The £1k Upgrade*

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you'll know that Apple are launching the new iPhone X on November 3rd, and when the new handset was announced, everyone on social media was weighing in with their opinions (not to mention creating new memes about it, OBVIOUSLY). The iPhone X has a whole range of new features, including using facial ID to unlock the phone, wireless charging, animated emojis for iMessage, and an edge-to-edge 5.8 inch retina display. Faaaaancy. All of this comes will set you back a few bob, however. One thousand pounds to be precise! This of course begs the question of whether the upgrade is really worth it! Personally, I can think of a fair few things that I'd rather spend £1,000 on, but what I have done is to come up with a few additional features that just might make the iPhone X worth this colossal price tag. Are you listening, Apple? Well, let's get started.

I would pay £1,000 for a new phone if...

  • It also functioned as a teleportation pad. Think of Stewie's time machine pad on Family Guy - he throws it down, hops onboard, and *zap*, off he goes. You'd never have to fork out for an extortionately priced train fare again with this bad boy. Although to be honest, if previous models are anything to go by, throwing down the phone would smash the screen into approximately 487569257 pieces, so perhaps this isn't so inspired.
  • It edited my photos for me. If a phone could spare me the boring task of toggling the fine balance between brightness and saturation on my Instagram photos to make them worthy of sharing, that'd be great. Is it too much to ask for my phone to automatically turn whatever photo I take into a snap perfectly inkeeping with my existing Instagram aesthetic? I don't think so.
  • It had a sarcasm font. You know when you're texting someone new and they just aren't quite on the ball with your dry sense of humour? This would do away with all the awkwardness. Because no, I wasn't seriously suggesting that we throw our boss into the sun, Karen.
  • It had a Find My Enemies app. The idea behind this is similar to the already existing "Find my Friends" technology, but instead showing where that obnoxious colleague, or that irritating relative is lurking, so that you can avoid them. Win!
  • I could use it to download photo props. Now I don't know about you, but sometimes, finding enough pretty things to use as flatlay props is bloody difficult. So, if my iPhone could download and 3D print whatever I needed, that would be priceless.
  • The weather app actually controlled the weather. Another awful drizzly day? I don't think so! I'm having a little ray of sunshine following me where ever I go, thanks to my iPhone's magical powers.
  • It counteracted Instagram's algorithm. Because wouldn't it be amazing just to have your feed in chronological order?! I am confident that this feature alone would convince a good many bloggers to shell out a thousand smackeroos.

    If you are tempted to invest in the iPhone X, or any other new phone for that matter, it's well worth paying attention to Contact Numbers UK's #PhoneUpgradeTips campaign. Contact Numbers UK is a handy customer service phone number directory, which provides you with easy access to a database of telephone numbers for mobile phone companies, including (but not limited to) EE, Vodafone and Three. Simply type in who you want to call on the Contact Numbers UK website and you'll be given the direct number for the people you need to speak to - allowing you to ring up and discuss upgrades and the best deals with ease. Simples! Anything that can make phone calls a little less painful is a good thing in my book.

    As well as using Contact Numbers UK's service, I also thought I'd share my three golden #PhoneUpgradeTips - feel free to let me know of anything else you'd advise in the comments!

    1. Back up, back up, BACK UP! I failed to do this when switching over to my iPhone SE and I lost all my contacts, most of my important notes, and a boatload of photos too! So please learn from my mistakes and back your phone up before you switch, to avoid losing anything precious.
    2. Buy a new case and screen protector immediately. I can't be the only person who has smashed a new phone screen almost straight away by knocking it off the kitchen counter. D'oh! Investing in protective gear ASAP will mean that your new baby isn't so vulnerable to those inevitable bumps.
    3. Get insured. If the Go Compare man hasn't put you off thinking about insurance for life, it's well worth considering covering your phone. There are plenty of perks: Endsleigh offer a phone replacement service within 24 hours and EE provide damage cover.

    Are you tempted to invest in the iPhone X? Why / why not? Comment down below!

    Until next time,

    A x

    *This is a collaborative post with Contact Numbers UK