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There's nothing like wintry British weather to make you crave a getaway. When it's dark by 4pm and the wind is blowing the sleet into your face as you shiver your way back from work, sunning yourself on a beautiful beach in Cyprus, or in a stunning villa in Thailand becomes ever more appealing. As you'll know from my Best Christmas Ever post, I'm no stranger to a little bit of winter sun. Back in 2012, my family and I went on a holiday to the sunkissed island of Cape Verde over Christmas, and we had an absolutely amazing time! Winter travel is something that I'd recommend to anyone, so today I've teamed up with Clickstay to share the destinations at the top of my travel bucket list, where sunshine in December is 100% guaranteed!

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Orlando, Florida

I've never travelled to the US before, but the sunshine state of Florida is certainly at the top of my list of places to visit. There are just so many things that I'd like to do in Orlando: Walt Disney World, the home of childhood magic, is obviously up there, as is the Everglades, where you can admire magnificent alligators in their natural habitat whilst on an airboat tour. Orlando's average daytime temperatures hit a gorgeous 23°C, and there are usually seven hours of sunshine per day, which sounds ideal to me! I'll be off on the next flight...


Some of my earliest childhood memories are of holidays in Tenerife! One that really stands out to me is when I was about 5 years old and had just learned to swim - my Dad and sister were paddling on the opposite side of the pool and I decided to swim over and join them. I swam the whole length of the pool and really surprised my Dad! Tenerife has a special place in my heart and I'd love to return on another winter break, taking the family along too, of course! High temperatures of around 22°C in December are more than enough to tempt me.

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Phuket, Thailand

Just looking at the stunning images that pop up when you type Thailand into Google gives you a million reasons to visit this country (not to mention that it regularly hits 27°C even in December)! The island of Phuket not only boasts amazing scenery but also fascinating history and culture. Snorkelling around the iconic limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay would be a real highlight, as would visiting the night markets. My lovely friend Debra-Bow, who is half-Thai, wrote an amazing post on her blog about her experiences of growing up in lower North Thailand which is less frequented by tourists, so I would just love to pay her hometown a visit too.

Alicante, Spain

Another destination with a fantastic mix of sun, sea, and sand as well as history and culture is Alicante. If you get sick of strolling along the white sandy beaches, you can head inland to take in the views from the ramparts of the Santa Bárbara Castle, which is perched at the top of M­ount Benacantil. Getting to the castle is an adventure in itself, as you can catch a lift which is carved into the rock face! Definitely something to write home about! San Juan Beach with its great shopping opportunities would also be well worth a visit.

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Vilamoura, Portugal

Regular readers of my blog will know that this summer, I spent a week in Portugal on a yoga retreat, and I absolutely fell in love with the country! That's why Vilamoura is definitely on my winter sun hit-list, thanks in no small part to the number of amazing spas which are on offer there! In addition to this, the city is home to a stunning marina and the beach conditions are ideal for water sports. I'm a qualified open water scuba diver and I love snorkelling as well, so there would be plenty in Vilamoura to keep the active members of the family entertained!

Where is your dream winter sun destination? Comment down below!

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