Every Body Has Rolls

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What is your favourite type of roll? A bread roll, cinnamon roll, or maybe those delicious cheesy pizza rolls you can get in Tesco? Mmmm. Whatever your preference, I can guarantee one thing. If you're a living, breathing human being, you've got stomach rolls. You've got rolls, I've got rolls, even Instagram models have rolls! As part of my summer goals, I have pledged to increase my body confidence and positivity, so here I am today, embracing myself exactly as I am and showing you that a few rolls are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

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If you'd asked me this time last year to write a blog post like this, showing exactly what I look like (with minimal editing) on a public blog and social media, I'd have told you to piss right off. When I was away working in Greece last summer, I didn't have the confidence to wear crop-tops or anything midrif-baring because I was simply terrified of anyone seeing that my stomach creases up when I sit down. I wasn't even confident enough to sit down whilst wearing anything that showed my tum around my then-boyfriend. I know in my logical brain that your weight does not determine your attractiveness or beauty, but still, I wasn't comfortable in my own skin.

My subconsious internalisation of social norms meant that I was too self-conscious to fully embrace my body. You can tell yourself all you like that "the perfect bikini body" lauded in advertising doesn't exist, but when you're bombarded with images of Victoria's Secret models with stick-thin figures and giant boobs, and told that THIS is the one and only ideal, it does impact upon you, no matter how hard you tell your insecurities to shut up.

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So, in the name of body positivity and loving your damn self, today I thought I'd share my figure in all its glory to show that everyone, no matter their shape and weight, has rolls. At 5ft 7" tall and a UK size 8/10, I am a healthy weight. But compare how I look in the first photo, when I'm standing straight, to how I look in the two photos below, when I'm sitting in an entirely normal seated posture. There's a noticable difference, right? Yet that is the exact same body in both shots.

As the photos show, it's all about the angles. 

Anyone who is photographed standing up or lying down flat on their backs is going to look more svelte and elongated. Anyone who is photographed sitting or curled up, especially if they're in a relaxed posture, is going to have rolls. If even Instagram models, famed for their "perfect" physiques, have rolls when they sit down, it is entirely natural for you to have them too! You've got a lot of organs to fit inside your body, and those are essential for keeping you alive - you've gotta have room for them all!

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It breaks my heart when I see beautiful girls on social media talking about how they hate their bodies and how they're desperate to shed pounds. But comparing yourself to people who have had their photos professionally taken at uber-flattering angles is completely unfair to you. Chances are, you're not a model who has all day to follow a rigorous exercise regimen, with professional dieticians on hand to prescribe exactly what they should be eating and when - so why compare yourself? Every single body has rolls, so you needn't feel bad about yours. Your weight does not affect your beauty and it does not change the person you are inside. You're a real person with a real body and that's just FAB.

What are your thoughts on body positivity? Is there a part of your body that you need to learn to love a bit more? Please share in the comments!

Until next time,

A x