Making My Blog Work for Me

blogging advice work for me

Recently, my blog has undergone a transformation. You've definitely noticed, right? I mean, everything looks SO different around here. Just kidding. The changes that I've been making are so small that nobody has really noticed. Nevertheless, switching things up has been a very meaningful process. Implementing a few small changes has meant that I've fallen back in love with blogging again. Today I thought I'd talk you through the important alterations that I've been putting in place in order to make blogging work for me. Intrigued? I hope so.

Why make a change?

Blogging is not my full time job. As a PhD student, I'm a pretty busy person, always going off here there and everywhere to conduct my research. Blogging, therefore, should be just a bit of fun. Something that I fit in where I can, around my studies, just because I enjoy it. However, this isn't how blogging has been for me lately. Usually, I have the time to bulk-write posts in advance, take all the photos, and keep everything looking super consistent. But over the past couple of months, I have been so busy that things have slipped. I'd used up my bank of pre-written blog posts and I hadn't been posting as consistently as before. I just didn't have enough time to schedule tweets or participate in comment threads. I felt that my blog was going downhill and I was really beating myself up over it. Something had to give.

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Saying No to Numbers

During my busiest periods, clicking onto my blog would really get me down. The sidebar widget which showed how many posts I'd published in the past month made for depressing reading because I was all over the place. My homepage also used to show how many comments each individual post has next to the "read more" link. Looking at these numbers made me sad too, especially if one post had fewer comments than the others. It was incredibly demotivating and it made me want to give up the blogging life entirely. I felt like I wasn't doing it "properly". 

However, I quickly realised that it wasn't the quality of my blog posts, the style of my writing or photography that was getting me down, it was my fixation on the numbers that each post was generating. I decided to take on a little experiment - removing all numbers from my home page. A blog post counter? GONE. The numbered comment list? GONE. All of the things that got me down were removed from sight using a few simple alterations to my blog's html code.

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A New Philosophy

Yes, I've talked about my personal philosophy at length in the past, but recently I've developed one especially for my blog as well! My blog is now organised around three key themes: living, wearing, creating. Each of these themes is further subdivided into smaller categories, as you'll be able to see in the drop down menus at the top of my page. For example, "creating" is split up into study, bake, read, and more! Organising my blog thematically like this, instead of showing the posts chronologically, really makes me feel more in touch with what my blog is really about - sharing my interests and passions with the world - rather than fixating on the matter of how many posts I've written in a particular month.

Worrying less about the number of comments on my blog also means that I'll have more freedom. No longer will I be choose post topics purely based on I think that others will like. Instead, I'll be able to write about what I really want. Thinking "I can't write about X topic because that kind of post might not get many comments" will be a thing of the past! Making this small change really has lifted a weight off my shoulders already.

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What's next?

All of this rambling begs the question: "What's happening next? Where will my blog go from here?" Well, the beauty of it is that I'm really not sure. I would definitely like to write more book-themed content and posts about my university studies but other than that, I'm leaving things WIIIIIIIDE open. I'm going to be writing about whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want. And you know what? That already feels pretty darn good.

How do you make sure that blogging works for you? Are there any changes that you'd like to make to your blog? Leave a comment down below and let me know! A huge thank you goes out to my friend Tabitha for snapping the shots for this post too.

Until next time,

A x

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