On Being Unfashionable

Hi, my name is Abbey and I am unfashionable. You heard me. Carrie Bradshaw would look aghast at my outfit combinations. Miranda Priestly would throw me out of her office in precisely 5 seconds flat. And as for Blair Waldorf, we'll not even go there. I've never been that keyed up with what's "on trend", nor have my adult years brought about any desire to follow fashion. Nevertheless, I'm here today with an outfit post with my middle finger firmly (yet metaphorically) raised towards the fashion world and to show you that you needn't give a single fuck either. Let's get started!

I love reading fashion blogs. Amy and Sophie are just two of my favourites. These gals always seem to be abreast of the latest trends, incorporating them with ease into their effortlessly gorgeous wardrobes. I really admire both of these flawless women, as well as everyone else who can maintain a fashion-focused blog, but I feel like if I were buying into what's "trendy", I wouldn't be staying true to myself. I'd just be purchasing items for the sake of a blog post, rather than because I actually like them. For example:

They look amazing on some people, but fishnets and jeans aren't really me!
I like embroidery but not enough to actually make a purchase.
And as for fluffy sliders? Ick. 

I just don't see the point in investing in all of these fashionable pieces when just a few months down the line, something new will be "in" and every one of us will have forgotten about what was big for SS17. Honestly, I'd rather just wait for the things I actually like to come into style again. I've always loved off-shoulder tops, I have a couple from Boohoo that I bought about 3 years ago that I wear on the regular because I think they're really flattering on me, so the fact that they were stylish this summer is great because shops are actually stocking something I like! However, the fact that they'll be "out" again in no time at all won't stop me wearing the things I love.

Dress: Eucalyptus (similar)
Blazer: Jack Wills (similar)
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Instead, I would describe my style as classic. I'd like to think of myself as a timeless dresser; I favour tea dresses, like the gorgeous polka-dot number I was wearing on my jaunt around Norwich's Chapelfield Gardens. It's dainty, classy, and feels very ME. Paired with a smart blazer and these funky Irregular Choice shoes, I couldn't feel more confident in this outfit! I didn't feel at all awkward or self conscious when I was having these photos taken. So yeah, while I probably am quite unfashionable by 2017 standards, I'm happy with how I look. And I think that's pretty important, don't you?

A massive shoutout and THANK YOU goes to the wonderful Tony, who shot these images for me in Norwich's Chapelfield Gardens. As well as running his own blog, Tony is a committee member for the University of East Anglia's Blog Society, and a student journalist. Tony interviewed me for a couple of features, which will be going live very soon! I'm very grateful to him for inviting me to come and chat to him, for taking these lovely shots, and for generally being an absolute gem.

Do you class yourself as "fashionable"? Why / why not? Is following fashion something that matters to you? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

Until next time,

A x

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