with!

Last but certainly by no means least, we come to the stylish Sophie. Effortless and well-put-together are the buzzwords for this elegant lady, contrasting with historic Norwich in her stunning photographs! This summer, Sophie has been embracing the colour yellow, and it's really been working for her. Her gorgeous ruffled skirt really caused this ditsy printed asymmetrical dress to catch my eye - if only I could pull the yellow print off as well as Soph!

If you're an influencer like these glorious gals, I applaud you! You work hard, contribute to a vibrant community, and remain true to yourselves. Be proud of what you do because you never know just how many people out there you could be influencing...

Has the power of bloggers impacted upon your shopping basket? Tell me which items a blogger has influenced you to splurge on in the comments below! It can be clothing, makeup, homeware - anything!

Until next time,

A x

*Main image credit: https://stocksnap.io/photo/TJITMPYYW8