My #PromiseForThePlanet: An Ethical Shopping Wishlist

WWF promise planet ethical shopping vegan plastic

Tonight (Saturday 24th March) at 8.30pm, #EarthHour begins. Earth Hour is a global movement to go off the grid for an entire hour, switching off your lights, phone, TV (in fact all electrical devices!) as part of a powerful show of support for action on climate change. In honour of this year's Earth Hour, the organising body, WWF, are asking everyone taking part to make a pledge to protect the planet. For every #PromiseForThePlanet made, Ariel are donating £1 to support the incredible work that WWF carry out. There has never been a better time to get involved; stats from WWF's website indicate that as a direct result of climate change, 1 in six of the planet's species are now in danger of extinction and that 80% and 50% of freshwater and land species respectively have declined. That's pretty scary stuff and definitely something that we, as the pollutors of the planet, have a duty to tackle.

But this post isn't all doom and gloom! Let's talk my #EarthHour promise. My pledge for 2018 is to shop more ethically, using less plastic and buying more vegan friendly products from sustainable sources. This brings me on to the main subject of this post - my wishlist! I'm hoping to show through this post that making a few small changes for your Earth Hour pledge couldn't be easier. And it'll give you an excuse to invest in some lovely new things too, win-win! Here's my lust list...

promise planet earth hour vegan shopping ethical

1. Chilly's Steel Water Bottle 

Why? Because plastic usage is getting out of hand. There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, which is a pretty damn horrifying statistic. Sea creatures are dying by the millions because of the plastic content in their waters and thinking about that is just heartbreaking. There are so many viable alternatives to plastic bottles so in order to move away from the plastic sports bottle that I currently use, I intend to purchase a steel one. The designs of the Chilly's bottles are absolutely GORGEOUS and you can personalise them too, so win-win!

2. Barry M Nail Paint

Why? Because after many years of not really bothering with my nails, I have decided to make an effort again and I'm actually really enjoying it! My decision to opt for Barry M nail varnishes is because their products are vegan and cruelty free. Plus their new Under the Sea range looks stunning and I could do with some mermaid inspired talons in my life.

3. Clothing from the Tsuki range 

Why? Tsuki is a clothing line launched by Felix Kjellberg and Marzia Bisognin, who you may know better as PewdiePie and CutiePieMarzia on YouTube. The pair have copped a bit of flak for this line as it is on the pricey side, but it's important to remember that this is not merch. It's not a standard shitty hoodie with their logos on it, it's an actual clothing brand. The prices reflect the ethical sources with which the clothing was made and I think that's definitely worth paying for. I'm not in a position to shell out $80 on the turtleneck (although I wish I could), but I'd love the socks or a homeware from this line.

WWF promise planet earth hour vegan ethical

4. Biodegradable Toothbrushes

Why? Again, we're back to the plastic problem. You can't really re-use a plastic toothbrush for anything once it has worn up. I occasionally use them for painting but most of the time, an old toothbrush just gets chucked in the bin and dumped in landfill, where they will not decompose for up to 1000 years. That's why I want to switch to using vegan friendly wooden toothbrushes which will decompose at a far faster rate. Once I've used up my current toothbrush stock, I won't be purchasing plastic ones again.

5. Refillable Fountain Pen

Why? This is yet another plastic saving measure. I love writing with fountain pens, the glide of the pen over paper is just magic, but since so many fountain pens use plastic ink cartridges which can't be re-used I have been researching pens which you can refill directly with ink. This was a surprisingly difficult product to track down but I've finally found one, I think I'll be asking for one of these pens for my birthday!

6. Compost Bin

Why? Back when I lived in Oxford, the council provided little green food waste bins which were collected each week and the food went off to a composting plant. Sadly, this doesn't happen in Leicester, so I really want to start my own composting. It's going to be a tad more difficult than just purchasing a compost bin as I'll need to put in a request to my flat's accommodation office to use an outdoor space for the compost bin, but it will be well worth it to start making better use of the food waste.

Will you be making a #PromiseForThePlanet this #EarthHour? I really hope so! Make sure you click over to WWF's website to do so, they have so many fantastic (and very achievable!) pledge ideas.

Until next time,

A x

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