Meet my September Advertisers

A warm welcome extends to the ninth month - September,
When Autumn starts to show its first fiery ember,
Children everywhere are heading back to school,
And the weather takes a turn from tepid to cool,
I urge you not to wish this month away,
Because the 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day!
The leaves may be fading from green to crispy brown,
But right now I'm here to give you a lowdown,
 At the start of the month I act as your advisor,
As I showcase my glorious September advertisers! 


When Sharon sent me a message to book an advertising slot, I was genuinely very excited, as this wonderful lady produces some of the highest quality content out there! Everything on Sharon's blog is just so aesthetically appealing, since her photography is second to none! Just how she doesn't have six zillion Instagram followers already is beyond me - if you're a lover of a dreamy pink flatlay, executed with pristine precision, Sharon's Insta is the one for you! The gorgeous imagery on Sharon's blog is accompanied by the warm, friendly, and welcoming tone to her words which express her kind and supportive personality. Sharon will be the first one to send you some positive vibes on social media and it has been a delight to connect with her online! If you hadn't already guessed, I highly recommend you check her out!

My September picks from Sharon's blog:
    1. Skincare Products from my Weekly Beauty Routine
    2. Things I Love to do Away from the Internet
    3. Some of My Favourite Things from July
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      🌟 🌟

      For the third month in a row, Sarah is back as one of my Star Advertisers! Sarah is one of the very first people that I got to know in the blogging community and she has supported me from day one! We have been writing letters to each other as part of the #beechat snail mail scheme for over a year now and a card from Sarah always brings a smile to my face! Sarah posts super regularly on her blog, reviewing new beauty products, offering her honest opinions on restaurants and attractions in her local Harrogate, and participating in numerous book tours to share the latest releases! She has also recently brought back her Meet The Blogger series, which I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of earlier this year! Definitely get in touch with Sarah if you're interested in featuring! I'll be sharing plenty of Sarah's content this month, so keep your eyes peeled!

      My September picks from Sarah's blog:
      1. A Look Through My Favourite Perfumes
      2. Celebrating National Afternoon Tea Week
      3. The Sunshine Blogger Award!
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      🐝 🐝

      I am truly thrilled to have the fabulous Vee returning on my blog this September! This time, she's back advertising her newly renamed and revamped blog, which is looking incredible! Vee is a queen of the alternative blogging community, sharing everything from witchcraft to tattoos and travels! Although she writes very different content from me, Vee never fails to make her posts intriguing, relatable, and creative! She is also currently breathing life back into Luminoire, her online store, after a short break and I cannot wait to see the gorgeous things that she is creating, and make a few purchases! Vee's content is not to be missed!

      My September picks from Vee's blog:
      1. A Bucket List for Spiritual Travels
      2. A Summer Time Witch - Bleach Peach
      3. My Colour is My Confidence
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      🐝 🐝

      It's another welcome back for my second Bee Advertiser, the lovely Tarnya! Tarnya is a lifestyle blogger and creative based in Warwick who not only runs a blog but also an Etsy shop! I've purchased her gorgeous Disney illustrations before and I'm in love with them - but if you're more of a Harry Potter or Star Wars fan, Tarnya's shop has plenty on offer for you too! I never know quite what's coming next on Tarnya's blog, which I genuinely love. She covers hugely diverse subject matters, each with class and high quality, whether it's weddings, films, and interiors, or travel and DIY! I couldn't recommend her content highly enough!

      My September picks from Taryna's blog:
      1. Five Top Tips for RejuvenatingYour Bedroom Aesthetic
      2. 10 Little Things I Noticed This Week
      3. Things Blogging Convinced Me To Buy
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      🐝 🐝

      It's a real pleasure to be sharing Vicky's blog with you again this month! The gorgeous Vicky is a bride to be, soon to marry her fiance Liam, so you can expect a whole range of wedding content to be filling her blog in the form of her #BridalEdit! However, Vicky isn't afraid to engage with tougher topics in her writing, and she has tackled eating disorders and building confidence in her recent posts as well. On Twitter, Vicky is a true sparkle princess, bringing light and positivity into everyone's timelines! Go say hi to her now - you won't regret it!

      My September picks from Vicky's blog:
      1. My Wedding View
      2. Loving Someone with an Eating Disorder
      3. Confidence in the Gym
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      🌹 🌹 

      September's first Rose Advertiser is the wonderful Chloe! Chloe is a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe and digital marketing extraordinaire who primarily blogs about beauty, travel, and lifestyle. She has documented her travels within the UK, as well as trips to Budapest, Rome, and Venice, so she can certainly offer something to quench your wanderlust! If that wasn't enough to encourage you to follow, Chloe also shares picks of her gorgeous kitten Poppy on her Insta too, which you don't want to miss!!

      My September picks from Chloe's blog:
      1. The Beauty Blogger Tag
      2. 15 Chick Flicks You Need to Watch on Netflix
      3. Fun & Unique Places to Go on a Date in Yorkshire
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      🌹 🌹

      Last but by no means least comes Jade, an up and coming beauty, lifestyle, and fashion blogger! It has been fantastic to see Jade's confidence grow and grow through her blogging journey, which began in June this year. She has recently delved into sharing outfit of the day posts to tie in with her university fashion studies and she has been smashing it! Jade is certainly one to watch in the blogging community, so make sure you follow her on social media!

      My September picks from Jade's blog:
      1. A Day in the Life of a Trainee Merchandiser
      2. What's in my Travel Makeup Bag?
      3. Being a Night Owl
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      Huge thanks to every single one of these lovely girls for advertising with me this month! My ad packages start at just £1, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in reserving one for yourself! October is already sold out but I have bookings available in November.

      What are you up to this month? Share any exciting plans in the comments below!

      Until next time,

      A x